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Kelly Fisher  Living + Loving with @bfisherrn and #mydogbam 💜

Happy Birthday to my number one! You are kind. You are warm. You are good. I am thankful for your life and better because of your love! 💗

Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Compare. Keep a tally. Who’s ahead. Who’s behind. Formulate a strategy. Stage the photo. Come up with a clever caption. Are we winning? Undone today at how we’ve gotten here. Comparing your square to my square as if we’re on the same path. As if we have the same goals. As if life is about competing and cutting you down to build myself up. Laying down the lie of comparison. It doesn’t make me stronger, better. Stepping towards my unique calling. To love those in my life with excellence. To love them for who they are. To contend for health and healing. To be a source of encouragement to others. To let my heart be used for His people. To create a home that’s an invitation of rest and solace. To speak of the Father’s triumphant return. This is my path. My goal. My purpose. How can I partner with you to push you closer towards yours? Xo

My very favorite {Super Bowl} setup!!

From work to grad school to parenting, these gals have stood beside me through thick and thin! Our outings now revolve around nap times and involve breastfeeding in public, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without their friendship, love, and support! Xo

Fevers. Tummy troubles. Snot. Congestion. Awake and screaming for 4, make that 5 hours. Snuggles. Chats. Meds. Books. Snacks. Trying for the 5th time to put you down. 7th times the charm. Late nights bleed into early mornings. This sacred chorus of exhaustion and joy. Of frustration and gratitude. Of pouring yourself out empty each day and falling asleep with a heart overflowing. Warm cheeks pressed up against mine. One more lullaby and a few more kisses. Motherhood is nothing like what I had imagined. This boy makes me rich! ❤️

Merry Christmas!! #nailedit🎄🎁

Graduating class of 2018! This year, we have learned dependence. On each other. On our families, our friends, our coworkers, church family, and Jesus! Contrary to what the world tells us about dependence being a sign of weakness, I’ve never felt stronger. Admitting my need and asking for help has been a humbling and rich season! Thank you to each and every person that’s stepped up in real and tangible ways! For every meal, encouraging word, study session, prayer, babysitting offer, and coffee! This wouldn’t have been possible without you! 💕 Masters in Data Analytics and Masters in Nursing, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner 👨🏻‍🎓🎓👩🏻‍🎓

When Mom’s away, Dad let’s you play {with your food}! 😂😍❤️

{ONE} You are our greatest gift and sweetest joy. How has it been a whole year of loving our boy?! We delight in you Brennan! 💗😭

{Thankful} for the postpartum bald spot. For the extra 5lb muffin top that I haven’t quite kicked. For the dim lighting from our early bedtime. Thankful for those, because I’m {most thankful} for this sugary boy who learned to give kisses this week! My life is far from perfect, but these are the little golden moments I treasure up in my heart!

I’ve got the joy! It comes from being his mom. It comes from a marriage that continues to be the thing that I am most proud of in life. It comes from finishing my LAST day of clinicals in Grad School! But truly, all of these joys pale in comparison to the JOY of knowing Jesus. ❤️#downinmyhearttostay

We will be running for our gate soon and we may just miss our flight, but the calm before the storm reminds me of the rest, caffeine, and memories we’ve shared this week! Thankful for a weekend away to restore a sense of balance in our lives!! 💕

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