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Micheal Arthur Evans  i really really like yoyos & beers & sandwiches & buttons & records & books & tattoos & sweater shop for sheep inc.

here is to my beautiful clown babies! a great season with new and old friends! can’t wait until next year!
#slowpitchsoftball #beerleague #butts

new beer alert!
@mr.ginjanna and i decided to remake one of our favourite batches, our citra hopped ipa!
this beautiful lady is hopped to the max with citra and fresh lemon juice & zest. the grain bill is a simple 85/15 blend of 2-row and wheat grain. we fermented it with an american yeast to really bring out those citrus flavours and that’s exactly what we got! a beer made to drink on a patio while yelling at your terrible baseball team. it’s smooth, bright and bursting with lemony-piney flavour.
come by for a pint.
#beergeek #butts #citra #homebrew_feature #beer

here is a batch i just bottled. look at how clear this handsome bastard is!

it is a french style table saison with kazbek hops. the final gravity was around 1.004 which gives me an abv of five and a quarter percent! i am looking forward to some of these cold boys on a hot summer day.
#beergeek #butts #beer #homebrew #hydrometer #beerbeerbeer

this is my face today.

i did another beer! this is my round four santium ipa. more focus on wheat in the grain bill. aiming for a soft and smooth ipa with a whack of haze on this #mf
the finish should be tropical, bright with a smooth lingering and fruity finish. or it could suck #butts

#beer #homebrew #homebrew_feature #beergeek

here is a fun photo of me and two of my best friends. we are young and handsome in this photo. we are all currently old and ugly.
#butts #goodoledays

brew day!
thanks to school, it’s been a while since i’ve made beer. super excited for this batch. i am starting off slow to get back into it with this hazy santium ipa

#homebrew #beer #butts #beergeek

cured salmon and guacamole!
my sandwich today is a bunch of beautifully #curedsalmon (provided by the insanely talented and lovely @catouanne 😍) on top of some tasty #guac with the standard tomato and arugula, finished with crushed hazelnuts!
#sandwich #butts #sandwichporn #sammich

i had to do a research project for school, so of course i did it on #sandwiches.
during my research i discovered a lot of interesting facts and stories, but one of my favourites was the many different versions of the tale of john montagu, the fourth earl of sandwich. he has been painted as a notorious gambler, a hapless inventor, but was really a powerful & prominent politician, whose title coined the name of my favourite meal.
in his honour, i recreated the sandwich he loved so much, the sandwich that launched a thousand sandwiches!
he was a complex man with simple desires, it is said he liked roast beef in between two slices of bread with english mustard and horseradish and that’s exactly what i did here. simple, but hearty and delicious.
thank you john montagu for all you did for us sandwich lovers out there.
also thank you @acmemeatmarket for the rump roast and thank you @farrowsandwiches for the delicious bread.
#sandwichporn #butts #johnmontagu #roastbeef #sandwich

morning study fuel!
finals round two this afternoon and this magnificent son of bitch filled me right up!
i filled this ciabatta bun up with a couple #eggs, #prosciutto, arugula, tomato and some brie and blue cheese. *drools*

special shout out to my love @catouanne who supplied me with the prosciutto and the cheese, she always spoils me with so many tasty goodies.
#sandwich #sandwichporn #breakfastclub #breakfastsandwich #procrastination

procrastination two point oh.

so today, instead of working on #homework and essentially ruining future micheal’s night. present micheal made this!
i present to you, the “turkey nuts on shrooms” #sandwich. a soon to be classic.
it’s got turkey, crushed hazelnut aioli, sautéed peppered mushrooms, tomato and greens tossed in grapefruit and garlic vinaigrette all on a toasted ciabatta bun.
#🐭❤️🦄 this is served with what i am calling “aunt judy’s negroni”, it’s like a negroni, but smooth and sweet enough that your aunt judy can slam a couple before she tells you about her gluten intolerant dog and how #trump won’t be appreciated in his time, while avoiding any conversation regarding her third divorce. .
#theworst #foodporn #cocktail #auntjudy #butts #negroni #nuts #turkeysandwich

safe to say, i like to live dangerously. #3seconds #studentlife

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