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Every damn time

And i am dumb af.


Just another day in Florida

@GoddessDetox Queen’s Steam & Queen’s Throne Combo so that you can EXPERIENCE a vaginal steam from the privacy and comfort of your own home 🏡🍃 ⁣
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Nothing is inserted but instead you sit over their Queen’s Throne of simmering healing herbs that: ⤵️⁣

🔸Increase vaginal wetness and libido⁣

🔸Promote fertility and uterine health.⁣

🔸Regulates your menstrual cycle⁣

🔸Aids in reducing menstrual cramps⁣

🔸Promotes vivid dreams⁣

🔸Promotes manifestation⁣

🔸Aids in releasing negative unwanted energy in your womb.⁣

🔸Promotes reconnecting to yourself⁣

📲Go to GoddessDetox.org for more info 🌸💖 or @goddessdetox

This is who i am! ( @thedryginger )

Actually let me raise both hands

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I choose death 😩

Every damn time 🙄

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