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m i c h e l l e g e l l e r  pictures of old paper and journals. and dennison labels. portland, oregon, usa • • • • • • • • • • • • • • journal flip-thru...


Dear Miss Bettie Catherine Kamma,
Thank you for saving some of your calling cards and envelopes for me. You're the best!

My big accomplishment of the day was setting up my Dennison tag collection in this vintage letter rack I scored at @unionvintagepdx yesterday. Which, by the way, is sitting on top of the old library card catalog I bought at @unionvintagepdx. I think I'm addicted to that store! :)
Edited to add sources of purchases or who gifted me items in this vignette. :)
#unionvintagepdx #vintageephemera #vintagedennison #dennisontags

Perfect #pubjournaling meet up at my favorite local with @tammygilley after some awesome shopping at @unionvintagepdx and @curiositiesvintage. Good fun, my friends! #pubjournalerspdx

Today's outgoing mail is about to start its journey to destinations all over the world! How cool is that? :)

Despite the smudges, I'm pretty happy with this morning's drawing of my coffee cup. I'm practicing for my upcoming trip back to Joshua Tree next month (!). I think I want the BIG set of the Zig Kuretake markers now! Love 'em! #kuretake #kuretakezig #pleasedontzoomintooclose :)

A beautiful assortment of new old paper treasure from @theoldstuffshop's amazing shop. The gold labels are perfection, even if I can't get a good pic of them. :)

Recent paper acquisitions. Travel ephemera sure was gorgeous before computers. Speaking of gorgeous, how spectacular is that Casablanca baggage tag!? #vintageephemera #ephemera #baggageclaimtags #vintagebaggageclaimtags #vintagetravel #baggageclaimtickets #vintagebaggageclaimtickets #claimtickets #claimtags

Last week was a rough week but I got through it and finished my #travelersfactorynotebook layout. Thank you for all your thoughtful and heartfelt comments and for sharing your stories. It really helps lighten the burden of grief. Xs and Os to you all! #mgmtn2017 #rosesformymomma

Valentine's Day sweeties, past and present. Thank you @corikindred @sewmanyinterests @gramma.nayma and @lisastockel !

Wishing everyone a very sweet day!

More beautiful paper treasure sent to me from @rippels_paperlover. These nature cards are utterly stunning! Thank you again, Menw!

An amazing and breathtaking collection of vintage papers and other treasures for your eyes to behold! This is what I received from the incredible @rippels_paperlover ! Oh my oh my! I am so in love with everything Menw selected for me! Her attention to detail is quite remarkable. Very inspiring and humbling! I've already started working on round two because, Menw, I can indulge your love of French paper! Thank you so so much! XO