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Intern's birthday today!
Best team always. 🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AZFAR! 🎂

Today's loot from the crane machine/UFO catcher!
Ash hat Pikachu and 1:1 scale live-size eevee caught by my brother with only 3100 yen. Pretty awesome considering it's his first time playing a UFO catcher machine.
Also special shoutout to the 3 Singaporean pro catchers who coached us on how to get the pikachu. They even called for the staff to "reset" the PIKACHU'S position. (I srsly did not know you could do that). Thanks for helping a fellow Singaporean out!

Oh warabi mochi, how I've missed you so.

Accidental sassy scarf flip caught on camera.
I call this the slythelian summer uniform style. 😌✨

It has reached a point whereby I yell: "MA, WHERE IS MY WAND?" And my mum is just: "Red luggage side compartment." Legit getting butterflies in my stomach because I'm going home tomorrow!
Also mvp to auntie doris aka my mum who bought me each and every Harry Potter book when they were released. My 13 year old self would be crying in joy. I'm sorry I couldn't be a gryffindor like you.

#hogwartsismyhome #teamslytherin

Officially past 12am, so,丢脸.

Best super hero movie ever. Hands down. #canimarrygalgadot

One of the things I am always extremely grateful for is how fandom brought my fam together all those years ago. 😭✨ Today, I learnt much about the bat family through our DC marathon.

Things I enjoy doing: scaring hufflepuffs.

Super excited to be going home to hogwarts in a month's time. #teamslytherin

Unicorn cake! 🦄

Yesterday's 不懂什么大日子 lunch! It was only $10 for one set, actually quite worth it?

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