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hobbeskitty hobbeskitty

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Hobbes 🐯 (and Bucky 🐼)  Philosopher πŸ… President and First Tiger πŸ… homicidal psycho jungle cat πŸ… Packers fan πŸ… St. Paul, MN πŸ… sfhobbes@gmail.com

I don’t think I could roll my eyes any harder πŸ™„ #mydesk #nobucksallowed

Happy Valentines Day πŸ˜’

A lion takes down a water buffalo #sweeptheleg #nomercy

Love me!!

Sometimes you want to be a wild lynx, and sometimes you want to lay on a two-feet deep pile of blankets in front of the heater

Waiting for Olympic curling to start like

Did you know I offer lessons on how to #caturday? Deep relaxation tips from a pro!

Bucky supports print journalism. Or maybe the print journalism supports him πŸ€”

Minding my own business when...

Bucky is just a leeeetle dramatic

Spa day

@catladybox sent me the soft fluffy blanket of my dreams 🀀

Where does one floof end and the other begin

After watching the snow leopards on #planetearth, I thought I’d try mountain climbing myself

All. Mine.

Six more weeks of winter? Better pile on more blankets!

Who else is into #planetearth??

Literally climbing the walls over here

Have you ever seen a panda lick a tiger?

Waiting on my daily delivery of fan mail... 😎

When it’s two minutes past feeding time and the humans are still asleep

Out for a stroll in my Sunday best

What a view to wake up to

Ginger powers activated πŸŽƒπŸŒžπŸ”₯

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