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HODA KATEBI | هدی کاتبی  + Political fashion blogger & organizer + Author & photographer, Tehran Streetstyle + Chicago-based angry daughter of immigrants فارسیم افتضاح است


Resist, always. ✊ Photographed at a #blacklivesmatter protest in Chicago last year. I always like photographing protests in black and white because it reminds people of the past. We've done this shit before. There is so much to learn from the Black, Muslim, and Indigenous resistance history of this land, and of anticolonial movements globally. Talk to your parents and grandparents, read, and love your people. Understand what you're seeing is not new: that is is related to people seeing the "both sides" of Israeli apartheid, that and that this existed long before and will exist long after Trump, and that you're going to need more than liberal ideas (free speech/dialogue bullshit) to destroy white supremacy.

Ayyy Tehran Streetstyle is now also available in my favorite Iranian political fashion designer's online site! Woot woot! Peep @hushi5's store Silk Road Super to cop you a copy! ✨

You know we on that Persian tea like 👌/ چای ایرانی در لس آنجلس photographed by @hushi5 in #tehrangeles

Never was there a more perfect set of things 🙏 😇

The dreamy set for this past weekend's shoot! LA you were beautiful ✨ Back in Chicago and feeling reinspired (...well, right after I catch up on some much-needed sleep)!

When you fall in love with a corner 💫 LA has been so magical, last night's panel was beautiful -- returning to Chicago later tonight feeling whole and grateful 🙏 / also p.s. you're welcome for this little hint into part of the collor pallet of my upcoming collection hehe shhh ✨✨✨

Irani tings ✨chai, rugs, a gorgeous necklace I copped yesterday, and @hushi5 & his #nobannowall tee, of course ✨ / اخ جون چای ایرانییییی

Pigs are not friends or food 🙅🚔 / photographed by the ethereal @hushi5, rad shirt designed by local Chicago-based Black artist @kasmos.kariblak, great backdrop colors c/o the beautiful city of LA 💫 / در آمریکا ما به پلیس میگیم خوک 😂

One of the first line of poetry I memorized in Farsi: هر کسی کاو دور ماند از اصل خویش باز جوید روزگار وصل خویش Translation: Anyone pulled from their source / longs to return. This is one of my favorite photos from my second trip to Iran: endless stretches of mountainside in northern Iran overlooking a group of couples getting ready for a quick tea break. ✨

Photographed by Iranian-American photographer @sophieloloi photographing her photograph ✨📷

Excited for LA next week (!!) but I need me some Middle Eastern sunshine asap ✨/ photo: @harzyyoussef

Off-Kilter Magazine (@offkiltermag) issue 01, shot by @calebhamernick / Issue 02 is out this Friday and it's gonna be 🔥! Chicago see you there?

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