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H I Y O R I  ‎‎《أَعُوذُ بِاللّهِ أَنْ أَكُونَ مِنَ الْجَاهِلِينَ》 ✿ 2 1 ✿INFJ ✿Manga artist 【kindness is strength,if you aren't kind then you aren't strong enough】

Tried drawing my webcomic characters with #Ghibli studio style (*゚∀゚*) 💗 it was really fun and I think it suits them, I might do some more drawings again~

Did #MBTI typing for fun~

#artistquirks do you relate to any? (・∀・)

Doodle of an old OC of mine (*´∇`*)

I adore Zane in these three panels and Webtoon had to ruin the quality so I decided to post it here.

Smug since childhood 🚬🚬
Reading link in my bio :D

Our favorite nerd 👓💚✨

Dm me if you're interested (*´∇`*)

Decided to share this Fox drawing I did for a project... 🦊🍁

Second #Drawthisinyourstyle Original by @tama_draws ♡♡

I just realized that I originally meant to post it instead of putting it in the story lmao plz pretend it's your first time seeing it😂😂👌🏻 My first Clay attempt ( Made Fuzzy from #Fukigennamononokean 💗 )

#Doodle My favorite Furball 💗

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