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Erik Hollow  Future U.S Navy Sailor SHS 19 The Man of the People

Oh my it's close to the end. But at least I have my friends with me till the end. #srszn

Thank you WSU for putting on a great tour. Pullman isnt that bad of an area I tell ya.

I'm finally honored to say I've taken the first major steps towards my life after high school. February 19th 2019 at 4pm I was sworn in to the Delayed Entry Program for the U.S Navy. I am looking to further better myself not only physically but mentally on this new journey and on the road to it. I am on my contract a AM- Aviations Mechanic and I wont hold these titles really officially until I swear in the day of my shipment date and pass basic PST but I'm looking forward to the next part of my life.

My beard had snow on it, its freezing and I still have power. What a good night

One more time I have to thank the people that allowed me and mattias to be the MCs on this night of talent. I thought we were the least talented ones out there because every act was truly amazing. Mattias and I hope we shared with everyone who saw it some goofs, I think I did pretty well with my fashion statement but none the less I have to thank Mattias, without Mattias I could only hold so much out there and the fact he was able to come in last second and still kill it out there no problem shows how talented he is. While this is my last one since I'm a senior I'm hoping to make it to the next one to hopefully see Mattias back at the helm and better than ever.


Wish You Were Here.

A great night for my first time ice skating, and I didn't even fall. Of course I wasn't on the rail holding on like my friend phin but I tell you what it was fun. Thanks for coming y'all and then making fun of phin for almost bringing us all down when we were group skating!

Excuse the really bad photos but I did go flying around town and that was great

First day of Green River and I'm really digging this place

Wow what an amazing time with everyone at homecoming. The best group in the world. I'm thankful that hoco was a success and it was a great way to start my senior year #senoirszn

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