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HODA KATEBI | هدی کاتبی  + Political fashion blogger & organizer + Author & photographer, Tehran Streetstyle + Chicago-based angry daughter of immigrants فارسیم افتضاح است


Woot woot! Will be speaking today at my alma mater on my research on radical fashion and book (DM for details), which is also most newly available on Silk Road Super, the amazing online curation/collection e-store of Irani works by @hushi5 ❤❤

(فارسی زیر) Chicago's mayor is tryna drop $95 million on a new police training academy in the same, predominantly-Black neighborhood he closed down SIX schools in 2013. Abolition of police and prisions doesn't just mean shutting shit like this down -- it is a demand of the redistribution of where and how money is spent. Invest in schools, mental health facilities, and community resources, not a racist, militarized, police force and watch a community bloom. Join us in saying #nocopacademy and sign the petition in @resist.war's bio ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏿 شهردار شیکاگو قصد دارد که ۹۵ میلیون دلار برای آموزشگاه تعلیم پلیس خرج کند. این آموزشگاه در منطقه ای از شهر قرار دارد که مردم اکثرا  سیاهپوست هستند و شهردار ۶ از مدرسهاشون را بسته. برای رشد جامعه،  بجای سرمایه‌گذاری در نظامی کردن پلیس نژادپرست، باید در ایجاد مدارس و تاسیسدرمانگاه برای مردم کم درآمد و فقیر سرمایه‌گذاری کند.

My latest piece dropped this morning: "Making Racists Uncomfortable, One Outfit at a Time" / On reclaiming agency in public spaces through fashion. 💫 Link in profile to read, and excerpts are in my story!

Link below & in my story for where to donate to support #mogadishu, Somalia. My heart and prayers doubly go out to the Somali people, not only because this was the most deadly explosion in their history, but also because of the greater collective silence they're hearing from us. 🙏🏽 / https://www.gofundme.com/mogadishuterror-attackvictims / دنیا ساکت هست بعد از انفجار مهیبی که در سومالی اتفاق افتاد. لطفا کمکهای مالی خود را از طریق لینک بالا یا در استوریم برایشون بفرستید.
Photo via the amazingly talented Somali photographer @farahkhad 💕

Teamed up with Iranian brand @kaashifurniture to support my friends in Raha Collective, a radical Iranian feminist organizing collective in NYC. 🌹 10% of proceeds (using the code RAHAORG) will be donated to support intergenerational Iranian femme, anti-war organizers! (P.s. if you get their Qajar serving board hold onto it tight because all of your guests *will* try to steal it from you) 💫 Peep my story for more photos and direct links to this board!

Reading about the destruction of capitalism and white supremacy and it reads really nicely 💅🏼 / (Actually it's a biography of Claudia Jones, a radical Black revolutionary erased from US history who is a badass and I love her) / wearing @matterprints photographed by @d.chae

The only good thing about climate change is that it's not winter in Chicago yet ☀🌞

#NoMuslimBanEver #NoMuslimBanEver #NoMuslimBanEver / ICYM Trump just added North Korea, Chad (a Muslim-majority country), and Venezuela to the #MuslimBan list of Iran, Somalia, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. The United States has drone-striked, attempted (and successful) coups, bombed, or economically and politically sanctioned each and every one of these countries. And he expects people to stand for the flag at the NFL -- the same one pinned on to police and military as they kill Black people, Muslims, and people of color globally. Hah.
Photographed with @theslowfactory BANNED scarf for @refinery29 by @drielycarter / MUA: @gracegraceahn / Styling: @solangefranklin

Fixed it. 🔥

"I want someone to look at me the way Hoda looks at ice cream" - @d.chae, photographer extraordinaire and commentator. / wearing @matterprints at my favorite Mexican ice cream joint 🙌 Link in profile for the full editorial!

Last weekend I got to take @matterprints newest ethical dress collection for a spin 🚴🚴🚴 / tap the link in my profile to spend a Sunday with me (and see what I'm currently reading...hint hint yes it's political)! 📷: @d.chae / ALSO if you haven't yet called your reps about #DACA pls pls pls check my Insta story for the number to call today! DACA is an incredibly important program that affects hundreds of thousands of lives. For more ways to take action (or to just resources to learn more) feel free to hit up my DMs ☄☄#defenddaca #defenddreamers We in this together.

Post pretending to be reading but really just getting distracted by cute birds. Ft. the back of @lalalaleilala's head because she moved away and I miss her but clearly not enough to post a full photo of her face ☄💕 p.s. come back now k thx

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