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A N G E ✨ P E T E R S  👯 Warrior Mama ✨ Founder HOL:FIT 💧 Presidential Diamond doTERRA 🌱 Natural Health + Wellness Biz Creation 📺 http://bit.ly/hfqanda 👇🏻 O I L S


Do you want to know what it feels like to have all the cells in your body dancing?

I learned this cool idea from my friend @goughfamily
Best done right before you workout 🌱 add 1 scoop of @doterra Terragreens to a little shot glass of water 🌱 Add 1 drop of lemon essential oil to flava + add a little cleansing limonene (only use dōTERRA brand for this) 🌱mix and shoot it back 🌱take a Terrazyme digestive enzyme with it

Boom! This is perfect for my #holfitessential30 cleansers to try this month as they upgrade their health 🤙🏻 Try it and lemme know what you think!
#teamHOLFIT #thesupernaturallife

Head + shoulders, pits + feet ... DIY gifts for the teachers are complete 🌱

#schoolsout #petersgirls #essentialoils

Just wrapped a 30 min FB live with my #holfitessential30 group. Shared my perspective with them as a student of the school of 'how we do anything is how we do everything' ✨

Life is leadership. Cheers to owning that 🤙🏻 #holfitTV

Hi babies 🌱

Our biannual #teamHOLFIT cleanse is running right now with about 1500 glowing humans. One of the things I prepare the group to know is that during this #holfitessential30 cleanse - their body will become louder in guiding them towards their next health level.

My body guided me towards sprouting this month and I've been having a handful of these daily with a little pink sea salt on top. So bueno!

Comment below - what is your body guiding towards lately? For inspo- click hear tags to see what my team has been up to! #holfitessential30 #essential30 #teamHOLFIT

I've got my tea, my oils and my cozies on ... y'all know this must mean an essential oils 101 online class is about to go down 🙌🏻 And the Free Immortelle promo this month is bringing all the unicorns to the yard ✨

Want to start your essential oil lifestyle and through that join one of the most powerful natural health communities in the world? http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted

#thesupernaturallife #essentialoils #thisishowwedo #holfitTV

If you're taking notes on how to inspire yourself to make healthier choices - create a kitchen that inspires YOU 💕

Did you know that one of the first offerings I made years ago in my online health school was teaching you how to make your own sprouts + kombucha? Check it: http://bit.ly/hfsprouts (It's $10 and you get the full class and eBook)

#holfithealthykitch #sprouts #lifeforce #essentialoils #holfitessential30

We almost made it!! One week left of school and THE notice came home that some little friends have found their way into Emme's classroom.

Just another one of the hundreds of practical ways you'll use oils in your home:

Tip 1: keep the hair somewhat dirty - lice love clean hair

Tip 2: keep it braided if it's long

Tip 3: run a few swipes of melaleuca (tea tree) along the hair before school.

Hi yah!

#teamHOLFIT #thisishowwedo #thesupernaturallife #essentialoils

So we did the final house purge today and Mr HOL:FIT was in great form as per the uge 😂

I still can't believe he won't give me the go ahead for a pink pool table 💁🏼 #petersonthemove

My little mermaid celebrated her 8th bday today!
Every year I'm shocked by how it feels like they grown up right there in that moment when the clock strikes bday✨

#petersgirls #famjam #mermaidians

What level in the health upgrade cycle are you currently on?

I wonder what would happen for you if you focused on one of these habits for 30 days

To glowing together ✨#holfitessential30 #teamHOLFIT #taketheupgrade #thenextlevel

So fun to hear today from a group of London entrepreneurs sharing their bright ideas for future apps and services!
Our vote will likely go to the visionary that helps us solve the problem of not being able to find enough greens on the go (@rebelremedylondon had us covered!) Have you ever had a cool idea that you know would solve a problem? Please don't share below but to continue to bring it to life ✨

#lifebizlove #brightideas

I never read the paper or watch the news. However I'm on the train and I look over to see this on the front page of the paper the nice woman next to me is reading. I asked if could read it when she's finished because I was interested in the main story.

She says oh "you must be a doctor or a lawyer!" I said "mmm no thankfully I'm the part of the reason many people aren't needing doctors and lawyers 😂

Juuuuiiiiccccyyyyy!! Imagine a healthcare system where you as the patient could understand that your doctor might have been one of the professionals last year to receive part of the $50 million dollar pool paid by the pharma industry to encourage your doctor to recommend their drug.
Here's a rule of thumb: if something is free and almost pushed on you - it will rarely ever make your life better. Think about it.

#healthrevolution #teamHOLFIT

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