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All the women in me are tired tonight.
Kids are hyper right now, Chris is working his 3rd 24 hr shift this week, my room is full of laundry from our travels, dishes to clean, lunches to make ...

And I honestly don't think I can do much more than huff this bottle of console. ✌🏻to all my mamas 💕

How many of you know this?

How many people do you think quit in the preparation phase and never see their gifts and their dreams hook up?

Inches every day friends ✌🏻 If you do get how important it is to show up daily, serve others without an attachment to what you are getting back ... get ready. You are soon gonna get flooded with opportunity, abundance and impact ✨

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I feel you 🌷Spring 🌷
You're getting ready to bust out your beauty aren't you!

Join me tomorrow, Wed at 12p EST, for the weekly LIVE broadcast/ Q+ A (on Periscope and FB live in the oils group) •
Let's jam on rebirth ✨

#teamHOLFIT #QandA #thesupernaturallife

The essential oil lifestyle upgrades thousands of areas of my life - it's why I'll likely be sharing ideas with you for the rest of my life.

Imagine using clean makeup brushes on your beautiful face every week that smell like geranium ✨

1 tsp OnGuard cleaning concentrate + 3 drops geranium (or rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, serenity or passion blend) + cup of warm water. •
Learn more about our HOL:FIT oils community here: http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted (clickable link in insta bio)

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Update ✨

On my 3rd recipe trial but feel confident about this one ... if you guessed natural dishwasher tabs from my post the other day - correctamungo!

Guess what the magical ingredient add was?
#teamHOLFIT #holfitclean #holfitkitch #holfitDIY

In my kitchen playing with ingredients to create one of the most requested DIYs from my HOL:FIT essential oil community! Once I've nailed it - I will have come up with a simple, effective and natural way to make everything I used to buy! I don't make as many DIY products anymore cause I'm just too busy and love the natural product solutions @doterra has created. But I do love playing in my kitchen on a Sunday ✌🏻

Can't wait to share the result + recipe with you later his coming week - any guesses?

#thesupernaturallife #teamHOLFIT #holfitkitch #holfitDIY #holfitclean

Date with hubs tonight ... kids going to nanas ... we had a workout now going to catch up over yummy food, grab snacks and see a movie (our fave thing - anyone else?)
We've been together going on 20 years this year ❣️oh my, it's all about growing together right? We've done so much of our growing up together and growing through continuous uplevelling together. We've had our challenges just like everyone and committed to being there big for each other, to doing life all out, to being our best daily and to live purposefully and fulfilled. .
Feeling so much gratitude for this journey of growing younger together with every year @1976petes

#teams #forlife #datenight

I love creating little welcome packages for people I'm guiding to begin their essential oil lifestyle ... the start of what I know will be the most life changing decision ✨

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D I F F U S E R 💕
I have a diffuser in every room of my home and they work brilliantly for us every day with our @doterra essential oils to cleanse the air, support healthy breathing and create high home vibes. If you were to come over - I promise you would leave healthier just from the air you breathed while we sipped on chaga tea ;
Once a week I give the lids/small parts of my diffusers a bath in a sink full of hot water and a few pumps of OnGuard foaming hand wash or a squirt of OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate. And I give the diffuser bases a wipe with a towel and some vinegar.
Click this hashtag to see all the beautiful diffuser blends I've created over the years for you to try: #holfitdiffuser .
Happy Saturday ✌🏻
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Last day being snowbirds ✈️

Beautiful memories doing life and purposeful work together. Now back to London life, school friends and green thumbs shortly 🌸

#floridalife #holfittravels #petersgirls #lifebizlove

Oh my heart - one of my fave Disney movies to now experience with my fave people 💕

#famjam #petersgirls #floridalife

How to gracefully walk away from people that no longer serve your highest vision: "I might not be as available to you as I've been in the past, my purpose is steering me in the direction of major self development and I hope that as I grow it will impact everyone I love in a positive way"

How to decline a request of your presence/time: "In order to remain loyal to my current commitments, I have to say no to commitments like this” (thx @michaelhyatt ✌🏻) .
Note: when you are first starting out, trying to realize your purpose - you will say Yes to many things and many people. This is great but only if you take time to check in on the regular to see if you're moving in the right direction.
You will have people decide to "opt out" of friendship with you. I have had several. .
I too bump between the guardrails of being too much for most people to handle and being the woman my daughters will need me to be. But I don't believe there has been any 'cost to my calling'. .
I've only thought that temporarily when a friend has tried to keep the claws in me so to speak. Anyone feel me?
Tag a friend you think is looking for guidance on how to say No more.

Today, I say no to about 95% of the requests made of me because I am crystal clear on what will be the best use of my time to impact more people. If his resonates with you, you're on the right track ✨

#teamHOLFIT #highlevelleadership #thesupernaturallife

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