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Josh Hodge  Retired wicketkeeper. Elite AG triathlete 🇦🇺🇩🇰 Representing MSI Tri. Support from @garneausports @ddtech.dk @ceramicspeed @pulsure.dk

Sport has given me more than it has taken.. #loveit

RUN SECRETS - after a season of fastest run splits and consistent PRs over 1/2 mara, 10k, 5k i’ve had a lot people asking what i’m doing.
1. Consistently being challenged in strength training all winter and spring. If I can box jump, single leg squat and lunge well then I can run well. Its the single most effective way to get your body ready to move your weight across the earth at the best possible speed that YOU can. Strength training gives you the confidence to endure at your maximal pace in racing and to cope with the stress of run training. On top of that all your weaknesses are exposed and can be quickly fixed up. I recommend it for EVERYONE. (Even more than yoga, pilates, massage, meditation or whatever other fluff is on-trend)
Nobody is born with run speed or the strength to maintain that speed for very long. Everything is worked for.
Am super grateful to my longtime coach and mentor @philmansfield_msi he had always sorted me out when i feel i need some hard work.

Nothing beats a podium *sip* of champagne. 🤷‍♂️ well done my fellow blonde athletes. Boys moved fast at the front, not sure I can catch them...

Where are these crowds and this competition when its time to train? Biggest Training Stress Score (TSS) all year. Absolutely left me in the 📦 Photo: @aarhus_motion

My city, my roads, my race. Love it! New PR, 1hr13 #aarhuscityhalvmarathon#garmindk

Back on the horse after a disappointing weekend... bouncing in between days of amazing fresh legs and complete misery. Todays 16km zwift race was done at 323w (5.38w/kg) so yeah maybe should do more Tuesday races.

Evening dip to wash away some of the negativitity (and blood) of today’s race. You win some and you lose some. Unfortunately I returned to bad swimming habits, had soft legs on the bike and just got in a negative spiral. No false positives (You can do it! Never give up.... etc etc) here.. i wasnt good enough in a race that was important to me. I haven’t trained as hard as I could have and there is no hiding from that.

Racing hard against the onset of blisters. Next race this weekend, in socks 🧦

Took home the chocolates at Randers triathlon, today. Was made to work hard for it so well done the other blokes. Thanks to @randersfreja for such a well organized event.

Early morning OW swim featuring for almost the first time - nice water temps.

Speedo season already in Denmark...

A really fun day at Danish sprint champs ended in a podium after I managed a decent run off bike to catch up to some of the uber bikers. Was lucky to be able to race fresh and approach my limits on the run. Love this style of racing and have a few more coming up..

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