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GERBIL  🌵 Cuntry 🤠 Clown 🤡 Witch 🕯 Musician:::Metalsmith:::Sculptor:::Designer:::Photographer. Professional trash. •••••THEY/THEM•••••

Tb to a nite out with my fav rabies(rave babies) 💀

Sum1 buy my Volvo so I can get a bronco and a canoe

A gutter goblin dick on the wall kinda nite

The luvv of my life

Tbt me bein drunk and prolly shitty at a bar in a toxic / abusive relationship a yr ago. It's miraculous I've survived this long. Here's 2 bein single and sober 🤙🏽 👅 #str8edgepunx

Tell me all of your darkest secrets. #confessiontime

This Earth thing is getting boring. Everyday that I wake up without gills underwater makes me want to evaporate.

Happy Friday the 13th 🖤

Feeling a bit off today, anyone wanna try to turn me on? 🤖👅

Takin a break from this account for a bit. I spend too much time on here and it is distracting me from meeting my goals. I also fear what is becoming of the internet with FOSTA/SESTA passed, another attack on sw. So I'm taking a break from being censored and paranoid. Follow @cowgoth & @pandoragnorga for art updates. 📸: @__damngeena

Did sum killer klown makeup on this lil freak @yeti999 for his show last night 🤡❌👹 @ho99o9

Been working on some new rings and experimenting with organixxx. Follow @cowgoth for more!!

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