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Days where I get to facilitate (and speak to) phenomenal groups of leaders are always some of my favourite days of the week ✨🙌 thanks to @lyndelanddaniel for capturing this moment 😄📸 #work #speaker #workshop #happy

This is a new quote that’s gone up on my wall this week. it’s one I’ve found myself reflecting on a bit... both in terms of what aspects of the fire (& innocence) of youth I want to make sure I never lose as I get older and what the greatest bit of wisdom is I feel like I’ve garnered so far.
Here are my nominations thus far:
🔥 of youth: never get too comfortable that you won’t take a risk on yourself. Never lose faith in people or possibility. Chase your passion & purpose. 🧐 of age: manage your energy, not time. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth being present for. Vulnerability = courage.
What would yours be?
#wisdom #youth #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #reflection #perspective

One of the best parts of spending the day working in regional Victoria is getting to steal some time on our beautiful coastline 😍. The ‘ocean sounds’ we’re much more realistic than my usual meditation playlist 😂! 🙏🏻🙌❤️ #victoria #australia #beach #bliss

This woman is a LEGEND! We are so fortunate to have @annameares (a 3-time Olympian, 2-time gold medalist and 10-time world champion... in four disciplines no less!) as a @pafc ambassador! Anna gave an incredible address before the bounce tonight...giving us an insight into her insane training regime (235kg single leg presses anyone?!) and talking about the importance of resilience, support crews and getting uncomfortable. #inspired #weareportadelaide #sport #olympics #afl

I’m having one of those weeks where I’m just feeling so overwhelmingly grateful for the incredible people I get to work with 🙌💜. This week has been a big week of board meetings- kicking off in Adelaide with the phenomenal @coxarchitecture team and ending with 2.5 days in Noosa with the amazing @wearehudson board, exec and our award-winning STAR performers. This morning my buddy @gusbalbontin (pictured rocking his BRAVER shirt) brought the house down with a brilliant keynote and I was lucky enough to facilitate some brilliant conversation with the Hudson team about how we turn insights -> innovation. Inspired to be working with so many passionate, purposeful and change-oriented leaders. #business #innovation #lovewhatyoudo

#throwbackthursday to five years ago (!!) when I made my @abctv #qanda debut! Few nights have been as nervewracking as my first time on this panel, which also included Mark Latham, Mark Carnegie, Eva Cox and Tony Shepherd... so let’s just say it was initiation by fire!! 😂 i lived to tell the tale and would like to thank the awesome team at q&a for not only having me on the program five times over the last five years but also for all the work they put in to ensuring a a diverse array of Australians have a platform from which to have their say in the issues that matter most to the nation. #auspol

It was such an honour to last night be awarded the US Mission’s Award for Excellence in Leadership. This award is named after, and in honour of, Eleanor Roosevelt and was presented by the Award’s inaugural recipient @juliebishopmp. I am so humbled to be in any way associated with these two trailblazing women and am so deeply grateful to the @usaembassyinoz 🇺🇸 and the @fulbright_australia commission 🇦🇺 for this acknowledgment and for investing in my further leadership development. Growing up, my walls were covered with Eleanor Roosevelt quotes (yep, I was a pretty cool kid... 🤓) so I’m pinching myself to be in any way associated with a true idol of mine. Big shout out to my co-awardee, the insanely talented and inspiring @alicegardoll 🙌 oh and if you were wondering, I have too many fav quotes of Eleanor Roosevelt’s to pick a definitive favourite but my fav right now is:
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. #fulbright #dreambig #eleanorroosevelt

Wander where the wifi is weak 🌲🍃 I don’t know if you ever feel like this but occasionally I feel like the universe is trying so hard to get me to pay attention to something that it just keeps bringing it up over and over again until I get the message. This week it happened with ‘ART’ (aka attention restoration theory) which numerous speakers talked about at the #cognitiveperformer summit and was also a key part of Cal Newport’s ‘Deep Work’ that I read on the plane here. The basic premise: our brain function is restored by time in nature. Maybe not revolutionary news for some but while I’ve always felt better for time spent hiking/outdoors I hadn’t actually come across the science of how good it is for our cognitive restoration til this week. So today I decided to go and meditate in Muir Woods, which was blissful 🙌, and I’m going to make getting out in nature a more regular part of my weekly routine 💪🧠 any suggestions of fav spots close to major capital cities to get lost in nature??
#muirwoods #sanfrancisco #naturephotography #meditation #brain

One of my all time favs 🙌 I’m reading a brilliant collection of stories at the moment from @mothstories and I just finished one called ‘The Girl From Beckenham’ that made me think about this quote. I won’t ruin the story for you but what starts as a moment of luck(a chance encounter) turns into a lifetime of opportunity beyond her wildest dreams because she asserts herself and says ‘yes’ to adventure. The line that made me think of this quote “I’m grateful for luck... grateful that I gave Angie [the original opportunity that lead to the domino effect] my number- otherwise somebody else might have been living my life.” It made me think about the multitude of choices and sliding doors moments we face everyday. when I find myself in those moments, where I’m fearful about a choice or opportunity, this is the quote I always try to imagine one of my closest mentors saying to me 💜#whatifyoufly #themoth #mothstories #inspirationalquotes #inspiration

I LOVE what I get to do for a living- speaking at and hosting events around the world that are trying to shake up the conversation, ask better questions and bring together new (and unlikely) collaborators. I've been lucky enough to work with the incredible creative geniuses that are @mannterry and @nikki_mayhem to pull together a new showreel showcasing a bit of my work- here's a snapshot (link to the full vid is in my bio) let me know what you think 🎤❤️ #speaker #Mc #Emcee #events #host

Mint weather + the ocean + my first pain-free run in four weeks = 😃🙌🎉 Thanks for getting me down to the beach (and for the 📸) @nikki_mayhem! And thanks @activate_health_fitness for getting my tendinitis under control 👊
#fitness #ironman #running

Sending love and best wishes to my @iwfglobal sisters as they kick off this year’s global conference in Barcelona! #tbt to this time last year when I was lucky enough to host a session on ‘Muscles to Machines’ (aka the future of work) when Melbourne hosted the conference. I appear to have been snapped here midway through clapping the brilliant insights of my panellists @harrietgreen_1, @walmart’s Fiona Tan and @auspost’s Chris Blake. Can’t wait to here about this year’s sessions! #iwforum #iwfleadchange #womeninbusiness

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