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We can all use a little Sue Durda in our life. My mom used to hang up the phone on us if she heard us gossiping. It was a good lesson. Don’t tell me what people say about me, I don’t care. Let me live in ignorant bliss that everyone thinks I’m just great. Also, don’t tell me other people’s business, if they want me in it they will tell me themselves. #justsaying

Dr. Randolph saved me when I started to go through perimenopause and my hormones went crazy. I remember telling a friend in California, “I wish you could come to Florida to see Dr. Randolph, his creams help with hormone issues.” No matter how healthy you are, stress and the environment can wreak havoc on your hormones leaving you feeling bloated, tired, irritable, and anxious. I decided to help bring Dr. Randolph’s amazing creams to women everywhere. Anxiety, low libido, PMS, menopause...he’s got a cream for that! www.radiatewellnessproducts.com
#hormonebalance #fightstress #40andfabulous

We told him the surgery was to repair a genetic defect in his hip. Little does he know it’s a new procedure for teenagers. They’re going to sew his mouth shut, the stitches will dissolve on his 21st Birthday. Now if we could get a good judgement transplant, I could make it through one more teenager. #andithoughtbabieswerehard

My life changed forever 22 years ago today. I’m so proud to call this man my son. His only flaw is that he chose a college too far away. Happy Birthday Austin. I love you more than words can say. #sonsarethebest

I wasn’t happy that I had to give him back, but I may get over it tonight when I get to sleep all night long. #babylove

Sandy buns aren’t the only thing @perronemarybeth and I have been working on. Will you please head over to @radiatewellnessproducts and give us a like?

If someone drives by and offers you a ride with balls on your head, you take it, because these opportunities don’t happen every day. #delraybeach #businesstravel

The whole it takes a village thing, it’s my life. My village saves me all the time. Thank you @lbluv for taking the last 2 years of first day of school pictures. My poor 3rd child would have no pictures without you!!! And oh, yeah, cause I will have to do too much math to figure it out when I look back, I better remind myself now. First day of 4th grade for Max (and Landon, Brody 1st grade)
#thirdchildproblems #backtoschool #ittakesavillage #neighborlove

It’s safe to say she liked her party decorations. Happy 40th @marybethperrone love you to pieces.
#jekyllisland #40thbirthdayparty

Recently added this to my resume. #fisherlady #whoknew

@spottail75 couldn’t take his eyes off Bowyn so I thought I would try her look for myself. Didn’t quite have the same effect. Whatever, Bowyn can win, Gemma and Finley already did, can’t win them all @nikibritton_goetze .

Because this is how I feel about Monday....and also because it’s #sharkweek #anothermonday

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