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Eric  98% Home. @toledohumane 📧 eric.shanteau@gmail.com Toledo, Ohio. Project: @travelinginstantcamera

Morning, everyone! Although I wish I was still as active as I once was, I did not create a new account. Thanks to all who informed me. A lot of what I had captured and the times during them, hold a special place in my heart and that is why I hope this page stays a constant reminder to me, of that. Regardless of my lack of activity, I still appreciate all moments in life and I am thankful that most of you still remain my friend, both inside and outside of the Instagram world
Currently, I’m still volunteering at a local animal shelter and working hard to find those in need, a home. I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago recently with my girlfriend, and although the cameras and phones were mostly put away, we were blessed to walk in this beautiful church right before a wedding. We had such a wonderful time
Please keep up the great work and follow your passion. Whether that be photography, saving animals, or everything in between. I miss you all and hopefully sooner than later I will once again find the consistency to share my world.

“And you can send me dead flowers every morning..”
Humanity, nature & beauty.

The beauty all around me

I’ve struggled over the past year with photography. It all started as opening my eyes to something new, but it left me feeling rather empty in the end. To me, capturing an image was the conclusion to an adventure and it started to give me an unsettling feeling. There had to be more to this story and a result that transcended far beyond the post. Although I greatly miss the explorations of the past, as well as the friendships that were formed, images to me needed a much greater purpose

I wanted to quickly give you an update on what has been new. I’ve found a great love for helping my local animal shelter @toledohumane find homes for those who cannot on their own. It’s given me a new purpose to what images can do. Being recognized for what comes after the photo, rather than the actual photo has made my life much more rewarding. Although I will never stop exploring the beauty around me and sharing it when I can, I just admire those that seek a transition for the better. I miss the conversations and support, but I’ve accepted the change

If you’re interested, I wanted to share my new passion with you on igtv. Take a look, and perhaps it will inspire you as well. Be well, my friends. Thank you for the continued support
. -Eric

May the sun always rise early to allow me these moments. Your reoccurrences shall never tire these eyes, but only assure my never ending admiration for your fleeing grace.

Long before cars can pull into parking spots and running groups align paths with mile marker signs, there is a magical moment in time when nature will reward the natives with natural selective beauty.

The silence deafens the worries, as the journey collects my thoughts. In a place where there is no right or wrong, I can be myself in order to gather all that I’ll become.

If this morning was 2015, I’d had been in Instagram heaven. It was a real beaut with a bit of everything. Sun, Ice, Fog, Puddles and Coffee. I’ll be honest, I missed it all.

Every morning here, the sun and clouds paint a different picture. The rocks are dark and bleak but as a new day arises, new moments do as well. If you allow yourself the chance, each day can become an opportunity filled with something fresh and beautiful upon something so recognizably adored.
Find it. See it. Love it. Live it.

Phoenix>Sedona>Grand Canyon>Scottsdale
We have been on the go for quite some time. Traveling and seeing all kinds of beauty along the way has made this a remarkable adventure. After all we’ve captured both on camera, our minds and hearts; this moment stuck with me. Tired of driving, a little hot and extremely hungry, we waited to be seated. Seeing this couple alone reminded me once again that some of the greatest moments need not be shared with all. Good company, great views, and a sense of comfort can fill the emptiness with happiness. Was it awkward taking my phone out of my pocket to capture this? Yes. However, it was a moment that also summed up my trip from afar. Beauty is all around us, but when it’s in front of you and you know it, that is the greatest beauty of all. It’s been in front of me and by my side this entire trip and for that, I’ve seen the greatest wonder of them all

And yes, I’m still alive! 😆

Even rainy Cistern yard days are beautiful.

Ripples in still water send waves to my heart. To see your thirst for life as your lips near, will reflect promise that your eyes shall soon connect and confirm the quest to be here. In this moment that I so dearly revere, I both welcome your presence and honor our differences.

She lies to take a photo of him, can't find a better mane.

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