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Hit House  NYC Muay Thai Kickboxing Fitness Studio #BeatUpBishop in Group Classes + PT BOOK ONLINE: #loversandfighters

easiest way to be a lover & a fighter? book into class on our app, available for iPhones now! 📲 buy/book classes, manage your schedule, refer friends + more. {sorry, ‘’droids.} #loversandfighters #springandbowery

Does your hair look this good when you work out? [Ours doesn’t.] @mfeldman1213 with the #hairgoals. #motivationmonday ✖️ #hairmotivation

Bishop isn’t your normal heavy bag 〰️ this patented design eliminates swing back + doesn’t hurt to strike. Low-impact material for high impact moves. #BeatUpBishop

form & technique are important 〰️ that’s why we focus on them every. single. class. learn & improve every time. #muaythai #bagwork

#muaythai 〰️ but first, #letmetakeaselfie

Throw your power punch! 💥#ThrowdownThursday 👊🏻 Learn & improve your knees, kicks & elbows in our group #MuayThai classes.

Don’t have to BE a fighter to train with fighters. Learn & improve your strikes in our 50-minute bag work class. #loversandfighters

“Brought our the beast mode in me for a hot minute.” - @classpass review [also said: “loved this class: fun, informative, challenging.] #takedowntuesday #beastmode

comin’ atcha with the one-two punch — did you get your Monday workout in yet? #muaythaimonday #motivationmonday

getting ready for another week of achieving our goals at @hithouse #laundryday #sundayritual

Muay Thai: friends fight friends. 💥 @raquel.harris + @jennifer_dugwen_chieng are off to Thailand to train together — they’ll be bringing back crazy combos for your class. #superheroes

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