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They've asked where I went wrong and I've asked them where they went right. I love love. I love that you found it. I love that my family found it and that I have them. I love friendships. I love love from afar. I love the thought of it all and I couldn't be happier because of it. So, where did I go wrong? I never have. We are all loved one way or another and it's truly incredible. That's exactly what today is about. My grandma told me to "shoot for the stars and she will fall". They have. All around me, because love exists all around me and I'm forever grateful. Cupid never misses.

Words Matter.

As I headed north to head south, my stomach dropped and my heart turned numb. A moment of pure loneliness confined me and my ability to breathe as I was in disbelief trying to comprehend this unexpected predicament. Leaving what I know and have has become my confinement of the utmost content. The more unfamiliar voices I hear and faces I see begins to unsympathetically deepen this voluntarily and unexplainable burden. Choosing to be alone in a tiny bubble per-say, is comforted with familiar ground and now, the world felt helplessly endless
The love for what I've seen and have yet to, are oceans apart within my heart. Home is an intricate and never ending story that often feels abandoned when I depart but nevertheless, my pen needed to be put down momentarily to see my old friend once again. In order to feel the warmth and embrace, I once again had to gravitate towards what my soul recognized, as it graciously welcomed me in. When I finally settled in, it set and as we both departed, I could have been anywhere in the world yet I felt whole again. Love is as free as it's fleeing but the moment in between the two is phenomenal. I soaked up every last second as I bid adieu and know I did my best to be here for you. For now, sweet dreams. Your bittersweet color show became my home away from home. I'll see you once again and this time I'll be patiently awaiting your arrival to shine on all that I love.

Law libraries never lose their appeal.

A City Ditty by: Hobbes2485
If a building was a tree and concrete the sea, I’d be full of glee. If people were deer and stairs a pier, I’d give a little cheer. But if you pretend and comprehend, the world can simply blend. You see, home is neither here nor there but quite possibly; everywhere. For a photo can transcend to mend a city to be relatively pretty. But if I may, I’d like to say; I’ll take the country any other day. Because buildings won’t grow and concrete can’t flow -People don’t graze and stairs hardly amaze. Now that I think of it, I know I hardly fit and home really is the place I’ll embrace. But until then, I can still envision this tower’s precision and pretend this person is just another verse in this run-on poem, to show’em life is never the same when someone isn’t in the middle of the frame. So, even if you find yourself in the city, remember this little ditty – "Make it black and white and find a space that’s rather tight. Grab your camera and have some fun, pretend you’re Jason Peterson."

Inner Monologue Convo: "Alright Eric, you're here for two days; you have this photo already. I get it, you're right but the Arcade, man. Don't do it, you've done it before. In fact, every time you've been here. Deal." Day one passes. Day two passes. I sit down ready to leave. Backpack on and coffee in hand as I sit upon the steps. "I did it, not one photo. Wait, look at that sunlight!! It looks like a cityscape above me. I'm totally posting this. You, sucker. You're not the boss of me."


The water turned to ice and formed a path from me to you. The straightest of lines to see you, as the winter light slowly embraced the winter night. It was unsteady and as uncertain as I’d ever imagine. The anticipation was thick, like the floor beneath my feet. Each step closer made my chest beat to the rhythm of the cold howling winter winds. My mind was in a race but my body stayed at a steady pace. The shortest distance from one heart to another simply required one foot in front of the other. The effort offsets the wait to walk amongst your side. To see the world with every stride we take in order to lessen any distance we’d ever make. It’s great to see you again, my old friend. We shall ascend amongst the brisk sky and mend all time that kept us apart in order to forever fill thy heart.

To be able to see someone in a different light and in return, make a splash within an unexpected moment. That's my wish

There is a saying, 'Eyes are the windows to the soul.' It means, mostly, people can see through someone else by eye contact in seven seconds. I want to have a habit that if I meet someone I don't know, I'd look at her eyes on purpose and when my eyes lay on them, I could immediately see their true color" (Peng Liyuan) - and may it be amazing. #whpresolutions

This is the space between Christmas and New Years where you don't know what day it is, what you're supposed to be doing or how many consecutive days you've worn the same pair of sweatpants. You wonder, is this Christmas ham in the fridge still ok to eat if it's not fuzzy and is it proper to dispose of Christmas card photos of other people's children because it feels so wrong. This is the time where 1pm looks like 5pm but feels more like 9pm but you just aren't sure because you've watched Shawshank Redemption three times in a row. Wait, is Chick-Fil-A closed on Saturday and Sunday? You better call. You think about getting a head start on 2017 by going to the gym but you take advantage of the last few days of 2016 by eating the rest of grandmas sugar cookies in bed because, well, diet starts Monday but more than likely not
It's the time where the only ball you want to see drop is by a Clemson player and you argue that Seacrest is no Dick Clark. Your version of a party favor isn't a pair of 2017 novelty glasses, it's a question based plea for food that starts with taco and ends in dip. It's the time when snow melts, yet temperatures dip and brown becomes the fifty-first shade of grey. Nonetheless, you appreciate every moment and relish in the time spent with the things and those you love. That's the space that you'll always want filled between your heart and that's what this time is about - Appreciation and utter laziness.

1 is doe loneliest number that you'll ever see.

Snow Day💤: by Hobbes

In the Midwest, we take a chance -That in the morning, we'll do a little dance - Teachers stay up late drinking wine - And the kids go to bed feeling just fine - The snow trickles down from the sky - And the teachers let out a happy sigh - Could this be yet another snow day - A chance to be lazy and do as we say - Watch the Price is Right all day in bed - And do nothing about that hair upon our head - Hooray, it is! We will finally do some chores - Do the dishes and clean the floors - Take a walk or build a snow man - The world is ours as we do all we can - The hell with it, I'm finishing this wine - Who cares if it's only a quarter past nine.

What if I told you that a 30-ish year old man from suburbia NW Ohio had one last night in Florida and made the most of it. He opened the window from the hotel balcony high above and felt the bath water air gently caress his once pale skin. He slowly unpacked his bag and laid each garment out with such slight precision. Piece by piece, he slowly started to look like he walked out of a modern day Tommy Bahama catalog as the ocean breeze effortlessly parted his hair and fine tuned every last detail. His toes where slightly sandy, his cheeks sun soaked and his sleeves were rolled up with a purpose. .
This guy was on a mission and it started with garnishing a cool pool side beverage with as many tropical umbrellas he could find. The sun was ever so slowly setting as his sights were set on the tranquil views and sounds around this magical hotel resort pool. He danced and snapped his fingers with his knees slightly bent to the sounds of the top 40 the dj was spinning. .
He looked the part but more importantly, felt the part. It was everything he envisioned during the long haul down to the south. As he stood here at this very spot looking at this beautiful view, a young lady approached and asked him for a dance. Their drinks were whisked away as the sun set and the roar of the waterfall drowned out the smooth sounds of Sade. Nothing else around them mattered. Under a bridge and near this amazing view, he felt like he was in a Tom Hanks movie waiting to hear those three magical words, "You've got mail". It was fate and it was everything they both deserved. .
They parted ways as the evening set upon the once sun soaked skies but he'll always have this photo. This moment of that magical night. For one shining moment, he froze time that was shared with another, amongst the most beautiful backdrop he could have ever witnessed with the most beautiful woman he ever saw.
Or what if I told you that a 30-ish year old man spilled tarter sauce on his crotch and used Aquafina to wash it off. He saw this hotel from afar and ran to the bathroom hoping to find a low mounted hand dryer and saw this well framed photo just before the sun set. Would it matter? #captionsmatter