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James Hollingshead | IFBB PRO  UKBFF | Overall​ British Champion A-list nutrition / Iron Monkey Coached by Jordan Peters Kings Gym YouTube ⬇


Had to share!

Come visit www.trainedbyjp.com
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Incline pressing the 200 pounders, one must try not to crush ones head , stupidly long dumbbells , latest video is up with @sas_heirati and @cai57 , watch it to see how many reps I get 😝 #trainedbyjp #showthem

298lbs one week into new program by @trainedbyjp
Appetite is still reasonable. I have a few aches that are more apparent in every day life than the gym itself.
Trying to keep on top of it and at the same time push in the gym.

Making sensible choices this week past.

Didn't want to rack my CNS so I can freshen up for the weeks ahead.
Know when to push and when bit too.. It's difficult !


Have a read guys. It's so important to keep on top of things.
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☡ SHOULDER PAIN while PRESSING? ☡ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're looking at the monstrous back of Britains latest superheavyweight IFBB Professional bodybuilder, @hollingshead89. I treat James usually every fortnight focusing on deep tissue work and promoting blood flow to decrease recovery times from intense training.

James last came to see me with a minor rotator cuff niggle after a particularly heavy bench press.
Rotator cuff dysfunction is often responsible for many of the shoulder complaints I treat. This is particularly true in younger people with physically active lifestyles.

The rotator cuff are a group of 4 muscles (infraspinatus, supraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis) and their tendons which stabilise the shoulder joint. They're vulnerable to injury as the surrounding muscles are often overdeveloped in comparison and the rotator cuff often remain neglected.

Dynamic movements like this help reduce the chance of injury (prehab) and increase shoulder strength and stability thereby boosting performance. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To perform: 🔹Kneel close to a wall 🔹Place a looped resistance band around your wrists 🔹Keeping your hands shoulder width apart and your elbows in line with them; start rolling a foam roller up and down the wall 🔹Begin at face level and roll up till your arms are nearly straight 🔹Repeat 8 to 12 times for 2 to 3 sets a time 🔹Make sure your back stays neutral throughout, don't arch it into extension as you slide up the wall ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Contact me to book your treatment today


I've been neglecting posing for a while. Now I have zero excuses.

Posing can be the difference between placing and not placing.

Bodybuilding isn't just what you do in the gym. It's how you present yourself on the stage. It's knowing your own body and being able to make it show.

Create routines that express you and show your physique how you want it to be seen.

Take the time and polish the end product.

New posing room at @kingsgymofficial
This is going to be of massive help!

Cheers @deanhales for taking the shots


My favourite variation of the pull down. Somewhat emulates the oull over. Always get a ridiculous pump throughout my entire back when performing these.
Being fixed means I can be explosive but for me that's a good thing as intend to be too exploding and lose tension when it's needed most.


Lovely to see my good good friend and coach @trainedbyjp today.

Though our visit was brief it was lovely to see him and @cai57
I needn't say it but I owe this man alot.

Such a legend.

In the latest athlete addition video (pictured above) I discuss how not to let the offseason look get to you.

Obviously we aim to increase size and it is inevitable that with that we also add a little fat here and there.

If you want to know my thoughts towards this come check us out over at www.trainedbyjp.com

If you want to use the supplements I personally use check out my YouTube channel. Link is in the bio. There I review and discuss my daily regimes.

Visit @alistnutrition for the products I use day in day. Many of which have aided me massively in my off season progress.

Smart nutrition choices , good supplementation and well thought training. Sprinkle some rest on top and your winning.

Mine and @trainedbyjp next goal is set so the following few weeks should be very interesting. Hope you stay with us and enjoy the ride!


Suppose I'd better join in 😉

Love you @janickesophie x

Doing well often means doing the same.

Day in and day out.

If you're bored and fancy a change then I'm affraid it's unlikely you'll reach your best.

Not everyone cares for this and rightly so. However if you are walking this path. Don't expect it to be fun all the time.

Eat the same shit. Do the same workouts. Process the same thoughts.
It's maybe monotonous from afar but up close it's consistency.


New video dropping very soon.

Push session at kings gym with additional posing for trained by JP check in.

As we come to the end of our cruise we now aim to push hard for those extra lbs.

This video is essentially the starting point of what's to follow.

Thanks to @fitnessphotouk and @paulyhubbard this was a solid session.

The only way is up.

To watch the full video visit www.trainedbyjp.com


Head down and focused.

A few know what it truly takes to make it in bodybuilding.

The juggle of life. Waking up with one goal in mind.. to be better. To perfect the formula for improvement.
You can't compromise once you reach a certain level. You have limited time to have an impact. You prioritise your workouts over everything.

This means your diet has to be absolutely nailed. Diet is responsible for both your performance and your look.

Regime must be kept. Sleep must be of a certain standard. 5 hours won't suffice. Not if you want to be your ABSOLUTE BEST.

Reps in the gym have to be perfect. The focus has to be there throughout the entire workout. There is no time for lose of concentration. Not if you want to be your ABSOLUTE BEST.

You wake In the night to feed. To give your body the raw materials. The materials to grow. To repair the hard labour from the day past.

There is bodybuilding and there there is true bodybuilding.

It's not for everyone and not everyone is selfish enough to place such emphasis on a lifestyle.
However those who truly walk the path will be rewarded in time.

What will you do to be your ABSOLUTE BEST?


These are people who walk the walk... Not part timers .. they don't moan when they lose they work.. and they come back stronger.

There are a small few who we can say this about.
I'm glad I can call them my friends.


Excellent pull session with @paulyhubbard today.

Great selection of exercises
Got to use the new low row at kings today :).
Bring on tomorrow's push day.

Off season going well so far!

Pump courtesy of @mericalabz


Good morning

So I wanted to cover my most used supplements and it so happens they are the most frequently asked about.

This little series we will so just that.

@corenutritionals Flex product review is up on my YouTube.

Link is in my bio.

Looking for a great joint support product?

The next two product to be reviewed are core ZAP (pre workout stim based) and Ambrosia Nektar (health supplement)


Camera died got 12.

Been able to sustain this throughout entire cruise.

We ramp things up again real soon @trainedbyjp
This will be 7plates for the same reps sooner than later! 👀 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Powered through today with @corenutritionals
Fury extreme and @mericalabz stars and pipes


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Mid way thru another gritty session with @hollingshead89 documented for @trainedbyjp www.trainedbyjp.com thanks @kingsgymofficial for letting me run around with 2 cameras 🎥👍🏼
Edit in the works tomorrow 💪🏼
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Follow @sas_heirati as he prepares for his 2018 season.

The British scene is fast becoming the one too watch.

Thanks to @trainedbyjp for giving us a platform to showcase our progress.

It's a good time to be a British bodybuilder!

#repost @sas_heirati
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Got my leg training filmed today @totalfitnessgym with @lf_media . I catch you guys up on my California Pro prep so far, 15 weeks out, talk about my views on my own leg training after 15 years hammering them and more! will be posted on www.trainedbyjp.com later today / tomorrow latest. Pretty much daily content going to from now by myself, @trainedbyjp , @cai57 , @lukesandoe who’s prepping for the Arnold’s Australia, @hollingshead89 piling the muscle on for his pro debut. @therealtechnician @strengthasylum @leanne27jane @boss1.89 @official_rxmuscle #bodybuilding #roadtotheO #trainedbyjp #acetouniversity #strengthasylum

Now this is one gent who can go all the way @ifbbpro_samsondauda
A top personality. Amazing physique and a gent.

Privileged to have you at @kingsgymofficial today my man.

All the best with your preparations for the upcoming professional debut.


The number one site for bodybuilding information and training videos.


Come join us as @lukesandoe prepares for the Arnold classic Australia.

@sas_heirati prepares for the California Pro.

Both @cai57 & @trainedbyjp prepare for their upcoming shows


Not to forget we have loads of extremely informative guys like @deanstm and @lionkingks sharing some gold dust info!

Check out the latest videos including Jordan's 5 tips on training!


Almost time to crank it up again.




Off season filming for @trainedbyjp
Push went down well today.
Knackered now!

Doing my best to look short (as short as luke and jordan😉😂) #trainedbyjp


Care about all round health?

My three go too products.

@corenutritionals Flex powder
A seriously dosed and well formulated joint health complex

@corenutritionals omega
A rich dose if bith epa's and dha's in the correct ratio
1.3g of omega 3 per a serving!

@mental_jewels nektar a 12 ingredient deep , clinical dosed all round health supplement.
For organ health primarily.

I've grown alot more since being more considerate of my health.

Shows a healthy body is a happy body. Let's not neglect it!

For any of the supplements I use just hit us up at @alistnutrition

Any questions on products just hit me up below and I'll do my best to help.


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