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Gabby Morocco  union university // ΧΩ // jrs

this past week with my fav guy was a hit!! abundantly grateful for his sweetness and selflessness. thnx for all the milkshakes and laughs. see ya in august ;)

red sparkler or just a stick on fire? idk but happy fourth!!!! 🇺🇸

lynds camp!! happy stinkin' birthday, bud. thank you for the endless hours at starbys and cfa!! i don't know what i'd do without someone who understands long naps & the art of being late. forever thankful for welcome week. :) i love u tons!!!

it seems like blessings keep falling in my lap (and by blessings i mean front row with the biggest Chance fan i know)

screaming happy birthday to the sweetest girl i know. if there was one person who i could consistently count on, it's this crazy gal. GP, thank you for your constant friendship and fun. i wouldn't have made it through freshmen year without you (literally thank you for taking me to the er). i love you, your huge heart for the Lord, and your party pjs!!! have the best day ever 💛

the Hoag boys will forever be my favorite boys!! wouldn't wanna beach it up with any other kiddos ☀️

365 days later, and I still have no words to describe it. there are some days where i truly don't think i'll get through the grief. whether it be a song ryan liked or just a motorcycle passing me, the constant reminder that ryan is no longer here consumes my mind. i expected him to burst through the door screaming and hugging everyone during the holidays or when i came home. the absence of ryan sucks. during this past year i learned that it's okay to not be okay. it's okay to grieve. God ultimately has a plan, and i have to give this to Him. ryan, i absolutely miss the heck out of you. i wish you were still here to teach me how to live freely + adventurously and to make fun of me when i do silly things. i love you so much. missing you always, ry.

finals can't stop me from surprising my sweet gal!!!! you rocked it tonight, willa!! so so proud of you 💜

five foot two with some attitude and i could tell that she gets it from her mama // happy mother's day to the one who taught me it's ALWAYS okay to dance. love you, mom!!

my face 100% of the time i'm with this handsome guy

what a beautiful day to celebrate such a sweet girl!!! i absolutely love being your little and having you as a friend. thank you for always giving me the best advice and love. happy birthday, bigs. i hope today rocked!!

GAME OVER: chi o LEVELED UP and won the gold last night!!!! so proud to be an upsilon! wouldn't trade this experience with these talented girls for the world. #backtoback #ΧΩ

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