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  •Lash extensions•ombré powdered brows •San Jose, CA 📍 •Dm for booking 📩

Give your client the kind of work you would like to get if you were a client yourself. 🙂 Love this girl 💕 @xovickky #lashesfordays #volumelashes

Corrective brows. Correcting brows will always be darker due to the previous old tattoo brows. Color will lighten up 40-50%. Results will vary per client. #semipermanentbrows #semipermanenttattoo

Love me some classic lashes 😬 #classicset #lashesfordays #singlelashes

Happy client happy me 😬❤️❤️☺️this girl has been w me ever since I've started doing lashes and she never had strong lashes but she has listened to me every step of the way how to take care of her lashes and what to use so that's why she's now able to have long & thick extensions. Yeeee 😬 @mickeee_ #volumelashes #lashesfordays

.18 15mm-9mm volume extensions 💕 #lashextensions #volumelashes

Redness will subside within 24 hours. Size will shrink & color will fade. Results arent determined till you come back for your touch up. #semipermanentbrows #ombrebrows

Swipe👉🏻 slight arched yet rounded brows 😊 #ombrebrows #powderbrows #reshaping

Healed brows prior to touch up 😬 #semipermanentbrows #powderbrows #ombrebrows

Don't mind the emoji 😬 2k18 celfíe

Brows are drawn on until you are pleased w the shape. FYI, they are sisters not twins due to the fact that the muscles on one of the eyes is higher than the other as you can see. #browshaping #browgame #ombrebrows

She previously had her brows done but wanted them darker & bold ✨ #ombrebrows #semipermanentbrows

Birthday lashes for the birthday girl 🤗 #volumelashes

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