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Holly Brannigan  Making babies, pots and community, with my bestest friend.

Tiny pottery headed for the dolls house. Even my glaze tests end up being toys.
I've been working on a new load of pots (and trinkets -I Can't stop!🤦🏻‍♀️)with the help of new friend Rose of @b.r.i.c.k.w.o.r.k.s and it's pretty exciting!
Cornish friends who have been showing interest in ceramic classes, she's your girl! She runs a load of different sessions and in small groups so you get a lot of teaching! (I think you can check out the link in her profile for more info)

Breast feeding a sweaty naked baby and dreaming of the ocean.

The sweetest fathers day wake up tray make by his besotted daughter. The red rose, proudly plucked from her flower bed, still damp with dew.

He picked them for me, and they smell heavenly.

💖 There is a dad under there and he's bloomin' ace. He's the solid rock among a crazy bunch of kids and an erratic mother. We'd be a loss without you yummy. 💖


I'm in awe of this girl, she's been lush today. The way she plays with her brothers, especially Artemus. He absolutely adores her. She will sing to him for ages over and over and over so I can grab a second to chop an onion, sweep up bird seed (twice today), or peg up some washing. It's the only thing he doesn't tire of, wide eyes and a big smile.
Jarvis fell asleep at dinner so we all got to spend the evening doting on her. She thrived off our attention and the task of THESE JEWELS! Elderflower fritters. Delicate and crunchy and topped with a little sugar and mint. What a treat! Having a daughter just gets better and better.💓

If the house is untidy, just bring in more flowers right? This is helping me with end of the week exhaustion.
Mornings are so hard at the moment. It's beautiful and bright outside but I just can't shimmy myself out of bed and stretch this body like it needs. Feed myself with some me time and God time before little footsteps tiptoe out of bed and the day really is no longer mine.
I think, well no, I KNOW it's all about early nights. Gotta hit that pillow by nine to feel fresh, but gee that's so boring! So I'll just keep cooing over this bloom until I can be bothered to move from the surrogate bed I've just created myself on the sofa.
Oh and must get back to doing the washing up before bed! 🤦🏻‍♀️
#feelingmanicinthechaos #beautyintheeveryday

Cups, Broken moons and a wee house inspired by one that @katebowman___ made last year and I can't get it out of my head.

The best of friends on the best of days. The end of school term can't come soon enough, we miss this girl every day.

The season of the greatest flower crowns has begun.

Grasping the last hour of light alone and putting my hands to work with soft white clay.

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