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A N G E . P E T E R S  👯 Mama 👩🏻‍🎤 Founder HOL:FIT 💧 Presidential Diamond doTERRA ✨ I guide women back home 📺 http://bit.ly/hfqanda 👇🏻 The Map


Currently exploring this truth as we settle into our new home, new life, new routines.

With a new season about to approach - I like to check in with the elements that create wholeness for me: how I move my body, how I nourish through food, how I connect in the relationships most important to me and how I continue to grow more into the woman I was created to be 💕

If you'd like more on this topic - watch my 'Beautiful Life Blueprint' here: http://bit.ly/lifeblueprint
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Chloe and I are having a girls day - she wanted to show you our day through insta stories and also so she could have all the short vid clips to keep 💕

We love doing 1:1 dates with our girls a few times a month - super sweet conversations happen and memory making fairy dust ✨

#petersgirls #famjam #girlsday

10 min into my soak 😂

#momming #missedthem #holfitbath

I'm home after a day of flights and excited to have my first soak in my new tub!

I have a ritual I do to support my body after being exposed to a lot of germs and heavy chemicals in the air port/plane. Tag a friend you love, that travels a lot or works in the industry
✈️ right when you get home: drink 20oz of filtered water with 1-2 drops of @doterra lemon or tangerine essential oil. Your body will dance with the limonene that's high in these oils

# ✈️ run the bath water and add 1c Epsom salts + 1c baking soda. To those salts - choose one of the following detox essential oil combos: #1) 3 drops juniper berry + 2 drops patchouli. Combo #2: 2 drops rosemary + 2 drops lavender. Combo #3: 4 drops forgive blend. Add a tsp of coco oil to help your essential oils disperse. If you want bubbles - add a few squirts of doterra natural body wash
# ✈️ dry skin brush before you soak (Google HOL:FIT dry brush for a video on how)
# ✈️ exfoliate your face with a little baking soda + water paste so your sweat can move easily through your facial cells
# ✈️ soak for 20 min while you read or listen to something heart bursting. @doterra leadership mag will always deliver

I'll be off the grid for the next 3 weeks dialing up my mindset and physical strength as I prepare for speaking and for DoTERRA's annnual convention with 35,000 of the most vibrant oiling humans on the planet - this bath will kick it off proper ✌🏻 #holfitbath #teamHOLFIT #essentialoils #leadership

Don't listen to my face ... I am immensely proud of you @kid_kali
#siblinglove #famjam

Grateful for an incredible weekend of play, walks and talks 💕felt so good to slow the motor down and recalibrate!

I'm teaching an Essential Oil 101 Class tonight in my private HOL:FIT essential oil community group. Have you been thinking about getting started with doTERRA? This class is only open to those not already working with a doTERRA leader. If you'd like to join - email me at heyholfit gmail.com with a link to your Facebook profile so I can add you (I am at my max friend count on FB so I'll need to add you)
Here are the details:

Tues, August 8th at 7pm EST

Learn a basic getting started class: - What essential oils are - The 3 ways to use them - How to use them safely - The Top 10 Oils that provide hundreds of solutions in every home + body!
To join - watch for the live video that will begin in our Facebook group at 7pm EST sharp ✌🏻 #teamHOLFIT #thesupernaturallife #essentialoils

And now we float 🌊

After an intense couple of weeks - #movinglikewoah we asked nana to watch the girls tonight, booked a couples float and dinner 👫

Have you ever experience a float tank before? It takes me about 10 min before I can come out of my head and into my heart. I go in and out of a dream state, I have certain people that I think of that I know I need to show love to this week and often have a very clear idea come to me that my business is speaking to me of what I need to take action on. It's brilliant and just what we both needed.

See if your local area has one - see what comes up for you when you tune the noise out 🤙🏻 #teams #teamHOLFIT #couplesfloat #heartoverhustle #CEO

I love the intense intervals of life with a solid rest period after. Momentum is amazing in all things and when you have you don't stop. You keep chippin away and stay focused on the goal. Sometimes this will look like my hands 😜

It's almost 9pm and I told Chris I need to go get a tea and tune in with my heart to recognize several incredible women on my wellness team that just had a big month taking their impact on our world to the next level! I am overwhelmed with happiness experiencing the growth that is happening to elevate + empower the health of those around the globe.

A fresh coat on my nails will just have to wait ;) #teamHOLFIT

Well it's 11pm and the mermaids have just had their bath and going to bed. But we got her alllll done. The move is completo 🙏🏻 I'll do a FB live once we're settled and show you some of the healthy things we invested in our 🏡

But for now - I will sit here for the next 20 min with a plate of cheese + cracks 😜


It's a beautiful day to begin the next season of our life ✨cheers to the process of evolving ✨


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