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the say nigga from the Hill‼️  I can't lose❗️ All I could do is win!! Im higher than ya rank♠️ I'm wilder than yu think💂🏾 HMF Blazer🔫🔫👆🏾$〽️〽️


"Uncle fats said nephew these Niggas can't fuck wit chu since you was a youngster 💯💪🏾Get Money 💰#️⃣HillMade #️⃣TheseNiggasKnowMe‼️#️⃣TheSayNiggaFromDaHill🙌🏾

Happy Gangster Day to my Big Bro @rico__ric luv you Nigga💯💪🏾⚡️you put them racks in my pocket at age 14 ‼️🎯💪🏾enjoy Gangster #️⃣HillMade #️⃣HonorMyFamily🙏🏾

"One made me 💯💪🏾⚡️ & the other rise me"🙏🏾 #️⃣HonorMyFamily🙌🏾 if it wasn't for y'all I wouldn't be who I am today & I'll always love ya for that ‼️ @dee_coog #️⃣FreeMyBigDog🔐

Top of the AM‼️

Happy Gangster Day to My Big cousin @slik_pulla King of the Hill 💪🏾💯⚡️ y'all Niggas know watsup wit us‼️#️⃣HillMade💯💪 #️⃣HonorMyFamily🙏🏾

Last Night for suge Lo candle lighting 💪🏾💯🙏🏾 Rest up Big Bro 🙌🏾I see you still Bring them Gangsters out👌🏾 @kiingpo.xi @auntboii_bizz @sabe_euro#️⃣HarlemMostHated😈

"Already got the city we BalliN💪🏾💯⛹🏾💰😎it's time to take the state" ‼️👌🏾 @livinggoodkingchapo #️⃣FLG#️⃣HMF#️⃣TopOfTheAM💸

@livinggoodkingchapo ⚡️💪🏾💯🔥wen I hear this shit I think bout my son HD‼️🙏🏾 shit crazy somebody save me....

My❤️/WcW "they would never understand our Bond"❣️💕😘
#️⃣Ms.Opp 👌🏾

My Brother going Ham again ⚡️💯💪🏾 #️⃣HillMade💯💪 #️⃣HonorMyFamily🙏🏾 @thereal.wildboy

"The Opps ain't go like this shit...& the suckers gon report this⚡️💪🏾💯#️⃣HillMade💯💪 @thereal.wildboy BillyLuv👌🏾 #️⃣HonorMyFamily he point👉🏾👆🏾👈🏾I fire🔥🔥🔥😈 that's my Fucking Brother‼️

Free that Nigga Meek💯💪🏾⚡️

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