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🖤We are all one, we are all love🖤

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✨When the goddess calls you home✨
I finally replied “how on earth am I going to learn this? I’m dyslexic, Sanskrit isn’t my language and I have no guru?
The goddess replied “my dear child all you need do is try, show me your willing and I will help you”
I’ve never felt a love like it, it comes from within.
When I was called to become a yoga teacher, I done the impossible I had the calling even before O even done a yoga class. I just knew my life path was that. I showed up everyday, studied and practiced. I soon realised I wasn’t alone, i was being helped. Kali helped slay those who had doubts and questioned my decision, shiva helped my physical body with the asana and Ganesha removed all obstacles in my way. I’ve never been so thankful and so blessed. After I became a yoga teacher it was very clear they wasn’t done with me, they pushed me deeper, further until in the end It became impossible to live normally. Was there someone above them? Now I have accepted their offering I am more at peace and the road although unknown and scary is at the same time exciting and a light at the end of a tunnel. I fully let go, and walk my path with open arms in complete knowing that as long as I try, study and practice with love they will guide, support, protect and love me.🖤
I am 🙏🏼 and so to the land of the gods and goddesses who have so far shown me the way, here I come. •

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Chiron the wounded healer! Your wound is you life’spurpose, you heal through healing others.
Be love, not a victim of pain but a warrior of your healing. Life’s lessons will be your biggest triumphs. You cannot control what happens only the way you react.
My dads suicide was my wound, and now my gift is the gift of healing those who have unfinished business with the death of a loved one. I show them where to look to feel them, you see my dad taught me we never really die!
Know thyself, heal thy wound, spread thy love with the world. •

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🖤Markings from my ancestors🔪 -
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🖤What’s your full moon ritual🖤 the moons pull on the tides and our waters including our bodily emotions is at its strongest and most powerful on a full moon. full moons are a time for purging. Pulling out of us what we no longer need. Not to say that we are always entirely ready to let go, so it often feels painfully emotional on a full moon. A full moon is a time to be alone, be calm and relaxed a time self love and clearing out old energy. A time to take a long bath, meditate and listen to the whispers of your heart. What do you feel? What are you ready to let go of? Full moons are scary because we are asked to be fearless in our decisions, its not easy letting go. Without death there can be no re birth. All ending are new begging its a never ending cycle. The Astro energy has been so demanding of us with the previous 3 eclipses. So many changes, challenges and with Jupiter in scorpio so many dark secrets and hidden things have come to light. Mars finally goes direct tomorrow so if you’ve been feeling tired and un inspired to act don’t worry things are going to change. Such a perfect night to do a full moon ritual to purge what no longer serves you and get ready for mars direct to start those projects. Passion, drive and a little aggression is what we’ll all start to feel. Pisces is a beautiful energy so compassionate, spiritual and dreamy. Happy full moon.
Namaste beautiful beings of light 🖤 .
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Self knowledge is true knowledge🙏🏼 •

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21 yogis releasing on this magical and electric 🌕 full moon. The perfect storm created by the electric energy of Uranus and Aquarius. The water bearer washes away our fears and quenches our thirst for change and new beginnings. It’s been a perfect day and a perfect evening ⚡️ I am blessed to be able to share my gifts and healing.
Namaste beautiful beings of light •

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What do you live for...
After I listen to my heart for my answer I reply....
I live to gain knowledge,
To study the teachings of spiritual enlightenment,
My goal in this lifetime is to become love
My daily practice is to be love in all situations.
To love completely unconditionally.
I dream of being beautifully kind.
I live everyday to become light.
I get out of bed to experience pain so I can turn it into love.
I do not expect to dodge pain just because I might become light.
I hope to one day be happy in all that I came with and all that I shall leave with, to be happy with NOTHING.
I live to become detached from objects and following the crowd and foolish experiences.
I hope to one day sit in all my misery and feel happy with nothing but love.
I hope to one day accept my purpose on this earth and find my way home.
I hope to love those who hurt me and see that their actions are not my concern.
I hope to be, give and become love.
And that is all I breath for, for this life is my journey back to the soul.
My existence is to study and find the link and connection between all back to the one source.
Once I have accepted this life purpose Im sure I shall be happy.
I need to be brave, be fearless and stand alone.
I have nothing else to give this world other than my love so best I work on this.
Namaste 🙏🏼 •

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I really struggle with social media!
I want to inspire, encourage, lift up, help and be someone who can share my feelings and gifts with the world! But I also fear it so much! I have been hiding my whole life of who and what I am and it’s scary to open up after so long hiding. I love one on one connections. I love to really dig deep into someone’s pains, wounds and help heal them through astrology readings and yoga. I don’t feel the need to share myself to the masses even though I know that’s what I’m supposed to do. Being brave for me is about not hiding what I can do for someone. I am an introvert and very private. I have huge trust issues yet I have an incredible gift I’m meant to share! Life purpose isn’t meant to be easy I know. I like to hide in the shadows in the darkness oh why oh why can’t I just stay in the darkness! It’s the light that I fear 🖤😒🦂

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🍉I bee drinking a watermelon🍉

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🌹Roses are red🌹 •

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🖤We are all born with a super power!🖤
I have the power to see the light in every being, I can see the light in the darkness.
I can see not with my eyes but with my heart that we are all born good. There are moments in this thing called life during our journey that light dims, sometimes it dims so much that the being can not see nor feel it in them anymore. But I do I can feel it’s there, I have the optimism, belief, faith and compassion to feel it. I see the signs and have the knowledge of knowing from experience that the light is still there. You just need a little fan, support, encouragement and love to nurture it. I can not give you your light, I can only show you where to look for it, to remind you it’s there. You still have to do the work . If you let me I can show you all is not lost. For my power is to see into the darkness and lead you to the light. I know that in the darkness there’s hardly any light, I know because I live there my life is to hold out my had and guide you. A yoga teacher is only a few steps a head of the student on their journey. A yoga teacher gets a calling to look back and hold out your hand to those a little way behind you. To share, support and be someone who has walked the path and can pass what they have learnt down to the next. I have seen my students in there darkest times and in their lightest. I am happy to accept my darkness so as to help those who need my light. Supporting other human beings in their darkness is my life purpose and for all of my lessons I am grateful to experience so much pain and transformation so to help others through there’s 🙏🏼🖤 namaste •

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