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Hilary Liu 

just posting for the aesthetic 🙃

taci tu salam, i'll miss you so much

find someone who looks at you the way i look at food #mylove

most #iconic rbf(f)s i know

looking back at finals like

when you're taking exams and the only things you know are #yourname and how to procrastinate

moss is weird

snuggling can be #magical too

yet my motivation to do anything but sleep this weekend is wilting just like these flower petals

if you look closely you can see in my eyes how awkward i felt in this photo

music transcends everything. like the rainbow, i don't care if you're red, if you're blue, orange, green, purple, whatever. thank you and 사랑해요 #bts

내 피 땀 눈물 bones and wings

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