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Holly Brannigan  Making babies, pots and community, with my bestest friend.

Flowers picked and forgotten amongst sleeping bags and muddied clothes, caught up between indigo dyed longjohns and Richard Scarey books. It's good to be home but better to be camping.

Been a bit quiet in this space. I totally unplugged while we've been up to our knees in mud, creating and just general Welsh beauty. More to come from our favourite @fforestgather 💚

He lights up our days.


✨Crumble at three because we couldn't wait until dinner.

Mama's fennel, dancing just for me.

My girl @katebowman___ is a good one to know. Always leaving her side feeling so creative and bursting with a faith in making my own. She makes clothes, jewellery and shoes, pots, toys and batik dyes the insides of a shepherd hut. Each time I think she can't get any cooler, she does.

Instagram can be a bit of a pit and is full of so much trash but through it I've made some glorious friends, this lady being cream of the crop. 💛

I LOVE our church family. Thank you @chrisincornwall and @madeleineoliviaward for sharing your beautiful home and scrummy food with us. And for the dead branch.

Creative invitation for the little ones with clay today.