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Holly Austin Gibbs (Smith)  Director of #DignityHealth #HumanTraffickingResponse and author of Walking Prey, book about CSEC in USA. Photo w/ @mirasorvino (views are my own)


Don't complain; just work harder.
- Randy Pausch #SheRocksTheTrails #CardiacTrail #TheCalmAfterTheClimb

The amazing #WendyBarnes! Author of #AndLifeContinues. Wendy, thank you again for sharing your story with healthcare staff to educate others about #humantrafficking and #victimcentered care. #hellohumankindness

Dear California, I ❤️ you. Love, me.

Advocacy is often born out of anger. It is good to be passionate, but it isn't good to be angry all the time. Remember to find peace and compassion. Try to bring awareness into all that you do - whether you are going for a walk or giving a speech. #Mindfulness #PowerOfNow

Happy to be heading out shortly for a trail run with my running group. Trail running and hiking is part of my self-care - what helps to bring me inner peace, balance, and a connection with nature. What is your self-care? If you don't know - find out. Without self-care, even the most passionate survivors and advocates will burn out. We need you and your voice in the anti-trafficking movement. #BiologistForLife #IHeartBiology #BiologyGeek

This week #DignityHealth released a Shared Learnings Manual to share information and resources from the #HumanTraffickingResponse Program. If you are looking to implement a similar program in your healthcare system, please be sure to include survivor speakers in your trainings. Thank you again @iamleahrogers for sharing your expertise with nursing staff in East Valley AZ!

Last night Dignity Health highlighted #JosieFeemster at the #HumankindnessGala in San Francisco. Josie is a survivor of sex trafficking, subject matter expert and leader in the anti-trafficking field; also a wife, a mother, and an #everydayhero. Thank you Josie & Ron for joining us! #hellohumankindness #survivorleadership

Flew over Lake Michigan on my way back to the west coast. Very peaceful after hectic meetings in D.C. #AdvocacyMatters #HTResponse #VictimServices #SurvivorEmpowerment #TraumaInformed #VictimCentered

I continue to be educated and inspired by books written by survivors of labor and sex trafficking. "The Diary of Jasmine Grace" by Jasmine Grace Marino is no different. This book sheds new light on the complex dynamics of sex trafficking, particularly on "bottom girls". As a "bottom", Jasmine suffered - physically and emotionally. I feel changed after reading this book, and I know you will too. If you seek to better understand sex trafficking, including ways to care for victims and the connection between PTSD and addiction, then you must read this book. P.S. This might be my most favorite book cover! #JasmineGraceMarino #sextrafficking

I love these handmade elephants from To The Market! Check out ToTheMarket.com for other gifts and goods #madebysurvivors of abuse, disease, and conflict, including #humantrafficking. #SedonaForum #EmpowerWomen #GlobalArtisans #McCainInstitute #tothemarket

So excited Ben was able to join me this year at the #SedonaForum. We hiked up to the Power Vortex! #SedonaAZ #mccaininstitute #HTcouncil

"As a result of my own experience, I can say to you, 'Relax and trust God. You don’t need to know how, just believe Him and He will show up on your behalf and make you shine in the face of your adversaries.'" -Bukola Oriola, survivor of human trafficking and author of A Living Label: Inspirational Memoir and Guide @bukolaoriola #humantrafficking

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