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RIP to the greatest mind of this century. 😩 Well this generation is not a lost cause we still have Neil deGrasse Tyson #stephenhawking #rip

Empress Zewditu! The first female healed of an internationally recognized state in Africa and the last Empress in the world! Needless to say Ethiopia was way ahead! #womenempowerment HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMAN DAY 😘😘

Happy International Woman Day! #womenempowerment

Right before I cut my hair I had to do the #newfreezerchallenge #newfreezer lol

Short hair don’t care 🤷🏽‍♀️

Today marks the 100 years anniversary since ቀኛ ተስፋ ገብረ ሥላሴ wrote and organized the Ethiopian alphabet. To celebrate his legacy his granddaughter and friends has started a movement. Please follow them @21foreveryone and share their vision. #proud #ethiopianexcellence

March 1st 1896, the day Ethiopia defeated Italy!! #Adwa #Ethiopia. I love reading this old poets people used to sing about hero’s! #history wish I could translate it in English without losing the essence.. 💚💛❤️ #therealwakanda #allafricais

The first Ethiopian super hero comic book! It is really well written and the graphics are amazing check it out #commics #commicbooks @etancomics

BELAY ZELEKE WAS BORN (IN1904 EC). The first book I ever read beside for school was his life story. He has always been my silent hero. This man single handily pushed the fascist Italian army out of the North-Western part of Ethiopia. #blackhistorymonth knowing your history means knowing yourself. Invest in you!!! I’m super excited to have found this picture #ethiopianhero #ethiopianhistory #ethiopia never been colonized means to keep your identity, and we owe it to hero’s like him as well as many more!!!

#TB I miss my red hair! Should I do it?

Sunday Night

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