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Daniel Hoang | Fitness Coach  I teach YOU the PROPER ways of Nutrition AND Training. 😊 @zephyrcollectionusa @1upnutrition Athlete “hoangfit20” @ParagonFitwear athlete 'Hoangfit' 👇

Tag someone that makes you feel like you’re a somebody. That no matter what, positive or negative, they have your back. Mine is my wife @jessrios09 ❤️ and of course my two best men @seanzavary @sartorialtrekk

Happy Monday fam!! Checking in with you all from my home sweet home! Routine already back in place and I can’t wait to get back to the gains. Currently crafting this 6 week, 6 phase power building routine for you all to do alongside with me. It’s going to absolutely free so now you don’t have an excuse to not make gains! It’s going to be one hell of a program and I can’t wait for y’all to do it with me! I’ll make it available to everyone this coming Sunday so stay tuned! Have an amazing day! #alwayshungry

Had the time of our lives these past 3 weeks. Our honeymoon was everything that we ever dreamed of. Definitely got very home sick and appreciative of what we have back home. Now time to get back to the grind!! #alwayshungry

What an epic way to end my honeymoon. God bless nature. The views today had me on a different level of thinking. Ready to get back and dominate the rest of 2019 🔥#AlwaysHungry

Nothing like sippin on some @1upnutrition preworkout while enjoying the beautiful sea view and getting my mind right before I crush this workout. High key this dragonfruit mojito flavor is fantastic. This is definitely one key factor that I’m going to miss about Southeast Asia. The views are stunning. Y’all peepin that @zephyrcollectionusa premium apparel doe? It’s going to transform your daily wardrobe. I can’t stop wearing these shirts. I’m not just saying that because I created them. You’ll just have to see for yourself. Launching soon 🔥 Also, @1upnutrition is having a 15% off sale and use code “hoangfit20” to save an additional 20% 😊 #alwayshungry #itsgotime #somanyplugs #plugmanplugmanyeathatsme

I’ve always wanted to take an infinity pool photo 😂 Not as glorious as it seems. I’ve always thought “why would people sit on the edge like that? Aren’t they scared of heights?” LOL. What they don’t know if the two foot secured drop off 😂 This photo still looks dope af doe. Btw Thailand > Bali. For those that say otherwise, you’re lying to yourself.
On a more serious note, I am currently building a 6 week powerbuilding program that will be released to you all for free to join alongside me as I do it as well! Can’t wait to get back and lift some heavy ass weight! #timetomakegains #backtowork #letsgetit

Scooter man scooter man, yea that’s me! 😂 Beautiful sunsets, crystal clear waters, delicious food and cheap custom suits. I think I’ll manage for the next 4 days 😊 Just uploaded a brand new video on my YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out!

Like a kid in the candy store, literally. Stopped by Kuala Lumpur for an overnight layover and reaping all the benefits of this amazing night market in Jalon Alor. This is FOODIE PARADISE! Snacking on some durian ice cream in the pic 🤤 Malaysia has been nothing short of fantastic so far and @jessrios09 and I are wishing that we could stay longer! Everything is extremely cheap and delicious, just what we were seeking!

Thank you Bali for such an unforgettable 2 weeks. Until next time ✌️ New YouTube video just uploaded! Be sure to check out our adventures in Ubud!

The world is yours so go out there and make memories! Bali is coming to an end soon but damn I am ready for some Thailand!! P.s. I thought I was actually jumping pretty high but I was definitely wrong 😂

Phrase for today was, “don’t look down.” Completed the scariest hike down and up I’ve ever done in my life. Nusa Penida had me speechless. The views were something out of a fantasy, seriously. Can’t wait to show you all the hilarious footage from today 😂 Also, just uploaded my Wedding Day vlog onto my YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out!

When in Bali, do as the locals do! We had quite the adventure today. Uprooted to Jimbaran where tons of locals stay so that we can really get a vibe for the cheap and delicious local Balinese food! Rented a motor bike to drive around town and even explored it during the nighttime. Definitely a bit scary but the experience is worth it! Big day ahead planned with huge activities. Excited to continue to share our honeymoon journey with you all! Thanks for all the positive feedback and stay tuned for more 🙌

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