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Matej Hocevar 

New colours. Entering the dragon’s den. 🐉 🤙 #NKOlimpija #strengthandconditioningcoach #greendragons

Find something you like. Get good at it and keep getting better. Don’t settle and stay humble. It’s pretty simple at the end of the day. Thank you @leetaft for a great speed seminar, it’s been a privilege working with such a great coach, we’d love to have you back! #speedseminar #vigorground #betterthanyesterday

I love the way @leetaft coaches and breaks down speed into its component parts. Regardless of sport, the level of understanding of movement qualities innate to athletes is one of the qualities Lee brings to the profession and I feel privileged to have worked with him. Ready for Day 2 of the speed seminar tomorrow! #thespeedguy #speed #vigorground #continuouseducation

The team!! #teambuilding #hike

Taxonomy is a useful tool for programming and training🧐 For that purpose, I like @coachjoeljamieson’s classification of training into developmental, maintenance and recovery. Frankly, when you’re travelling, you’re not going to get many, if any, developmental sessions, especially if your on holiday.
However, when you step into the right environment and have all the toys at your disposal, like at @vigorgroundfitness, there may be an exception. Got some good lower body work in with the SSB. Also this is the only place I can get away with wearing a tank top🤭
RFE SSB split squats (it’s a mouthful) 5 x 5/5 @185
3 x SS
SA KB press x6/6 @70
2DB RDL x10 @2x70
3 x SS
T-bar row x8 @115
Half kneeling paloff press x8/8
#vigorstrong #vigorground

It took @lukahocevar 60 episodes to get me on the show but finally made it🎤 It was nice to just sit down and talk for an hour about many views and experiences we shared, as well as some differences🗣 It’s important to have someone to be accountable to for different aspects of your lifestyle and being on the podcast today certainly got me thinking about how to implement certain projects I started and ideas I’ve come up with🎯
Hopefully more to come so watch this space🧐🤙
#vigorlifepodcast #vigorground
#heuristics #lifestyle #travel #communication

Soča, always refreshing.🏊‍♂️❄️ #sočavalley #mini

Good luck to @rokvodisek, one of the hardest working athletes I know. Wishing you all the best at @genoacfcofficial, bocca al lupo ragazzo!💪💪
#serieA #vigorground

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle (or so they say). Another preseason in the books for @mihazajc. Mastering the basics and focusing on movement quality. Ready for Serie A!💪 #zeko #preseason #movewellmoveoften #soccerstrengthtraining #vigorground #offseasontraining

Working on improving the bar path in the clean. Still a lot of work to do, but 100kg feels smoother and light(er). #skininthegame #weightlifting #vigorground

Thanks for the hospitality @starksfitnessgym @tommorgantraining @s74rks! Always great to catch up with friends from the industry who are doing a great job, also nice to see how Bristol is evolving #starksfitness #vigorground

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