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Hoài Taylor  All I want just traveling to whole world with my friends 😍😍😍 European 😘😘😘

Sometime life needs a miracle. Love my uncle a lot 😍😍😍 good luck for u and we still staying with u 😘😘 be strong my uncle. I know u can do it ☘☘

Fat girl and beauty 😂😂😂 nhìn nghiêng đã thấy b bên cạnh xuynh roài nhé nhé

Today I'm so happy 😘😘😘 love my pretty girl 😘😘😘

Vạn lần khôn vẫn không bằng một lần ngu 😘😘😘

Okie 😘😘😘

Cả chuyến đi có được cái video yêu quá ✈️✈️✈️

The time is the master of the cruel. That's right. I know I love u but u never know. U hurt me but I'm still Ok because It's my life. No pain no my life. So all I want just live happily for good with my darling. Everything is miracle. And u, too.

Lovely baby 😘😘😘 she is so naughty and sometimes make me tired 😂😂 That's Ok because It's my younger sis, my life. I just want to live happily for good with her 😘😘 #nohappynolife #lovemydarling 😘😘😘

Live happily for good 😘😘😘 with closest friends 😘😘😘

Chưa bao giờ khánh kiệt nhuw hiện tại 😂😂😂

Relaxing night 😘😘😘

Good life 😘😘😘

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