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s a r a h  n a t u r o p a t h y t o x i n - f r e e y o g a t e a s h o p 〰️

If you know me you’ll know I’m a huge tea lover, and one of the reasons I started studying naturopathy was for my love of herbs and all their uses ✨⠀

over the past couple of months or so I’ve been working on this little project and thought it might finally be time to release it⠀

It’s not perfect, and this is something I’ll be continually working on and improving moving forward, but it felt like the right time to put it out there anyway ✨⠀

So, here it is; this is your first look at my Holistically Living tea ☕️ so far there’s just my Night Time blend, but there will be more to come in the near future so keep an eye out if you’d like to see more !⠀

If you’d like to purchase a Holistically Living night time tea for yourself, click the link in my bio to shop 〰️ Also any feedback at all is more than welcome - my little online shop is very new and is a work in progress ✨

In love with simple, natural home decor at the moment⠀

Today I wanted to let you all know that I’m about to release something and I’m pretty excited ! I’ve been working on this for a while now and thought it might be a good time to let it out into the world ✨ if you have any idea of what it might be comment below 〰️

Happy #SelfcareSunday 〰️⠀

Over the last week and a bit I’ve shared with you a few of my selfcare practices, from gratitude to essential oils and home made balms, teas, yoga, moon rituals and on my stories a few tips to self care whilst you work ✨⠀

Little bits of self care sprinkled throughout your day is one of the most effective ways to look after yourself, and have a super productive day. Using your skincare routine as a time to self care is a great way to start - most of us already have a skincare routine so all you need to do is take some extra time to make yourself feel extra special ✨ recently I’ve invested in a jade roller to use with my skin oils and serums which just makes it feel like you’re having a special treatment done every time you’re doing your skincare ✔️⠀

If you don’t want to spend any money, look up how to do your own facial massages, make your own facial oils or steams, or just take the extra time to e n j o y your skincare routine, rather than rushing through it⠀

Let me know in the comments if this is something you do - or some easy ways you inject some selfcare into your daily routines 〰️

Currently working on pharmacology study tables 🤓 but I thought I’d share a little snap of all the skincare / makeup that I actually use everyday after my little organise and declutter yesterday 〰️⠀ Ps. Watch my stories for some self care while you study tips ✨

I’m currently going through many of my spaces and finding things to declutter and minimise. I do this often but still find myself accumulating more things than I need. When it comes to beauty / skincare products it seems to be an area that I don’t get rid of things in because I don’t like throwing products away if they’re not finished.⠀

Going through my collection of items again now I’m finding so many products that are out of date, and I know I need to throw them out, but I feel wasteful for doing so - so today I’m asking for your tips and tricks for keeping your skincare minimal / what you do with products that need to be thrown away 〰️ comment below if you have any suggestions !⠀

📷 is an @akin.natural eye gel that looks to be very old packaging, so I think I’ll have to get rid of this one though I did love it 😿✨

With it being exam study week my days have been looking quite regimented and packed full of to do’s.. even though there is much work to be done and many concepts to cement in my mind I’m still taking the time for self care and flow time.⠀

I mean this literally in terms of time for a yoga flow but also simply in the sense of taking time for activities that use my creative side, that allow my fluid, feminine energy to take over. If I don’t let myself have this time I end up in a rut and don’t have the energy to continue on with hours of study the next day⠀

For me, this means starting work at around 8 am {I still do a morning routine before this with journalling, a little yoga, and planning and organising my schedule for the day} and working through until 11 then I take a quick break - normally posting on here and making another coffee, and then work until 3pm. After 3 I pack up everything, and segue into my afternoon with a ten minute meditation and then a 20 min yoga flow ✨ then I leave my afternoons open for creative time, which lately I have been using to draw and paint { I have always, loved these things but felt like I didn’t have the time to do them; until now because I have m a d e the time for myself }⠀

How does your dance between flow and rigidity go? I’d love to know how you balance these energies in your own life 〰️

The November new moon is upon us tonight 〰️⠀

Let this post serve as a reminder to take some time out for yourself, if you haven’t already; to determine what worked and what didn’t work last month ?⠀

What are the things you want to release? Any bad habits, recurring themes or life situations that no longer serve you, or that don’t align with your current self / or ideal self - let them go⠀

What do you want to bring into fruition this month? Start planning and sowing the seeds now so that they may be manifested before the full moon ✨⠀

Do all of this with unconditional love for yourself - make yourself feel extra loved with some self care like at home face masks, a bath with essential oils and salts, eat healthful whole foods that nourish your body and soul, do some yoga, dance, play music that you love, read - do anything that makes you feel like the magical beautiful being that you are ✨⠀

If you’d like to have a read of an in-depth new moon ritual click the link in my bio to read my last blog post 〰️ Ps. Does anyone know how to mix up Aztec clay without it going lumpy ? 😿 please help

Continuing on from yesterday’s post { in regards to Melbourne’s weather } I thought I’d share a little snap of a natural chesty rub I made a while ago 🌬⠀

Instead of rubbing petroleum jelly all over myself I use lanolin for the base - which is also super warming and a lovely feeling on your chest when you have a cold; add in your desired amount of eucalyptus essential oil, and any other oils you might like. I think there’s some thyme and lavender in this batch as well ⠀

I’d love to know where everyone is from ! Is it coming into winter or summer where you are ? And do you have any natural home remedies for the seasons ? Comment below 〰️⠀

Definitely not feeling any summer vibes today but I thought I would share some of my current essentials anyway 〰️⠀

@adorncosmetics coffee seed and coconut oil tanning moisturiser for a beautiful summer glow, without the harmful effects of conventional self tanners or the UV rays of the sun ☕️⠀

My favourite mineral foundation ever, with spf and the most natural finish you will find ✨ and my compact foundation for nights out when I want a little extra coverage and don’t need the spf. And of course a little sun hat 〰️⠀

@adorncosmetics is my go to natural / non toxic makeup and skincare brand - what’s yours? Let me know in the comments 🌿

Good morning 〰️ Started today slow with a face mask and a well missed cup of coffee ☕️ What are your plans for the long weekend ?

A few selfies for your Sunday 🙊

Today I thought I would talk a little about something I having been loving for quite a while - essential oils and all their wonders ✨

Although I’m not at all an expert when it comes to essential oils, they are something I use and experiment with almost everyday so I thought I would share some of the ways I like to use them 〰️

The small spray bottle on the left is a little blend of oils and water that I use as mosquito repellent, with citronella, lavender, lemongrass and more. I don’t use chemicals at all in my home, in my skincare or makeup, so definitely don’t want to be spraying them all over myself when I’m out trying to enjoy nature’s beauty 🌿

The roller bottle on the left ( which I must make more of soon ! ) is my current ‘study scent’ I use this like an anchor, whenever I’m studying I put this on my wrists and neck. Then when it comes exam time and I roll this on myself, it takes me back to studying the material 🤓⠀
( you might think this is odd but think about it like this - if you ever smell a perfume or cologne that someone you know wears you instantly think of them; it works in the same way and can be super powerful ! )

I love that essential oils can so instantly change your mood and your vibration, from uplifting citrus to grounding patchouli there is always an essential oil for whether you need at any one time 🙌🏻 these are such amazing and potent bursts of nature’s medicine and are so readily available for us to use ✨

What are your favourite essential oils at the moment ? Let me know all your thoughts and if you have any suggested aromatherapy courses or resources let me know as I would L o v e to learn more about it all 〰️⠀

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