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Mike Webb  Look at me.... or my cat. Either way you’ll like it!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend will return tomorrow. TheHogoShow will Be Live from 9am-2pm on twitch raising money for @alphanerdsguild We are doing Gifts From Geeks to get toys to family’s so their kids can have a good Christmas! All donations made will be given directly to Alpha Nerds Guild. I want nothing more from anyone, except for them to help me help these families in need! Watch me live at: twitch.tv/TheHogoShow

@lauraburk1 if it works, don’t know it! AMIRIGHT?!

Get your BrainBridge from @mansports here: ManSports.com if you use code ANG20 on checkout you’ll save 20%! They also have cyber Monday sales going on!!!

@paladinsgame The only battle that matters! @nastynala727 and I are kicking names and taking ass!

I’ve been using BrainBridge for 3 days now. 3 entire days and I’ve seen a difference in my focus, my attention to detail, and my overall drive. Now I’ve heard it compared to Adderall, but I won’t make that comparison because adderall. Zoned me out. It didn’t help my focus. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with focus issues that needs to tighten up their shot group. Find it here @mansports

@mansports received my brainbridge today! It’s about to go down!

@alphanerdsguild is getting the orders out for those that could not provide a thANGsgiving meal to their families! Everyone helped make this a reality! @thejohnburk @johnburk1 leading Alpha Nerds Guild to greatness!

An amazing quilt made just for me (and Mishka of course)! It’s so comfortable and warm! Thank you @smholmes85

@grillyourassoff Today was a good day!

Waiting for your @iconmeals is like waiting to be next on the water slide!

This year I’m a Slutty Walmart Automotive Employee. Isn’t Halloween so fun?!?!

A night of trolls, baby shark, and Coraline.

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