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HOKA ONE ONE  You've never run in anything like HOKA ONE ONE. Maximal cushion and minimal weight. Why run when you can fly? 👻 hokaofficial. 🐦 @HOKAONEONE.


“It was a phase or a time in my life that wasn't the prettiest. Not my proudest. But, it really steered me in a direction in life to go do something that I'm passionate about.”- HOKA Athlete @walmsley172 on his path to #ws100 2017. Watch the first episode of Lighting the Fire by following the link in our bio.

"As a triathlete, I often do multiple different workouts, and I love being able to stay comfy and fresh in the Ora Slide so I can go from one activity to the next." - Ian Hill from the HOKA Go To Market Team

"The Ora Slide is so comfortable and durable. It's like having a foot massage." - HOKA Fan @joyklinger

"I really like the Ora Slide because they are modeled after HOKA running shoes, so it feels like I am wearing my running shoes, but with more room to let my feet air out." - HOKA Fan @turnerj456

The men's rabbit x HOKA apparel collection. Check out the link in our bio to see the full spread.

Check out the women's apparel by rabbit x HOKA. Get it while it's 🔥. See link in bio for the full collection.

We’ve teamed up with California-based apparel company @runinrabbit to bring you a complete men’s and women’s collection. They’re all about comfort, and so are we. It’s designed by runners, for runners. Check out our story for free two-day shipping. U.S. only.

"I am convinced that being a mom will make me a more focused, driven and fulfilled athlete. I know that the joy of being a mom and starting a family will spill over into every aspect of my life, including running. I race best when I have a purpose and focus outside of myself. It will make each training session, race and investment into running more purposeful. I can’t even imagine how amazing it will feel to cross a finish line and have my husband and little girl waiting for me. I can’t think of a greater incentive to get from the start line to finish line quickly."- HOKA Athlete @aliciavargo #womenwhofly #humansofHOKA

"I run because it’s part of me. It was inevitable that I would be a runner. I love to compete, test my body’s limits, explore beautiful areas and be a part of a close community. I was made for running and running was made for me. I really believe that running makes me a stronger person because it allows me to understand that no matter what amount of success I have within the sport, it is not as important the character, integrity and meaningful relationships that I develop along the way."- HOKA Athlete @aliciavargo #womenwhofly #humansofHOKA

HOKA Athlete and soon-to-be mom Alicia Vargo kicks off round two of our #womenwhofly series. Each month, we’ll be featuring an inspiring female runner who shows us what it means to fly. "I learned to listen to my body above what has worked for someone else. Every pregnancy is different and every stage of pregnancy varies. I really didn’t run much during my first trimester because it just didn’t feel right. I would get dizzy and weak, and I just felt like normal training wasn't beneficial. I mostly skied, hiked and did short runs. Now, I am well into my third trimester and running a lot more than the early months, and I feel so much better and stronger. Some women experience the complete opposite, so I think it’s important to remember that every body is unique in how it responds to pregnancy. In general, I think it’s good to just focus on getting outside, moving in a way that makes you feel better and letting go of any particular training goals. It was hard for me to not get discouraged by decreasing mileage, slower paces and losing fitness. But, then I realized that the main objective of running during pregnancy was to improve the health of the baby, and I would never do anything to take away from that."- HOKA Athlete @aliciavargo #womenwhofly

"The Speedgoat 2 are so grippy I feel like I could run upside down in them."- @kamilahspears from HOKA Marketing. DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt running upside down in HOKA shoes. #HOKAspeedgoat

"The Speedgoat 2 is light, but also super aggressive, giving you complete confidence from takeoff to landing. For runners, like myself, who partake in nature parkour (a.k.a trail running where you purposely choose unorthodox routes to make your run feel more extreme), I can honestly say that you can rely on the Speedgoat 2 for all of your adventures.” - HOKA Athlete and nature parkour enthusiast @dan_yell_a #womenwhofly

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