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HOKA ONE ONE  You've never run in anything like HOKA ONE ONE. Maximal cushion and minimal weight. Why run when you can fly? 👻 hokaofficial. 🐦 @HOKAONEONE.

"What I first noticed about running in the Torrent was that I felt secure running up steep, uneven terrain. The grip helped me feel stable without compromising my speed or stride." - HOKA Fan @lovelyssa #HOKAtorrent

"I helped test out early prototypes of the Torrent and the goal was to create something light and dynamic with good traction for a wide range of trail conditions. As a runner who does any surface or distance, I wanted a lightweight and responsive shoe with great traction. The Torrent really fits the bill.” – HOKA Athlete @sagecanaday #HOKAtorrent

Marshmallow-soft cushion and marshmallow-light weight? It must be the Clifton 5. Pre-order yours today.

"I was stoked when I chose this course for the FKT. At first, I was like, 'What did I do to myself? How can I run this?' But when I finished, I wanted to scream with excitement because I couldn’t believe the things my body could do. This challenge pushed me to understand my potential for running fast downhill." - HOKA Athlete @dan_yell_a Find out more about Dani's FKT on the blog. Link in bio. #HOKAtorrent

"The Torrent makes me feel like a velociraptor when I'm running on the trails. Any shoe that makes me feel like a ferocious dinosaur is a great mountain shoe in my book." - HOKA Athlete @dan_yell_a #HOKAtorrent

Introducing the Torrent. A fast, aggressive trail shoe born to break records. Watch HOKA Athlete @dan_yell_a put it to the test with an FKT, or fastest-known time, in Santa Barbara, CA. She tackles a 1.27 mile segment with 1,114 feet of vertical gain — yes, you read that right. 1.27 miles with 1,114 feet of vertical gain. Link in bio.

“I feel comfortable, confident and ready for flight in the Mach.” - @triyetty Our lightest cushion knows no limits. #limitless #HOKAmach

“Something about running makes me feel grounded and at peace. I’ll always come back to running because it reminds me that I am strong and capable.” - HOKA marketing team member and former NAIA All-American runner @theresabford. Meet more incredible #womenwhofly on the HOKA blog.

“The Mach feels secure and stable. My best runs in it are with my best friend. We run together every Tuesday and I look forward to it every week.” - @swimbikerunyogi Our lightest cushion knows no limits. #limitless #HOKAmach

“I run to prove to myself and to my daughter that with hard work and persistence, anything is possible. My daughter sees me fail more often than not but she never sees me give up. I may get knocked down but I always get back up. I relentlessly pursue the things that I want.” - HOKA Athlete @kellyn_taylor. Meet more incredible #womenwhofly on the HOKA blog.

Meant for fast miles out on the road, the Mach is light, responsive and ridiculously comfortable. Our lightest cushion knows no limits. #limitless #HOKAmach

“I feel most alive when I’m on a long smooth road. I can get lost in my head and run for hours.” - HOKA fan and women’s transcontinental record-holder @ultragirl52. Meet more incredible #womenwhofly on the HOKA blog.

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