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hlombardoartist  Landscape Artist | LLBean 2017 cover Wright Gallery| J.Todd | Chatham | Powers | Summit Kennedy | BostonArt Paintedpaperbyholly@yahoo.com

Focused, driven, rewarded, happy. I love to paint and finishing a piece solidifies this calling every time. What's your calling? Are you responding...#hlombardoartist

The morning sun across a current piece that I am still so pleased with. I always hold my breath as I enter the do-or-die stage where I can make or break a piece that started out terrific... I think I might be on the other side and I can't wait to finish this up and of course add a few signature sparkles to the water! "Beals Cove Blues" 36x48 acrylic on canvas. #hlombardoartist

Did you know I have a Master's Degree in Cell Biology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute? Not that this has anything to do with my painting- but oh yes it does! I approach my work as an experimental scientist and I like to try different variables and measure the results. In this case I changed the background tone color to crimson red from the previous green and I love it! I'm going to try not to over develop this new piece as I really like the effect in the water and don't want to lose it. In progress: "Beals Cove Blues" 36x48 acrylic on canvas. #hlombardoartist

I don't always tone my canvases before I paint but when I do I just might use green! Why green you ask - well I didn't want waste a significant amount of paint on my palette and I really do find eliminating the distraction of a white background lets me place my strokes more deliberately. This big 48 by 36 is coming along nicely can't wait to get back to work on it tonight. #hlombardoartist

Headed into the HOME STRETCH with this 30x40. Need to clean up some foreground parts and add details to birches. "All That Is" acrylic on canvas. #hlombardoartist

Channeling a little of my @mallyskokdesign while I admire the forsythia and await Easter dinner...Happy Easter to all! #hlombardoartist

Grateful for recent sales at several of my galleries- thank you for the representation, and for believing in me! @kennedygalleryandcustomframing @jtoddgalleries @thewrightgallery #hlombardoartist

It seems true that when you walk to the other side of an island you'll have a different view and a different experience. I'm thinking that's also true with life. The west side of Orr's Island is sheltered with coves and trees and the water is typically calm and reflects the surroundings.The east side of the island opens to the great sea and captures motion and weather and hope. "The Other Side of Orr's" 18x36 acrylic on canvas. #hlombardoartist #downeastmagazine #oceanhomemagazine #coastalhome #yankeemagazine #newenglandhome #mainehomedesign

This is a complete flip and redo in progress- painting over a piece that just didn't have legs. Flip through to see where it has come from and at the end you'll see the piece I posted yesterday which I am struggling with to try to maintain serenity and calmness. This one is tough because the calm water in the foreground doesn't really have shapes and that's the style I paint in... we'll see!! #hlombardoartist

The beginning bones of a new piece inspired by my recent stay on Orr's island in Maine! This will become "Beals Cove #1" 24x36 acrylic on canvas. #hlombardoartist

Sometimes it fits in a space like a key in a lock! This piece, "Open Forest" 24x36 acrylic on canvas, is currently available as part of my Spring CLEANOUT SALE! Please see my previous post for details and message me if interested. #hlombardoartist.
Posting this again because I always seem to hit the archive button instead of the edit button and I don't know how to retrieve archived photos!!

I can't even STAND how great it feels to move older out and make room for NEW! My head is bursting with ideas, and making physical room means I can try them all. Here are the four 36x24 older pieces that I am offering for $1125 + $20 S&H, which is ALSO a huge 43% discount! Again, FCFS, please message me if you are interested in purchasing a piece. Really, what better way to start or add to an original collection. Go for it! #hlombardoartist

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