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HOKA ONE ONE  You've never run in anything like HOKA ONE ONE. Maximal cushion and minimal weight. Why run when you can fly? 👻 hokaofficial. 🐦 @HOKAONEONE.


“The Clayton 2 is like running on pillows, but still being able to feel the ground beneath your feet. They offer so much more than most traditional shoes. They're lightweight and super cushioned. The Clayton 2 makes me excited to get up and run at 4 a.m.” - HOKA fan @libloverun

"My go-to shoes for the marathon are the HOKA Tracer. They’re lightweight and cushy, yet also somewhat firm and responsive at the same time. To me, they epitomize what a marathon racing shoe should be."- HOKA Athlete @mattllano on the #HOKAtracer, featured in Men’s Health “Best New Fitness Gear of 2017” list.

“As a couple we aren't each other's ‘halves’ as we came into this as ‘whole,’ and I love that about us. We will never be perfect nor will our lives. We are independent, but look forward to being together. We have our own personal goals and will help each other reach them. We drive each other crazy (the good kind and the bad), but in the end, I truly love and respect who he is as a person, and that's how I know he's my one.” - HOKA fan @heatherrosescott celebrating her nine-year anniversary. #HOKAhupana #HOKAchallengerATR

“Running in the Bondi 5 is like running on pillows. It is the cushiest shoe I’ve ever run in. The Bondi 5 is my 5th pair of HOKAs, and I have been super impressed with the quality and customer service.” - HOKA fan @garagefitlife

"This earth! This beautiful land and inspiring creation! What an honor to explore it with our own two feet and soak in the inspiration and intangible goodness that this world can give to us. My hope is that this gift is cherished and protected in every way possible for as long as possible." HOKA Athlete Alicia Vargo #womenwhofly #earthday (📷 @aliciavargo)

"Being happy never goes out of style. HOKA shoes make me even happier because of their cushion. Yay for long runs!"- HOKA Fan @elinalexander

"If you didn't get it yesterday, get it today. If you don't get it today, get it tomorrow. Every day is a new day, so just keep getting up and trying again. It's surprising how much strength can come simply from being the one who refuses to get knocked down."- HOKA Athlete @dan_yell_a #womenwhofly (📸 @peterducato)

“I bought the Arahi just to mess around with, but recently I find myself reaching for it due to the comfort in the upper and the cushioning. I’ve found it to be a welcome combination of responsiveness and cushion.” - HOKA fan @hankfan

"The Hupana is comfortable, sleek and can be worn as an all-around everyday active shoe. It gives me a nice little spring."- HOKA fan @evemeetswest #HOKAhupana

Go behind the scenes from our @oiselle collaboration with a few of our Oiselle friends and HOKA athletes. Wanna join the party? Grab a pair today. #womenwhofly

At HOKA, we believe in protecting public lands for future generations of trail runners. That’s why, in celebration of Hayden Hawks’ Fastest-Known Time across @zionnps, we have donated $10,000 to @GoParks, the official charity of America’s national parks and nonprofit partner to the @NationalParkService. “This land will be a playground for my kids and their kids for generations to come. My kids will learn to love the world around us and the outdoors in this national park and many more. This is a classroom for them where they can learn to make a difference in this world and grow close to the earth! This is a place where they can find peace and feel a little wild while finding themselves. So many other people who work, play, and learn in the national parks need this land. This is about more than just me breaking a record. Running is my talent and I want to use my talents to help others. This is how I feel that I can do that!”- HOKA Athlete @hawks_hayden11 #timetofly #runsoftheworld (📷 @jason_j_hatfield)

"You can't have the experiences that you have in parks in other places. You feel wild."- HOKA Athlete @hawks_hayden11 #timetofly #runsoftheworld (📷 @derricklytle)

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