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Holly Austin Gibbs (Smith)  Author of #WalkingPrey, academic book on #sextrafficking in USA. #DignityHealth Program Director. TY advocate @mirasorvino! #HumanRights #AnimalRights

Jackie is a Gibbs! Most Americans consider animals to be members of their family—and even best friends. So why do our laws still classify animals as property? The @animallegaldefensefund is in the courtroom every day, fighting for the legal system to recognize that animals are more than property. This way, abusers have no right to reclaim pets they have hurt. #NotProperty #EndAnimalAbuse

You know that feeling you get at times - that something is wrong. And you don’t know what it is. Or maybe you do - and you feel the need to fix it. Or you feel the need to distract yourself with something else like food or drink or shopping or activism. Here’s the thing: something will always fill that space with anxiety. Even if you manage to ‘fix’ one thing that’s ‘wrong’, something else will come along and fill that space with worry again. Instead, accept that feeling. Learn to accept its presence without acting on it. Learn to breathe through it and know that everything really is ok. Even if someone’s mad at you. Even if you said something wrong. It’s ok. You are still ok. Find peace. #EckhartTolle #PemaChodron #Mindfulness #BeKindToYourself

After 2+ weeks of travel and trainings, I’m dedicating the next 2 weeks to self-care. Thank you #AWHONN for the opportunity to present to women’s health professionals this week in Phoenix. I’m so honored I was able to speak at your event, on behalf of #DignityHealth, about #humantrafficking and #traumainformedcare. #NursesAgainstViolence #HelloHumankindness #hospitalsagainstviolence

Thank you American College Association of Obstetricians & Gynecologists for the opportunity to present to OB/GYN professionals about the many misconceptions associated with #humantrafficking. #ACOG2018 #NursesAgainstViolence #HelloHumankindness #MDsAgainstViolence #SanFranciscoTravels

Last weekend I was in Arizona for the Sedona Forum. This week I had the opportunity to present in Los Angeles for the Hospital Association of Southern California. And this weekend I’m headed to Austin for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities to educate healthcare professionals about #humantrafficking and #trauminformed care. But my favorite place to be is home with Ben and Jackie. And the neighborhood kids. And the running trails with friends. #HomeSweetHome #ChalkArt

Ashton Kutcher’s passion to combat #sextrafficking of children is absolutely infectious. I hope everyone has an opportunity to hear him speak. Cindy and Ashton - Thank you both for shining a light on this crime and for advocating tirelessly for victims and survivors across the world. #McCainInstitute #SedonaForum #HelloHumankindness

Glad to be back in Sedona for the McCain Institute’s #SedonaForum2018. Ben and I hiked up to the Boynton Canyon Vortex! #HTAdvisoryCouncil #mccaininstitute

I’m so grateful for the friendship and support of my many survivor sisters and brothers from across the country. I’m grateful for ALL of you! I learn from you. I lean on you. And I love you! 💕 #NationalSurvivorNetwork #SurvivorAlliance #SurvivorLeadershipInstitute #SpaceInternational #Elevate #FightingExploitation Many others!

Another beautiful morning in San Diego. Thank you #PageWest, Chief Nurse Executive and Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services at #DignityHealth, for once again featuring the #HumanTrafficking Response Program at the Ascend Nurse Leadership Initiative! #NursesAgainstViolence #HelloHumankindness #HEALtrafficking

Not every day is a good day. But...not every day is a bad day. So that’s good. #chalkart

So glad to be back home from the #napnapconf. Off to San Diego next week for Dignity Health’s ASCEND Leadership conference for nurses! #htsharedlearnings #morningstroll #homesweethome🏡

This morning I had the opportunity to speak at the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Conference in Chicago. In the opening plenary I shared my personal story and presented on Human Trafficking 101, eg. definitions, indicators, prevalence, common misconceptions. To learn more about our #HumanTrafficking Response Program at Dignity Health, please visit DignityHealth.org\human-trafficking-response. #HEALtrafficking #HelloHumankindness #NAPNAP #greenriverchicago

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