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Some Valentine's storytime 💕

@sergioromo54 Thank you for making the last 9 years of Giants baseball something that will live in the hearts of me and my family for the rest of our lives. We went to Fanfest this weekend at AT&T Park, and admittedly it felt a bit empty knowing that this team won't exactly be the Giants we've come to know and love - but man, what a journey it was. Weirdly, I remember seeing your first game on TV - at the big old stadium in Cleveland. It was one of those moments that was so regular as a fan back then - a late season call-up making his big league debut. What stands out to me about that moment tho is that they showed your family in the stands, and how clearly proud they were to see you on the field. It was clear that it had to be a journey for you to get where you were. That was the last year of mediocracy - the next year, 2009 was one of my favorite years as a Giants fan because this new cast of cats put together a run at the end of the year that made it feel like we were truly on the comeup. My fiancee and I had the opportunity to meet you in 2010, and you were truly awesome - you were signing stuff for fans over by the bullpen mound in left. You signed my fiancees sweatshirt, and I told you that day that I appreciated what you did in Miami over the previous road trip - you had a rough outing one day, then came into the game the next day in the same situation and absolutely shut the Marlins down. If memory serves, you never looked back, and the team went on to do something pretty amazing...🏆 Back to this photo - my son, Ollin, who's 2 now, loves baseball, and loves the Giants. It bums me out that I won't get to watch Romo pitch for us with Ollin. Ollin is Mexican-American, and I want him to see the awesome way that you brought your whole self to do what you love to do every single day, and left it all on the field. You represented the culture with such pride - while there have been other amazing Mexican American MLB players, NOBODY else had el Mechón blaring over the sprakers at MLB stadiums 🇲🇽. You set an example that no matter what people say, you can be great, and you can be even greater by bringing your full self to what you do. That's what's up!

"I see you!!"

SF Giants fanfest 2017!


Ollin's take on the sounds of his world :)