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Mike Webb  Look at me.... or my cat. Either way you’ll like it!

Websites and Spreadsheets. That’s how I spend my day off work.

Damn it just fill out. So close yet so far. #haventshavedinawhile

BBQ wings, corn casserole, and deviled eggs!

I was taught to never half ass things. It’s been my downfall more than once. So I’m giving 100% every day now. Every project, every job, every goal.
Take your goals by force because no matter how much others and you think you deserve them, they’ll never be given to you.

83 degrees in the house. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone to hell. Is this climate change?

Down 5 pounds just from working the new job! #tubtubs #gonnagetadragon

She lives!

Now for the fun part. Re-assembly.

Working on Khalesi today #windtherapy

So many possibilities for a quick dinner with @grillyourassoff #itseasonseverything!

Going live on twitch to kick some names and take some ass!
#nerd #alphanerdsguild #dragonlivesmatter #pikapika #letsdoit @nastynala727

It’s in!