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Coach @Liam_bygott last week, 10 weeks out from season B bodybuilding comps 👊🏼. We’ll be updating you all for the last few weeks on how each of them are going, down to nutrition, training, peak week, posing and so much more! Let us know what you’d like to see 💁🏼‍♂️. @liam_bygott @jboyce_coach @joshypt 💥 #holdyourown

CONGRATULATIONS to @kimberlyj18 who competed in the ICN All Female Classic and took out an INCREDIBLE 1st place in.....wait for it 😱 fitness model novice, fitness model intermediate, open class number two and sports model first timers 😍🙌🏼. Simply amazing and couldn’t be more proud of you!
Coached by @liam_bygott ✔️
#icn #stronglooksstrong #compprep #icompete #fitnessmodel #hyoconditioning

Building those legs HYO style 💥
@nathanwallace_ @jboyce_coach #hyo #hyocoaches #gains #leggains #compprep #recomp #grow #trainhard #stronglooksstrong

We are so proud of this weapon @selinawilkie 🙌🏼
Final numbers inc. Squat 162.50kg, Bench 85kg and Dead 170kg 😱 WOW!!!
This gave her a total of 417.5 total 👉🏼 10kg up from her last total meet 👏🏼 breaking her original Jnr total record 😍. #Goals 👩🏼. Well done Selina, your work ethic really goes to show how hard your truly push day in, day out 👌🏼 @jooshamp

Steph finished off her competing season with a huge BANG 🔥. @jesswilliams_coach took on the feedback from the rookies show and implemented a plan of attack for an even better, tighter and lighter package!
@steph.thomas_ took out top 3 placings in all category’s and a massive 1st place in sports model opens at the Miss Athletica Brisbane classic 🙌🏼😍 Congratulations on a huge season, it’s been a pleasure having you apart of our team! #teamhyo

REPOST from @denham_ravi_ ✌🏽
When @nathanwallace_ and @holdyourown_ programming has you look like you have superhero proportions- @marvel 😍
Actually it was a horrible weekend of tracking, weight is up and just under 80kg. Needed to really pull it in which I did at the end of week before I start putting on unnecessary fat. I blame my pregnant wife for me eating more food 😜
Anyways back at it and training is going well! -
Hope you’re winning on you’re Friday night! -
I’m going to crush legs! #fridaynightatthebar 👊
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CONGRATULATIONS to @Steph.thomas_ who competed at @icnqld Rookies on the weekend 😍.
She came into the show and as her coach @jesswilliams_coach mentioned, came in calm and collected .... 👊🏼
Steph is a mother to 2 year old Cruz, hubby is often away for work, running her own successful Fitness Studio - Then topping it off with Competition Prep ....🙀 #amazing
Steph placed in all 5 of her 5 categories today. Not just placed but owned it 😍😇
- Sports model mumma 2nd
- Sports Model Opens 5th
- Fitness Mumma 2nd
- Fitness over 30s 4th
- Fitness opens 2nd
Bring on Miss Athletica in 2 weeks 🔥🔥
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Repost from her coach @jesswilliams_coach
For those interested - Steph still got her Pizza and Lindt everyday - she did NOT cut water - she did NOT do excessive cardio (in fact only 1 x 8min HIIT near the end ) . She trained 5 days per week and had plenty of Refeeds along the way. Everything today was weighed, tracked and measured (swipe right to see video at the end). Even down to be pre stage lollies. Team @holdyourown_ doing things right x #icn #icnqld #fitnessmodel #sportsmodel #fitnessmom #businessowner #mother #legend #muscle #bodybuilding #macros #fitness #fitfam

Congratulations to our client @lola_calistamon who competed at WBFF yesterday and came out in the top 10 of 28 girls 🎉.
She's only 20 years old, which is a massive achievement and coached by @jooshamp 🙏🏼. Again congratulations and we couldn't be more proud ✨. #wbff #bikini #icompete #compprep

Happy hump day from one of our clients and WBFF pro @lenisepattini_wbffpro 🍑 #humpday #wbff #fitness #bikini #booty #teamholdyourown

Monday morning arms inspo from @tara_moveinspiringchange 😍 #teamholdyourown

Hard work definitely goes to show 💪. @brett_fitnessprofessional is competing at @icnqld in season B and we're excited to see what package he brings to the show! Looking on point! #teamholdyourown

Congratulations to our client @kimberleybeardfitness who competed last weekend in the ICN Canberra & Country Titles 🥇

She came out with a 1st place in Fitness Model Novice, 1st Place in Fitness Model 30+ and top 5 call out in Sports Model Opens.
She has worked incredibly hard for this along side her little babies and we couldn't be more proud of the results. 👍
It's great to watch our clients compete and feel their happiest, healthiest and strongest they've ever felt, whilst being the leanest they've ever been. #teamholdyourown #icn #fitness #model #inspo

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