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The Fringe Club 藝穗會  Located in Central, HK. 💕A contemporary arts space, where artists create and show their work, and a place for people to enjoy them. 🎶🎨📖🎬🍷🍴



想知道更多藝穗會復修工程的歷程,歡迎參加【文化保育紅綠藍】之「演活無限可能」。 03.03.2018 (六) | 2:30pm

#賽馬會文化保育領袖計劃 #學玩導 #文化保育紅綠藍 #藝穗會復修工程
#JockeyClubCulturalHeritageLeadershipProject #LearnPlayLead #LPL



想知道更多藝穗會復修工程的歷程,歡迎參加【文化保育紅綠藍】之「演活無限可能」。 03.03.2018 (六) | 2:30pm

#賽馬會文化保育領袖計劃 #學玩導 #文化保育紅綠藍 #藝穗會復修工程
#JockeyClubCulturalHeritageLeadershipProject #LearnPlayLead#LPL

午間爵士音樂會: Kylie Estrela & Jazzicians
第二場:巴黎, 浪漫嗎?
情人節的午間爵士音樂會,Kylie為大家細說她遠赴法國浪漫之都 — 巴黎學習的故事,並以源自法國的gypsy jazz音樂串連起來。
第二場演出邀請了結他手Ron Ng、小提琴手Sharon Lui和低音大提琴手Steve Mui。

Jazz Lunch: Kylie Estrela & Jazzicians
Wed 14 February 2018
2nd Episode: I have a crush on you?

On Valentine’s Day, Kylie will be sharing the story of her studies and her musical journey in the city of romance, Paris. She’ll perform Gypsy jazz, originally from France, with some jazzicians she has known for quite a while – finally, they’re presenting their debut gig together. In this second concert in the series, Ron Ng (guitar), Sharon Lui (violin) and Steve Mui (bass) will be joining as guest performers

開放平台是「Jazz-Go-Central,Jazz-Go-Fringe」的節目之一,讓年輕及業餘樂手與專業樂手和樂隊一同於舞台上jam歌。首場開放平台將由結他手Ray Wang及樂隊帶領。在暖場後,他們將會邀請現場觀眾上台一起jam歌。

Open Platform provides opportunities for young, amateur musicians to jam and improvise with professional artists and bands. In the first Open Platform show, the host band is led by Ray Wang. After a warm-up set, they’ll invite audience-members to come and jam with them!


#jazzgocentraljazzgofringe #FringeClubMusic #藝穗會音樂

【文化保育紅綠藍 - 三月三部曲】


藉此良機,藝穗會於三月除了率先帶領群眾實地考察復修工程外,更邀得綠匯學苑及藍屋建築群推手出席經驗分享會,與公眾分享如何將「永續生活」、「留屋留人」的活化概念融入歷史建築的保育,以及在申請「 UNESCO亞太區文化遺產保護獎」過程中的經驗與挑戰。



詳情: www.jcchlp.com/march #賽馬會文化保育領袖計劃 #學玩導 #文化保育紅綠藍
#JockeyClubCulturalHeritageLeadershipProject #LearnPlayLead#LPL

【失物招領 – 劉清華】展期至1月30日 「我創作這件作品,是希望利用這個已經閒置了很久的一個告示欄重新連結不同人和他們對回憶的想像。」 超過十件作品散落於藝穗會內外,展期至1月30日。等著你來護航。 「客貨船軼事」展覽 | 即日至1月30日| 藝穗會不同角落 (畫廊除外) 【Lost and Found – Jess Lau】until 30 Jan "I created this artwork because I want to activate this public notice board so as to connect different people and their imagination of memories." Over 10 artworks are dispersed inside and outside the Fringe Club until 30 Jan. Come to get on board with us. “Passengers’ Anecdotes” Exhibition |Today till 30 Jan | Corners in Fringe Club except Gallery

Artwork and photos: Jess Lau


#賽馬會文化保育領袖計劃 #學玩導 #展覽 #客貨船軼事
#JockeyClubCulturalHeritageLeadershipProject #LearnPlayLead #LPL #Exhibition

甚麼是「Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe」? 詳情:

What is Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe?


#jazzgocentraljazzgofringe #藝穗會音樂 #hkfringeclubmusic

想成為藝穗會文化保育一份子? 機會來了!
截止:2018年1月24日(三) 11:59pm前
【Call for Applications Now!】
Wanna join Fringe Club as our Fringe Docent? Don't miss the chance.
Register Now+ Detail: https://goo.gl/kRVJmB
Deadline: 11:59pm, 24 January 2018 (Wed)
Public from all disciplines are welcome.
Preferably to university students, educators, people who have docent experience or are keen on arts, culture, heritage or architecture.
#賽馬會文化保育領袖計劃 #學玩導 #導賞員 #導賞 #文化保育 #歷史建築 #文化藝術 #JockeyClubCulturalHeritageLeadershipProject #LearnPlayLead #LPL #FringeTour #heritage #CulturalHeritage

【客貨船軼事 】登船倒計時 1天!


開幕酒會:2018年1月5日(五) | 6:30-8:30pm | 陳麗玲畫廊

1 Day Countdown to Board the Passenger Freight!

Wanna be the first passenger to meet the curator & artists on board and journey through the works inspired by their 5-month residence?
Can’t miss the Opening tomorrow! See you!

Opening Reception
5 Jan 2018 (Fri) | 6:30-8:30pm | Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery
Exhibition period: 5-30 Jan 2018

Yip Piy Jess Lau 陳楚翹 時舒
#賽馬會文化保育領袖計劃 #學玩導 #展覽 #客貨船軼事
#JockeyClubCulturalHeritageLeadershipProject #LearnPlayLead#LPL

【客貨船軼事】 5-30.01.2018


1月5-30日,來一同體驗及造夢吧! 【 PASSENGERS' ANECDOTES】5-30.01.2018

If it were a boat, where would it have led us to?
Through the lens of passengers, the three artists dive into the investigation of their surroundings and its history during their five months of residence. Series of works are created to reveal and initiate more connections and wonders.
5-30 Jan, come to experience and create your own dream!


#賽馬會文化保育領袖計劃 #學玩導 #JockeyClubCulturalHeritageLeadershipProject #LearnPlayLead #LPL

TWO MORE CONCERTS on 28 Dec and 8 Jan!! A Very Funny, Happy, Merry Christmas Fringin' Mini-Chamber Music Festival <Dec 28th 8pm Fringe Dairy>
KJ & Himself Very Funny Solo Christmas Night <Jan 8th 8pm Fringe Dairy>
Happiest People Amateur Chamber Music Night


【2018年藝穗會第一個展覧】 客貨船軼事 |5-30.01.2018

1. 展覽開幕:5.1.2018 (Fri) | 6:30 pm
2. 藝術家分享會 – 船客事件簿:13.1.2018 (Sat) | 3 - 4:30 pm
3.「學 • 玩 • 導」展覽導賞團:13.1.2018 (Sat) | 2 - 2:45 pm
4. 迷路之旅:18.1.2018 (Thu) | 7 - 8 pm

報名及詳情:www.jcchlp.com/anecdotes 【 First Exhibition of the Fringe Club in 2018】PASSENGERS' ANECDOTES |5-30.01.2018

Additional Events:
1. Opening Reception: 5.1.2018 (Fri) | 6:30 pm
2. Artists Sharing - Passengers’ Affairs :13.1.2018 (Sat) | 3 - 4:30pm
3. “Learn. Play. Lead” Exhibition Tour:13.1.2018 (Sat) | 2 - 2:45pm
4. Straying Off and Through:18.1.2018 (Thu) | 7 - 8pm

Register and more details: www.jcchlp.com/anecdotes

#賽馬會文化保育領袖計劃 #學玩導 #JockeyClubCulturalHeritageLeadershipProject #LearnPlayLead #LPL

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