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Holly Brannigan  Making babies, pots and community, with my bestest friend.

A friend is firing her kiln tonight and said she would have room for a few of my small bits. I've made tonnes of buttons to glaze but then liam drove to work with them all in the car! So I will have to wait for homemade buttons a little longer...

When the clay doesn't obey...
Best friends and creative pains

I think I'm finally letting go and giving myself a break. Accepting that some days if I just get a load of laundry washed and dried and feed the my family then that's a job well done!
My biggest priority is loving the babes, loving my man and loving my God. Being a ma is undoubtedly the most difficult thing I've ever had to do and it's almost impossible if I'm letting my bucket of care get empty. I don't need much, no spa days, expensive shoes, or a weekend away (although, now I think about that... a spa would not be turned down! 😉) but fifteen minutes alone to read, a chance to stretch-and without a child hanging off my back!, flowers here and there, a good flat white and a slab of cake, time to create something for fun, a letter in the post... all things that remind me I'm me and not just a mother and slave to these wonderful kids! If any of these things are dotted throughout my week then I find it so much easier to be generous and patient, loving and present as a mother.
What helps you to feel like a better kind of you? Do you find you're prioritising a level of self care?

I found our finger puppets, so we've been performing!
And friends, this outfit! After I had Arty, the sweetest package arrived all the way from the glorious @sugarhouseworkshop with some of her hand made, hand dyed baby clothes. Smitten!
And this cardigan is one I bought for a wee friend that's now come back to us, the wonders of tiny clothes, eh?

Sometimes takes three people to put on a pair of doc marten boots.
I love spending so much time in the company of this little clan.

We are hobbits. This was probably our second breakfast followed shortly by another meal and then another and so on until bedtime...

Two of the sweetest souls with the biggest hearts and strongest legs.
My thighs feel like they have walked the whole stretch of Cornwall over the past two days. Up hills and down hills. I'm well and truly shattered, heart broken and needing my love to come home now ❤!
Diary of my first days solo parenting three kids.

On Tuesday, with a wonderful girl duo, celebrating my little lady turning five years old!
She ate an icecream as big as her head and then splashed in the sea. Simple and gentle after a crazy holiday period.
Sun kissed and sandy, we are all so shattered from a week of birthday happenings and easter treats. And oh my, so looking forward to finding some normality and a sense of rhythm in our chaos. Arty is now eight weeks and we feel a bit more settled and (a LITTLE) less hazy. I mean don't get me wrong, all my clothes have stains and I still sometimes wake up all awashed with a feeling of dread, crying over the porridge, bones weary and heart somewhere else, craving a freedom and escape from such responsibility. But those beaming faces always bring me back and I cling to them closer than ever, grateful again for the blessing I have to be their mother, despite how bloody hard it can be.

She makes everything look cute!

'Christ arrives right on time to make this happen. He didn’t, and doesn’t, wait for us to get ready. He presented himself for this sacrificial death when we were far too weak and rebellious to do anything to get ourselves ready. And even if we hadn’t been so weak, we wouldn’t have known what to do anyway. We can understand someone dying for a person worth dying for, and we can understand how someone good and noble could inspire us to selfless sacrifice. But God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him.'
‭‭Romans‬ ‭5:6-8‬ ‭
And then today we celebrated that he rose again! Spent with about six hundred hot cross buns and my glorious family (we missed you @minniebunce ), so now i crash into bed with a very full stomach and a very full heart. God is so good, for his ultimate rescue plan and for the wonderful treats along the way (aka, papa's baked goods)

My baby sister and baby baby. These two are the sweetest of friends.

Eggs for lunch:
Glorious sun drenched eggs, spring blooms and crackers slathered in butter, devoured while we pass around the baby.

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