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Joseph Gordon-Levitt  Instagram is an assault on your soul. Or mine at least. But here I am anyway. Oh look! Down there! A link to HITRECORD... 😬

Nobody's perfect... except for Matthew Gray Gubler #tbt @gublergram

“3 cameras A mark, B mark, C mark”. The clapper thingy is a Hollywood cliche, but we still use it. It’s called the slate. It’s so editors know what scene and what take they’re looking at, and they can synch it up with the sound that’s being recorded. Here we’re shooting with three cameras, A, B, and C, so three 2nd ACs (assistant camera) each slate for their camera.

Some continuity pics from "10 Things I Hate About You" back in 1998.. #tbt

VFX scan rig from the outside. 📷 @neauregard

Getting a full body scan for VFX. They use 128 cameras simultaneously and stitch the images together to create a 3D model they can sorta puppeteer when they’re making the CGI shots. So cool! Soon they won’t even need actors 😯

Princess Bride isn’t loading ☹️⚔️


How to pretend you’re putting on pants. Camera rehearsal. Notice the 2nd AC (Assistant Camera) putting down the mark, a piece of tape on the floor, where I stood. Once crew knows the actors’ marks, they can light the shot, then we come back and shoot. 🤳🏼 @relsonmandela

Me and @logic in the studio the other day. We’re making a song on @hitrecord w/ the whole community. It’s already sounding rad. Now we’re looking all singers and rappers to jump in (click link in bio to add your vocals) 🎶🎉🤓

Every time I get to act with this guy, I learn. Sometimes he’s pretty funny too. @iamjamiefoxx

VOTE TODAY :) I voted by mail a few weeks ago. NOT TOO LATE!

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