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Hollie Taylor  Champagne, Coffee, My Corgis & My Closet...x @corgi.chronicles & @thertwcloset

We found amazing coffee today which is almost near impossible in America! So so so happy & thanks for the recommendation @emma_corv & @martincorv so excited to come back now! 🌞✨ #americandays #hawaii #vacationtime #summer #instamoment #passionpassport #mytravelgram #travelcouple #travelbug #traveldiaries

This was what I came home too after my morning run around!! Our Louis Vuitton flower trunk had arrived and Glenn arranged for some French peonies to set it to surprise me! I was so happy when I saw this! I’ve been patiently waiting since February for this little baby!! 😍❤️🌸

I said to Glenn no presents necessary this year as he always goes over the top with spoiling me! (Even though I said no presents I got this plus 3 more 😳😱❤️) When I saw an orange box I thought he was playing a trick on me so I couldn’t believe my eyes when the cutest little #birkin25 came out of the bag! I literally cried! I say it every year but best birthday ever! 😍❤️😳😘 @glennnmackay #twentytwo

I wonder if Glenn will notice if I smuggle this little guy into the house! He has a little peach fuzz for winter and it’s so freaking cute I can’t handle it!! I want one so bad 😂😂😍 #catsofinstagram #hairlesscat #spynxcat #home #brisbane #winter #petstagram

Today we went to one of Phuket’s very few no cruelty elephant sanctuaries. Unlike many of the other tourist destinations; the elephant jungle sanctuary rescues elephants and provides freedom for them to live and be healthy. When an elephant becomes too old or tired too work they’re often left tied to a tree to die; the elephant sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates these elephants. We had the best day ever feeding and bathing the elephants and I cannot wait to come back and hopefully see some baby elephants next time. This has been the highlight of my trip! 🇹🇭🐘

Thailand days 🇹🇭 I’ve been sleeping in guilt free, eating like crazy, watching movies & doing sweet F.A. It feels great to enjoy some downtime but I’m itching to get home to my puppies in a week 🙊😊 #summer #thailand #phuket #holidaymood #holidaymode #passionpassport #mytravelgram #traveldiaries #travelbug

Pleasant 35 degree Singapore mornings #singapore

Don’t be fooled by the “a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life” thing! Nothing in my life is about to change 😱😂😂 #ididathing

We did a quick little weekend trip to Sydney to catch up with some friends! We had the best time. @emma_corv & @martincorv I wish Brisbane was as cold as Sydney & Melbourne 🙄😂 #weekend #sydney #friends #winter

Dreaming of Paris... x

Not in Paris anymore but we can pretend right??? #paris

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