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@romanfritz and @ifbbiain
This is why I like what we do

Interesting approach to this show
Going to be educational to say the least!

Going to do things as I've always planned an been affraid to.

Myself and Jordan are attacking this show very differently from one another so this should be interesting.

So.. let the chips fly :) Updates to www.trainedbyjp.com all weekend so keep in the loop on what we are doing and as to why

Athletes meeting at 8pm with the rest of the guys then roll on ahow day tomorrow


Its arrived guys.

The work doesn't stop.

Jordan has officlay launched his latest ebook now

Link is in my bio

You will not be disappointed
#Repost @trainedbyjp
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It’s ready to rock for you guys , i hope you enjoy it :) #trainedbyjp

Exclusive content here in Spain

Discussing an array of subjects but most of all belief in your own approach

You either get it right or you learn something

Lessons are always welcome

Tomorrow night we step on stage

Is this my regular approach?

How many ways can one skin a cat? You will have to find out ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Only at Www.trainedbyjp.com


@fitnessphotouk And I being chauffeured
Janicke obviously gets priority seat as she's the queen


Spain bound with @fitnessphotouk hiding somewhere close by!

I'll be with the boss man @trainedbyjp & captain @cai57
before too long and hit up an ista live!

Noisey bunch on here but hey.. they are off for hols who can blame them 🤣

Have a great day all


Throw back Thursday to those off season feels

Smile then smiling now

Smile all the time!



Missing in prep but the guys always got you covered so dont miss out!!! Big brother Aka the giant is always up for it!!! #Repost @banjidemayji
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Season 3 Episode 10 of The Size Game Podcast is out now! James Hollingshead is missing in action... but not to worry - Jamie “The Giant” Johal comes to the rescue in this brilliant episode.
Also on iTunes (*) & Spotify
✌️😶😶😶😶😶 ✌️✌️✌️✌️
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"Nutrition talks"

My breakfast thought out this prep has been what I consider my favourite meal of the day.
Simple effective and pleases the taste buds.

Macros break down

Protein 50g
Carbohydrates 72g
Fat ⬇️ 1g

Sea salt is an important addition to keep an eye on sodium requirements as bodybuilders sodium is a valuable tool and should be monitored

Sometimes I add a teaspoon of milicano instant for additional caffeine and flavour

I fly out tomorrow and diet remain pretty standard at this point. Just resting a little more than usual ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For 15% off Kaged Muscle supplements feel free to use my code in my bio at www.kagedmuscle.com


Last training session tomorrow

Back day.

Last chance to create something for Saturday.

Last opportunity to put the chissle to the stone and make a few new details.

Been one hell of a ride this one I must say.

I've done my best and made decisions based on many years of experience.

Start strong finish stronger.


9pm friday night press conference

Come and meet the pros!

Bikini and men's open bodybuilding championships

Mr Olympia qualifier and inaugural @bigmanweekendshow

My first stop for this year's shows followed by the Ifbb Tampa pro

Thanks for supporting my rookie year and all the messages. Means a hell of a lot

Honoured to represent @trainedbyjp & @kagedmusclesupps

Thanks to both for everything

Thank you to my home gym @kingsgymofficial for all that they do and providing me with an environment that has brought me significant progress since day one.

#Repost @bigmanweekendshow
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📣🆕¡PRESS CONFERENCE - METT | PRO ATHLETES!🆕📣 Conoce a nuestros Atletas PRO en nuestro Press Conference-Meet.

Viernes 20 de Julio, 21:00.
Lugar: Hall - Gran Hotel Bali**** Habla con ellos y conocelos en profundidad, todo un sueño para el verdadero amante a este, nuestro deporte. >>>>
Inscríbete como atleta ahora!

Tickets & Packs
>Entradas Limitadas<
Compra ya tu entrada y no te pierdas el mayor Campeonato Amateur | Pro de España.

Queda muy poco...

Compra tu entrada en el siguiente link:

♂️men's pro - ♀️bikini prO
📅20-21 de Julio 2018
🏛Gran Hotel Bali - Auditorio de Cristal
🇪🇸Benidorm - España

Organiza: @bigmannutrition_official

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How important is quality?

Just wanted to share this as couldn't put it better.

I Couldn't agree more.

Quality is everything. Long term progression, good health and an easy regime that is enjoyable to adhere to.

Flavoursome products with top profiles.
Only put in your body what you would consider the gold standard.

That's why I'm extremely happy and confident with using @Kagedmusclesupps and wouldn't second guess any of the products.

It works for Kris, Neil, Wit and Fouad so it definately works for me.

You only get one body.

Any questions regarding the range please feel free to hit me up ⬇️ #Repost @krisgethin
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One of the major gems that's allowing my ability to recover between the weights, swims, cycles and run workouts during the #MANofIRON video series - @kagedmusclesupps #REKAGED. If you want to recover fast, you have to take the fastest digesting protein. Fuck cheap inferior proteins, fuck blends, fuck concentrates. I'm only interested in taking quality without compromise post workout. Do you compromise or commit to your goals? #knowledgewithoutmileageisbullshit #kagedmuscle #thedifferenceisclear #thestandardhasbeenset #evolvewithme

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