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Hannah Markel  UC xc & tf 🐾 Cleveland, OH

miss Bike more than @halleelizabethmarkel tbh

rolled out the red and black carpet this weekend for @gobearcatstfxc ‘s biggest fan

where my Bearcats at ⁉️⁉️

hopefully crashing with you for three months makes up for my third year of not being able to celebrate your birthday with you 🌞🌚 happy 23rd to my sunshine

“you two always do this. You’re so unprepared and don’t know what you’re doing” whatever Grandma

so Halle kills ONE rattlesnake and suddenly she thinks she’s Buffalo Bill

would you look at what the sun dragged west !!!!!!!

“Alexa will we be able to survive Colorado’s most dangerous white water rafting?”

Denver was an 1859 out of 10 with you 🏔🏔

T Pain told me that you can have whatever you like on your 20th birthday ! happy birthday BFF/sunshine/wife 🌻🌻 ILOVEYOU

the best came west 👨‍👨‍👧 s/o to my menver for making Denver a movie !!!

me and Hal having fun in Denver (•:

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