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Hollei Day  🎧 BASS NINJA ⚔️ Rapper • Singer • Movement Artist HipHop | BassTrap | Global . Spiritual, Conscious & Openminded Gangsta Boss. . ONE LOVE FEST ⬇️ .

Rap freestyle therapy! I’ve grown through so much in this industry. I don’t know how to feel anymore

I fell in love with this beautiful person that I am & I work very hard to develop my craft. Excited to grow every day. I AM LIGHT. MY ENERGY IS CONTAGIOUS. I AM THE CHANGE I WANTED TO SEE IN THIS WORLD. .
📷 SHOT BY @hlub.tray .
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🏳️‍🌈National coming out day! I love women. I love men sometimes under very particular circumstances, but mostly just sexually. I learned about being pansexual just these recent years. I FALL IN LOVE WITH A SOUL. Happy to live every day fearlessly like a rockstar ninja queen! #nationalcomingoutday

I do it to myself...

When you serenade someone but they end up dancing for you instead @youdontfuckingnomi THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT. IT WAS SO LIT I HAD 3 AFTER PARTIES 🤣
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I turned @bosskittycat_ into a ninja. Just shot a video for @clackthatfan LOVES THESE FANS! 📷 @ravetraintv

Every time something didn’t go through, something better was coming. 📷 @mvigxd

Still love this song. Sunday will probably be one of my last times performing this song for a long time. There’s been so much growth since I’ve last released music. It’s bittersweet. But it’s time. This new music has been taking FOREVER but it will so be worth it. Taking the time to work on dance, singing and rapping & keeping my rave body poppin 🤣 THE NEW & BETTER ME IS A BEAST

Although I captivate you with my art, I’m hoping you fall for my heart. Don’t fall in love with my dancing fans, my voice or this body & face. I wear a mask so that people can look deep into my eyes and get lost in my soul. It brings me comfort to be behind a mask. The gentle soul that plays with swords. The sexual being that I am, yet my body is sacred. I’m open, yet guarded. Because whoever is going to share me with me, is fucking blessed. Seek someone who falls in love with them self the way you fell for yourself. You don’t know me like you think you do until I allow you to. #ninja

When you like the bass and watch too much @poreotics but still wanna be girly with fans 🤣I was so surprised to see this video cause I was on point! Thanks @tianapowww for getting this! #robotfandancer #fandancer #flowartist #veniceafterburn #veniceafterburn2018 #afterburn #burningman #bm2018 #industwetrust #decompression #venicebeach #bassmusic @veniceafterburn #ticticsquad #tikivision #tikivisionstage

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