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Eric  98% Home. @toledohumane 📧 eric.shanteau@gmail.com Toledo, Ohio. Project: @travelinginstantcamera


Got what I got the hard way
And I'll make it better each and every day
So honey don't you fret
'Cause you ain't seen nothing yet
I'm a solstice man.

You patiently waited for me to find myself and I couldn't be happier than I am right now. Thank you.

Today, I was in park waiting for the park to open so I could properly park and when I did finally park, the park signs said it was flooded within the park, so I didn't really park in the park but I got this photo outside the park while I wasn't in park inside the park
It was confusing but really cool to see.

The morning the river was on fire. This is what replays in my mind every time I think of my perfect morning. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to live it. Recently, I've been donating more free time to the Humane Society than to myself and it's been more rewarding to capture something (an image) for the greater cause. It's really given me a new outlook and approach but having a moment to myself to enjoy scenes like this, no matter how few and far between, is and will always be priceless. I am thankful for all opportunities. Big and small. For home and for animals. It's truly been a dream come true.

Friday 3:58pm: "I'm totally doing yard work this weekend"
Saturday 9am: Coffee, couch, zoo, grilled hamburgers, ice cream, purple pants, walks in the park, bonfires, karaoke, Humane Society and one gorgeous stubbly beard
Sunday 9am: "I'll do yard work next week"

#bardemtheinteruption #weekendvibes

Today I saw the white spotted deer. I love him. Why? Because he's different and being different is absolutely amazing. I love you white spotted deer. Keep being you.

The seasonal flood: Yesterday, I lost my wallet outside in the rain while using it as a tripod. For those that know me, that's fairly common. Sadly, It had my only ID from High School that I still use for discounted movies. Luckily, some great people found it. Now I carry a second empty wallet (see my story) for such purposes and I'll still pass for an 18 year old with a bowl cut. I'm so thankful.

A dream of mine came true today and to say at the very least, I’m overwhelmed with every ounce of gratitude that words can or cannot express. To me, dreams were always just a thought that lived in a pipe that I would wish I could reach but often came up well short. When I never had the opportunity to achieve these goals, I’d push them aside. They became fantasy and in return, this became my reality; to accept that truth is real and life isn’t always fair. Soon, they began to pile up and in return, discouragement weighed it down. To see it now in the palm of my hands, is a mixture of emotions that somewhere lie between scared anxiousness with a bit of disbelief, to ecstatic exhilaration. I’ve struggled lately with my passion for photography. A love that has blessed me with countless amounts of avenues and outlets, had led me to feel pretentious without a passion that no longer had any purpose other than selfish fulfillment in a quest to find an image that I may or may not even find rewarding. The journey and the moments prior to capturing a moment on my phone became the real adventure. This was something that I had for myself and no matter how disappointing or amazing it was, I was the only one who could measure the validity of this and that felt gratifying. Today, I have the opportunity to find a purpose once again to take a photo for something greater than my self-worth. My continued passion for photography has now been intertwined with my love for animals. My dream to combine the two, has opened up a door to help all animals that need a forever home. To think that an image can achieve this and connect a loving family with something that wants nothing more than to give and receive love, is astonishing to me. The Toledo Humane Society @toledohumane graciously given me the opportunity to utilize images any way I see fit to help this become a reality via all social media; specifically Instagram. My dream to once again take photos for and with a purpose has not only made my dream come true but it has given me a breath of fresh air that I desperately needed. I will never overlook the fact that photography has and will always just be a hobby for me that (cont..)

Striding by Huron
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The sun finally came out this morning and I made every effort to see all thirty-five minutes of it before work. (Err.. thirty-nine) However, I wasted five of them sitting in a crowded parking lot watching a slew of people exit their vehicles while slang'n fishing poles and cameras upon their shoulders at my favorite park. I couldn't do it. Nor am I sure I'd ever want to
Sometimes I miss the solitude of propping my phone against my wallet in a completely empty park during the start of a gorgeous day. Regardless, I quickly waived the white flag and headed to work but soon found myself willingly stopped on the side of a nearby empty road. Without hesitation, I knew that this was more my speed and it was worth every moment because not only could I talk to myself out loud, I'd like to think that I had the grandest view of them all and just perhaps, I was the only one to see it. From here, on this day, at this moment
That my friends, is the definition of a self fulfilling introvert.

Another year, another season, another direction full of sliding doors with the hope for new opportunities and inspirations.

May your beauty soon melt with dignity.

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