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Matej Hocevar 

Time and again I’m reminded that attentive learning, facilitated by a disruption-free environment, is the best way to reach the desired outcome. Each to their own. #learning #almosttherebutneverquitethere

A kdo išče dva štoperja pa dva beka?😬#newseason #offseasontraining #vigorground

Great day of presenting and learning at the VigorGround Summit. I always try to employ a beginner’s mind at these events, even if it’s our own, although our guest presenters @lukahocevar and @andymccloy_bci blew us away with the quality of their content. Proud of @zigaurh and Marko Dimnik for their presentations!
#vigorgroundsummit #culturecodes #betterthanyesterday

Not bad for my first sailing trip...can I have some more, sir? #borci #kornati #sailing⛵️

Environment and work ethic trump genes. #ifast #worldclass #upgrading

This is breathtaking, saying goodbye to winter in the most beautiful environment possible❄️⛷☀️

Another great experience learning from a top-class practitioner. There are not many people with as much clinical and applied experience in a specific field as dr McGill has in treating back pain and enhancing performance. Many takeaways from this one, perhaps the biggest one is that details matter!! #buildingtheultimateback #education #betterthanyesterday

Flew into 🇬🇧 today just to listen to John Kiely and his presentation on periodisation. John has had a huge influence on my way of thinking as a physical performance practitioner and his talk gave me even more food for thought. I like the way he does not make you walk away with any prescriptive template to build on but rather with the thought process on how to form a paradigm that drives processes, where the training plan is actually the last piece of the puzzle, always malleable based on who you have in front of you and their physical state, and even more importantly, state of mind and/or cognitive capacity. #periodisation #planning #sportsperformance #cognitivecapacity #paradigms #processes

Testing the new piece of equipment supplied by @blkboxfitness, the Jammer. Nice piece of kit applicable for WL variations for athletes struggling with the catch in the clean as this tool features a neutral grip. Also a bit more horizontal force expression, something that may be particularly useful for field sport athletes. #vigorground #blkboxfitness #jammer #powertraining

We’ve been supporting this club for 30 years (yes, we’re getting old), and even though we know it’s only a game, the sense of affiliation to a community that in football fans can be likened to tribal affiliation is difficult to match when you experience an environment such as Anfield. One of the best experiences of my life, shared with my big brother for his 40th. You’ll never walk alone. #anfield #ynwa #citrus #tito #40notout #liverpoolvspurs

Another presentation by @physical_prep, who has had a huge influence on my way of thinking over the last couple of years. Always thought-provoking and out of the box thinking, today covering the topic of agile periodization. Loved this slide. #chickenortheegg🐣 #agileperiodization #complementarytraining

Of all the things I would find it hard to live without in terms of quality of life, access to nature and with that the freedom of movement regardless of the season are the first that spring to mind. So grateful that I live in an environment that makes it so easy to get out and move. Right on my doorstep. #xcountryskiing #rateče #vigorstrong

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