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Holly Brannigan  Making babies, pots and community, with my bestest friend.

Emotional farewell on Friday as we say our goodbyes to these lovely friends headed home to Oman. This family have been our kindreds all through the school journey of almost three years. We will miss you so very much (and your delicious cooking!) @rafood111.
An end of an era.

Let’s pretend we aren’t all throwing up over here, and look at this summery salad from lunch time. Peaches avocado radishes and garden greens.

Nothing beats the drama of your first test firing in your first kiln with three new glazes and two impatient women! Thanks @rosalilyjames for being the greatest slapdash partner, and for my darling Daddikins for staying up late watching the temperature fly high! This week’s episode includes a tragedy, dropped from a great height, an unexpected beauty, a bland character or two and a handful of broken hearts (plates). Tune in next time for more high speed action with new girls on the scene, Holly and Rosa.

Yesterday’s kiln dance, an end to our ‘weekend’.
Three days bustling with activity. Auctions and girly gatherings. Sun drenched meetings and sun drenched catchups. Baking and brewing. Shared meals and shared tears. Waterfights and squeals of laughter. Planning and experimenting. Endless sun and too short nights, broken with hot hungry bubs.
My heart is full but my body and my mind is shattered and quaking with it this morning.
I’m desperate for the end of term and to live a bit freer to our sunny rhythm. And to dive deep into the endless ocean.

Bliss evenings building blanket dens with great women, enjoying food and booch, nattering about the world and pots, nestled in a sea of raspberries and green. Feeling exhausted and happy. Thank you women of Cup for being beacons of beauty and joy in my life.

✨Evening Kombucha. ✨

This morning I sent my baby sister a birthday message and then turned to Liam, “oh. It’s July already. Oops..” So a few days late we wanted to encourage you to make a shift or two (or completely drastic life change around!) for #plasticfreejuly. It’s not just gross that our single use plastics end up in landfills and the ocean, iand it’s not even just nature that are suffering from it. Our convenience plastics, like most bad decisions, are having a devastating impact on the worlds poorest people.
In the last three years we’ve been moving our family to reduce what gets sent to landfill and I tell you what, it’s a buzz guys!
So, throughout the month I’ll give you a few tips to how we made changes to reduce our waste, if you’re interested!
First off, the bathroom.
We have made our own toothpaste for a while now and I must say it’s quite an adjustment but finally all the family are on board. I also just treated myself to a wee charcoal floss* that comes in this adorable glass jar which i like to use every few days alongside brushing. Our toothbrushes are bamboo, and once we have worn them to death we turn them into cleaning or pottery tools and eventually we will bin the bristles and the handle can go back to the earth!
I’ve always been a pretty basic gal when it comes to beauty care so I actually just use a bar of fragrance free soap for my body and face and every couple of weeks (or less!) my hair too. I just got some conditioner in a jar from @the_refillstore for detangling the kids hair. My scalp has never been great so recently I made a hair rinse with apple cider vinegar infused with rosemary. I add a small amount to a pint of water and rinse my hair in it towards the end of a shower.
When I have a bit more time in my hands I make a gorgeous face scrub with stuff like oil, honey and sugar. I also make my own balms and face and body oils. It’s very easy and I find really enjoyable but I know there are some really lovely ones out there. They last for a while and it’s nice to know exactly what’s going on our skin as it’s the biggest organ we have!
...continued in the comments!

Pondering these little ones and how we raise them. Most particularly with a generous heart for others.
I’m tired and the worlds stories are heavy and between breastfeeding and reading stories, nappy changes and putting away the same things every twenty minutes, little anxiety’s crept in and I notice we’ve been pretty stagnant in our existence. Some days I think I’ll just check out today and then tomorrow when the energy is back (harharhar), I’ll be the mama I wanna be, the friend, the wife. I’ll tidy up enough to let people round and be organised enough with meals so we can have enough for others. I’ll wait on the feelings to feeeeel right. I know deep down this mood will fester. That I need to shake myself out of this fake comfort zone. God never promised us an easy ride but for some reason I always expect it. So I’m consciously pushing myself back into the joy of sharing and caring for those outside of these walls.
Falmouth friends, please invite yourselves over for dinner this week!




I fired my new (to me) kiln on Monday and was really disappointed as it just couldn’t reach temperature.
Honestly I feel totally overwhelmed by it and quite sullen about the whole affair! I’m not technically minded in the slightest, the thought of having to work out what the problem is fills me with utter dread!
Fortunately I’m surrounded by d.i.y loving folk who are quite excited by the prospect, so I may have thrown my hands up in the air and said “it’s yours guys!”.
If anyone is a whizz with electric kilns you’re also welcome to join the team.

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