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Holly Brannigan  Making babies, pots and community, with my bestest friend.

Im joining in on @mamawatters rest retreat so gonna be off all social media for January! Wahoo! Happy new year! See you in Feb! (Hoping to finally get these babies for sale online by then!)

All sorts of collections waiting the impending New Years clear out. We will be celebrating tonight with the baby and friends while the big two have a sleepover with my parents. It’ll be quite low key compared to other years as we are exhausted! Having three babies has made us feel very very old... a bedtime later than nine sounds harrowing!

I don’t blame him.

When your bestie makes a fist sized teapot you wake at night thinking about.
#cupfalmouth #folklorefalmouth #hannahlawrencepottery

Thanks for this nuts photo baby sis.
I have loved a wonderful Christmas with both mine and Liam’s siblings. My heart is very very full.
We forgot to take a photo with the five girls AGAIN, and probably next time we will all together will be in slinky frocks as our middle girl marries her beloved!

If I weren’t me I would be Lichen.

I dare you to tuck your phone into a drawer and fight through the knee jerk reaction to check it. Look into the eyes of those around you, breath deeply and let your shoulders drop, laugh loud and silly, dance and run like children, fight to do the washing up and let others rest, and think with gratitude of the things you have rather than ogling at someone else seemingly perfect Christmas(they’re bound to have burnt something, and cry from exhaustion at some point too, just out of shot😉). We are so blessed and in such a time of busy busy and advertisements galore it can feel like we are all so lacking, in beautiful/useful possessions, capacity, skills... but we are safe, we have homes, we have people around us- call on them, love them, we need them!
I’m desperate to hold my babies with no distractions, to let their little faces know my complete connection. We will walk on the beach, make something warm and delicious to eat and drink, play a game or two and read through our winter books. One of those is a second hand copy of the Christmas Story by Carol Heyer I snagged for pennies on eBay. A lovely and detailed telling of Jesus’ birth. We will walk them through the story of this world and why this moment in our history was the greatest. Why it is the start of God’s rescue plan for their lives. We will hold one another and thank God for what we have, what he’s done, and ask eagerly for more.. more love, compassion, strength, joy, resilience, and courage. We will tuck them into beds, rub feet with sleepy oils, sing songs, whisper good nights and stroke their backs, walk our babies-lively with Christmas Eve excitement-to slow and rest. Tiptoe downstairs and light a candle and wrap a few last minute gifts together.
I’m going to unplug for a few days so I wish you a magical Christmas, may your hearts connect and smiles be numerous! ✨✨✨✨✨

Heart full of bundled up babes and cool weather stomping.

Three clay jewels waiting to be threaded and hung around a neck.

Please someone bundle me into a bed of moss and finish the washing up, thank you.

Multi-tasking at breakfast can lead to a dusting of grated nutmeg on the porcelain.

I love love love picking porridge out of everything.

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