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Sarah Marie Nagel 🌻  🌿 Long Hair Style Photos 🔮 Gem & Jewelry Lover 🌷 Toxic Free Beauty 🎥 Watch me on YouTube!


Happy ♥️ Day! Today is a beautiful reminder to not only show love to others, but to also show love to YOURSELF 🌸💐 Treat yourself, pamper yourself, do something you love ✨ And now try and do this every other day of the year! You deserve it 😘🌹👑Hair by: @ladyinthegarden

Congrats @hello.tay hello.tay @allysongo and @tiffanyfajen !!🌹🌿

Spreading the love for Valentine’s Day with another giveaway with @drinkpurerose ♥️ Three lucky winners will receive an 8 ounce bottle (32 serving) of Rose Nectar 😘Each bottle contains 144 organic Bulgarian Roses 🌹🌿 (North America only, I will eventually host an international giveaway😉). Good Luck!


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Also, there is a free shipping code “LOVE” valid until Valentine’s Day ✨

Winners will be chosen on Feb 17th🌹Rose Nectar is made from organic Bulgarian Rose Juice and Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil. Great for digestion, enhancing mood, raising your vibration and more! #ifeel #purerose #rosenectar #bulgarianrose

How sweet! An early Valentine’s Day gift from @butterbabesinc ♥️ Beautifully packaged and the soaps smell incredible 😍Thank you so much!!💋🌹#naturalskincare

When I saw this Amethyst tea light at the Vancouver gem show this year, I knew I had to buy it. It was love at first sight 💜 It came with a succulent 🌿 Great idea for those who don’t like lighting candles all the time!☺️🔮 #amethystlove

*Swipe* 👉🏼 One year ago, playing with the beautiful Cacti in Tucson 🌵♥️🌵♥️🌵Hope everyone that made it to the Gem and Mineral Showcase had a wonderful time ☺️ I will see you next year!! 🤞🏼 #cactuslove

💙💚💙💚 I love a side braid! This is a nice variation when you want to change things up. Just section your hair into three sections. Braid two of the outer sections and leave the section in the middle untouched. Then simply braid them all together! ☺️ Also, everyday when I’m done my braid, I apply some oil into the ends to keep my hair nourished during these colder months ✨

My Moss Aquamarine dream ring!🌲✨She looked extra beautiful/magical in the forest so I had to take a video 😍.. 💍 is by my favourite @jamiejoseph1 #jjpowerring #myprecious #willneverpartwithit #mossaquamarine #showmeyourrings

Happy Birthday to my brother and best friend 🎉... @simoninthe310 !! 🐍 I’m so lucky to have such an amazing being in my life ✨I’m so happy you were born on this day, because I don’t know what I would do without you 👏🏼 May this year be your best one yet 🎸🐍🎼🏄🏻‍♂️🏝🌅 #schwee

My sleeping prince 👑 He’s Been snuggling his Saturday away with his own piece of rose quartz 💕 and his favourite bed (my meditation cushion set from @consciouslifeshop which he’s claimed as his own 😂)

I unfortunately won’t be going to Tucson this year 😪 So sad to miss the best gem showcase of the year 💔 I still have some photos from last year, so I will be posting some of those 🔮 If you are going, have *tons* of fun, take lots of photos (tag me so I can see!) and know that I’m there in spirit💕😋✨

Going through an unexpected tough time recently. Hoping it will teach me a lot so I can pass on what I learn to you guys. Thank you for always being so wonderful to me you guys 💜 #loveyouall

The cutest @tekbrushes brush sets 🤗

Dutch braid into a pony tail 🐎

What do I usually eat for a quick breakfast when I’m on the go?🏃🏼‍♀️✨1️⃣ chia pudding with homemade almond milk🥣 you can make it the night before and take it with you in a mason jar/glass lock. 2️⃣ Fresh juice 🥒🍏🌿, I finally got a juicer to make juice at home and I’m in love!! I prefer making green juice in the morning. Takes me less than 15 minutes to make and clean up. You can take it with you in a glass bottle to go. 3️⃣ Slice an avocado lengthwise 🥑, fill the holes with either salsa or balsamic reduction ♥️ top with hemp seeds and simply eat straight with a spoon! Super fast and the healthy fats give me energy to start my day ☺️ What are your favourite things to eat for breakfast when you are rushing out the door? ♥️☺️

Fresh Flower crown✨ 🌺👑🌺✨ Hair & photography by @ladyinthegarden

Love my little flower gown 🌸💕

Filming some new hair care videos ☺️I’m going to try incorporating more budget friendly/DIY videos as well 💓I have a list of around 12 videos I want to do at the moment. Just need to figure out how to make my visions a reality. I love getting sudden surges of creativity! I stayed up until 4am last night cause ideas kept popping up haha. Question: what sparks your creativity? 🤔💓✨

There is a little @drinkpurerose promotion going on💓 The first 100 people to sign up for their monthly auto delivery subscription will receive a free bottle of Rose Nectar (or a shot pack if purchasing the 32 serving bottle)! 🙌🏼 See my Instagram story for more details 💓😀 #purerose

I WILL have a rose quartz this big one day. Right beside my bed ☺️💓 Can’t wait to go back to Tucson! 🙌🏼 Swipe to see more 😍

A few of my pink and purple crystal babies from my personal collection! 💓🔮 I used to be all about the blue gems, but now I’m all about the pinks, purples and peaches 🤗 #rosequartz #rhodonite #spiritquartz #lithiumquartz #kunzite #polychromejasper #danburite

A few years back I wouldn’t go outside without makeup on. I felt insecure about my acne scars and felt my eyes looked boring without eyeliner. Fast forward to today, I almost never wear foundation anymore, I almost never wear eye makeup (other than touching up my eyebrows and some under eye concealer). I still LOVE doing my makeup and wearing a beautiful lip color. But it’s because I love the artistry and find it fun! Taking care of my skin internally (eating healthy) and externally (using natural skincare products) have certainly helped me feel and look my best. But the biggest change was mentally. Realizing that having skin imperfections is a pretty small problem to have in the grand scheme of things and ending negative talk about yourself. Would you tell someone “you are not good enough because you have skin problems”, “you’re so ugly” etc.. (well I hope you wouldn’t hehe)😜 So why would you tell YOURSELF that!!! Treat Yourself the way you want others to treat you. Realize you have unique features that make you, you! I don’t want to sound corny, but it’s true! I don’t think there is anything wrong with vanity. I personally really love dressing up, having spa nights at home, doing photo shoots etc.. That kind of stuff is so fun to me!!! But I also don’t mind going out in sweat pants, greasy hair and mismatched socks haha. So I want all you guys tonight to look in the mirror and tell yourself something nice about yourself. Give yourself some love 💕

If being a professional ring tryer-oner was a job, I would be the first to sign up 🤗This photo was from a very special day. I went with my amazing future sister-in-law to pick out engagement rings💍 of course I couldn’t resist trying on a few rings myself. Wanted to take the 18k pink sapphire pave ring on my middle finger home so badly 😍✨

Another lovely hairstyle done by @ladyinthegarden ☺️ swipe to see more✨ I still have so many photos I haven’t posted from when I didn’t have bangs 😝 P.S. I have a new shower routine video on my channel 💆‍♀️ 💓

CLOSED: congrats @jossybelle @childofgaiahealing and @thegoanywheregirl ☺️ I’m *SO* excited to host a giveaway with the amazing @drinkpurerose 💓 THREE lucky winners will receive an 8 ounce bottle (32 serving) of Rose Nectar 💕😀 Each bottle contains 144 organic Bulgarian Roses inside! 🙌🏼 (North America only, I will make sure to host an international giveaway soon😘). Good Luck my loves!!! •

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Winners will be chosen on Friday, Dec 8th 🌹Rose Nectar is great for digestion, detoxification, balancing hormones, enhancing mood, and more. I also recently made a video on It, sharing the benefits, uses and more 👍🏼Check it out if you want to learn more ☺️💕 #ifeel #purerose #rosenectar #bulgarianrose

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