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Holly Walker  24👵🏼 Irish gal☘️ cork🔴⚪️ Qualified PT💪🏻 Full time nutter🙄 All things makeup💄Fitness💪🏻 and Food🍔 Twitter- hollyw262 🐥

And this was before I got a bad reaction to simple make up wipes 🙃 red puffy face on me all of last night and still raw today. Face was on fire, fair to say the wipes are gone straight into the bin. Going into work now with red bags under my eyes. Please don’t be jealous of my sensitive skin 😭😂 Instagram it’s good to be back😉 sometimes you just need a social detox from all the bullshit 😴 #selfie #girl #sosuelashes #irish #brown #hair #dark #makeup #lips #eyes #kylie #lashes

Baby steps make me happier than no steps at all🙈 how about this for a #transformation 🙋🏻‍♀️ had to cover my modesty, don’t think anyone would have wanted to see my 🍑👀 first snap was the day I decided to make a change just before Christmas and the second was a few days ago post gym so don’t mind the mess that I am😂January was hands down the longest month ever😩 but at least it’s done and dusted and we can look to new goals/ adventures in February 💪🏻💘 @fehilysfitness @f1t.gym @gallygps wouldn’t be able to do it without you legends, forever motivating and pushing me to keep going 😁💪🏻 #cork #corkfitfam #dublin #dublinfitfam #ukfitfam #irishfitfam #post #workout #motivation #gym #selfie #toned #back #sportsbra #fehilys #f1t

Can we all take a minute and appreciate how good the protein puddings from @barebells are 😍🙌🏻 got to try them thanks to @vikkicro_fit and @leydenssportsnutrition .. I had the strawberry one earlier and to say I inhaled it wouldn’t do it justice 🤤 100 percent gonna look into getting more as the macros aren’t too bad either🙈 perfect post workout 😍🙌🏻 #fitfam #ukfitfam #dublinfitfam #irishfitfam #corkfitfam #barebells #protein #pudding #macros

When you literally can’t remember the last time you put make up on so here’s a throw🔙 can’t wait until this dry January malarkey is over. Gaaaasping for a beverage and a boogie so I am🙋🏻‍♀️ #dryjanuary #makeup #irish #girl #sosueme #sosuemelashes #cork #lashes #hudabeauty #desertduskpalette #nyxcosmetics #lipstick

Back at it again with the #fitfam posts🙈 I’d say you missed them dearly😩but do not worry, plenty to come😂 two days down and can feel the bloat going down already🙋🏻‍♀️ no where near I want to be but hey, it’s a work in progress😁 it’s not a quick fix but a lifestyle change for the better. Pants are @fandfclothing and top is @primark best😜 can I also mention I love how the light makes me look so tanned 😂🙌🏻 slightest bit of shade and my pale body goes mahogany😩😂😂 #paleproblems #gym #irish #girl #irishfitfam #motivation #dublinfitfam #ukfitfam #abs #belly

There’s days like today (if not everyday) you’d miss your mom fussing over you and doing every little thing to make you comfortable when you’re sick. Anytime I’d even have the slightest of coughs and she would be straight Into me with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea☺️ I took so much for granted when she was here but I’m so grateful for the life she gave me. I can never thank her for all the love she gave me, for everything she thought me and for even giving out to me. She has made me the woman I am today and she continues to inspire me to be the best that I can and live everyday to the best of my ability.
They say it gets easier but 3 years on and it still only feels like yesterday. I miss you momma💞

Friday feeling🎉 feat messy hair and looking like a ghost 👻 #makeup #Irish #girl #sosuelashes #sosueme #hudabeauty #desertduskpalette #lashes

Throw🔙 to relaxing in sunny torremolinos 🌞 you really would miss the sun when all it does is rain here☔️ my poor Irish skin lasted up until the second last day until I scalded my shoulders🔥 but here’s to this summer and hoping we’ll get a few days of sun🙈 might I add I would have LOVED to put a filter on this snap but I would be lying to myself and obviously to you. Love your imperfections 💞🙌🏻 #throwback #holidays #sun #sea #pool #relaxing #nofilter #irish #girl #bikini #body #spain

You asked for a brown Smokey eye and here we are👀 Promise you’ll see less of my mug during the week🙈 getting back to the grind tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited 💪🏻 but back to the makeup 💄 bought new lashes yesterday in @primark and couldn’t wait to play about with them. They’re the new 3D ones and they’re so easy to put on! Any first timers I would highly recommend as they’re only €3 which won’t break the bank either🙈 nothing won’t compare to sosue lashes I’m afraid though. Would be hard to get that off the top place👀 I used the desert dusk palette from @hudabeauty for this look, obsessed with how UNREAL their products are😍🙌🏻 #makeup #makeuplife #cork #irish #girl #selfie #penneys #primark #lashes #hudabeauty #hudabeautydesertdusk #palette #beauty

And sure I am just pouting away again🤫 featuring my funky editing skills🙃 @sosu_bysuzannejackson @sosueme_ie lashes forever giving me life 👀 #instagood #makeup #eyes #sosueme #sosuelashes #nyx #makeupart #makeupgoals #lashes #hudabeauty #selfie #snap #instamakeup

And sometimes when I’m bored I like to paint my face 👀 using @sosu_bysuzannejackson ‘KYLIE’ lashes and contour palette, both foundation and eye palette are from @hudabeauty, lips are @nyxcosmetics 💋
#makeup #nyxcosmetics #sosueme #sosuelashes #selfie #hudabeauty #desertduskpalette #lashes #makeupart #contour

#2017bestnine all of my mug and 🍑 ...👀😂

This time last year compared to now 😍💞 2017, I am delighted to see the back of you😩 I can honestly say that it was one of the toughest years I have gone through. Coming out the other side and having the support of friends/ family is something I am forever grateful for💞 2018 come at me, let the adventures begin 🎉🥂❤️ #blessed #bestfriends #girls #friends #love #feelgood #positiveenergy #positivevibes #newyearseve #newyears #makeup #instagood #sosuelashes #sosueme

#throwbackthursday to tesco staff night out in the Bishopstown bar. Here’s to New Years and getting into the exact same state seeing as I haven’t drank much over Christmas😉🥂 here’s hoping I’ll fit into my outfit by then🤔😂 #selfie #makeup #instagood #instadaily #urbandecay #sosuelashes #sosueme #cork #irish #girl #boohoo #fashion #highlight

A little late but here’s a little #transformationtuesday 🙈 I think this post is a little bit of both makeup and fitness related. Let me explain🙋🏻‍♀️ can we all take a minute to appreciate I have eyebrows now🙈 I didn’t have a clue in the slightest quite obviously so I’m happy I’ve gotten somewhat better🙋🏻‍♀️ I have a huge love for everything fitness and make up. I’d love to do a makeup course some day (I’ll put it on my 2018 goals)😉 fitness wise, I was like a stick back then. There’s being skinny and then there’s an unhealthy weight.. I was in that range where a size 8 was hanging off me but now id Be shook if it even got up my thigh😂🙌🏻 but I’m very happy with where I am now and feeling a lot healthier in myself. Once you’re comfortable in your own skin, that’s all that matters😉❤️#fitness #cork #corkfitfam #life #skinny #motivation #makeupoftheday #makeup #healthy #dublinfitfam #ukfitspo #ukfitgirl #ukfitfam

How do the weekends go by so fast😩 staff Christmas night out was brilliant but still paying for it today. I need about a month to get over a hangover like, I’m a old fart that way👵🏼 will simply have to get over it as I’ve London at the weekend with my number one👫 delighted to be heading away for my birthday and relaxing... 🎉🍾🙈 #work #night #drinks #sosubysj #lashes #selfie #irish #girl #makeup #getaway #london #birthday #celebrating #gals #gaton

#throwbackthursday ... taking it right back to this time last year. I’ll never forget I got out of hospital the day before my birthday, they knew how badly I wanted to go out and celebrate. not all transformations have to be about the outside but also what you’ve overcome on the inside too. I always get asked when I write about how I’ve changed ‘mentally’ when I’m always a happy and bubbly person. This is the part I let my guard down and be 100% honest with you so bear with me.
So when mom passed I never truly dealt with looking after myself, I’m just the type of person to put everyone else in front of myself. I never really got the help I needed. I thought that feeling down constantly was ok and on the norm (silly holly)..it was one night and my body couldn’t take anymore. I just started getting sick out of nowhere and literally it wouldn’t stop. My body just went into a fit of shaking and I’ll never forget the pain my whole body was in. My brother was trying to pull me up but even at that he couldn’t do it as I was just in agony. It was as if my body went into a state of shock and it will sound mad but it felt like it was ‘shutting down’. I was never so scared for myself but thankfully my brother rang my doctor and she came out to the house. As my body was still in a fit the doctor rang an ambulance and off I went🚑
So all the stress over the past 2 years at the time had all built up and it really did take that for me to start looking after myself. Moral of the story is to ALWAYS be good to you. I’m a bit thankful it happened that way because I don’t think I would have changed much if it didn’t. I know now to always ask for help when I need it and to actually speak to people instead of ‘bottling up’. So working out and being at the gym is a HUGE deal for me and I always find my happy place there. Looking after yourself on the inside is just as important as the outside😘❤️

Hard work pays off doesn’t it 😉 thought I would never get to the stage of feeling good about myself. It’s a very long road but once you get into it, it’s a way of life😍I used to go into sessions with @gallygps bloated, feeling down and stressed off my game but now I look so forward to every one of them and feel amazing coming out of them. For me this is the first time in months I’m stress free and feeling a lot better inside and out☺️ Gally is a pleasure to workout with and I couldn’t recommend him/the lads at @fehilysfitness @f1t.gym enough. Always so motivating and the friendliest staff you’d ever come across. Can I just add the playlists are always on point too😂🙌🏻 going into the new year a happy little camper😍👌🏻 #fehilys #fitness #ballincollig #gym #life #love #workout #cork #corkfitfam #irish #irishfitfam #dublin #dublinfitfam #ukfitfam #slim #weightloss #happy #transformationtuesday #motivation #toned

Oh to sit in my onesie for the night and not go to work🙈 can’t be coping with the cold at all. Would just love a movies and bed kinda night😴 sorry I’ve been quiet all week, I’m USELESS trying to stay on this😂 I’m not consistent but I def need to try harder with it🙋🏻‍♀️ training well and truly back in action. Feeling great at the minute and positive. I’m a happy camper😁 food is going good and trying my best to behave myself this weekend. Have my birthday in about two weeks so looking forward to that and working on myself to feel even better 🙌🏻 having something to look forward to gives you that little bit more push and motivation to get your ass in gear 🙈😂👌🏻 #ballincollig #selfie #work #cork #corkfitfam #dublinfitfam #dublin #shesquats #makeup #ukfitfam #instagood #instadaily #instamoments

About last night😉
Last night was my aunts 50th out in Douglas😍 it was the first time I’ve been out in weeks & dry November was definitely a pain in the hole😴 didn’t miss the hangover malarkey I must add😷 I was locked after about two bottles of corona😂 #cheapdate 🍻😂 eyelashes are and will always be @sosu_bysuzannejackson @sosueme_ie ‘MILAN’ lashes from @primark ... 😍😍 they are hands down the BEST lashes I have ever used and so easy to apply. It’s only really this year I’ve started to use them after I had a very bad reaction to a different kind of lashes before. I won’t name brands but both my eyes swelled out from the glue😷 it put me off lashes forever up until I found #sosubysj lashes. I wouldn’t use any other kind now 😍🙌🏻 dress is f&f in tesco 😍💕 #cork #Irish #girl #nightout #barrys #douglas #family #event #drinks #birthday #party #hudabeauty #palette #makeup #instagood #instadaily #primark #lashes

A whole YEAR later. When ye coming home to me 😭💔 @maggieann.xo @simonedoll 💕👭 #besties #gals #huns #oz #traveling #throwback #nightout #dressedup #hugs #instagood #instadaily

When does it ever get so bad that you need to do something about it? What stops you and makes you think, I really need to do something about this? For me personally in the first snap I never felt so uncomfortable in all my life, my clothes stopped fitting me and mentally I was not in a good place. I wore baggy clothes for months on end. I would purposely buy clothes too big so that it would ‘hide’ the two stone I’ve put on. I was in such a rut and even thinking about starting a new journey would drive me to the crap food and laying on my ass all day. Health wise my cholesterol was through the roof and I was prescribed an inhaler. I would walk up the stairs and be out of breath. At one stage I was having panic attacks at least once a week and had to be put on a ‘breathing’ mask in the doctors twice a week. I was at my lowest. I needed to change my ways or else it was 100 percent going to get hell of a lot worse.
As my boyfriend was sick to death of me crying almost every second day he signed me up with @gallygps up in @fehilysfitness @f1t.gym and I swear I never looked back. Gally is a top class trainer and has honestly gotten me through so much. The man is gifted at what he does and I always look forward to working out with him. He has pushed me to my limits and today is the best I’ve felt in a very long time. Health wise i have no problem at all with my breathing and my inhaler is well & truly gone. F.1.T is a brilliant gym and would highly recommend it to anyone. The trainers are so friendly and always there if you need a helping hand with anything. For the first time in ages, I feel amazing 😍❤️

Take me back to July and let me relive it all again😭 minus the burnnn🔥😂first sun holiday I’ve legit had in over 6 years and can’t wait for the next one😍 as for the other green hair, I was weak for It back then but not so much anymore when even to this day it still pops out In my color🙄 badly need the brown in ma hurr done again cause the green is giving it a weird twang😩😂 oh well, that’s what you get for throwing a ‘wash out’ color in your hair🙄 lashes in second snap are ‘Holly’ by @sosu_bysuzannejackson @sosueme_ie 😍💕😘
#houlidays #takemeback #selfie #sosuelashes #sosubysj #holidays #pose #irish #irishfitfam #ukfitfam #dublinfitfam #cork #corkfitfam #greenhair #loreal #washout #goodvibes #makeup #makeupfun

Throw🔙 to the last time I was out and surrounded by these fab gals👭 Dry November is proving to be a challenge but it’s not to not wake up during the weekend hanging 😂🙌🏻 cannot wait for Christmas antics with this lot😍❤️

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