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Friday essentials - the necessary (and never will be completely done) to-do list, a pretty little arrangement from @venusetfleur, and @haribousa gummy bears.
It's been a week.
Take care of your work today, and take care of yourself and your family this weekend. I will be celebrating my cousin's wedding and reveling in the gorgeous colors, the delicious food, and love.
Love is all you need.
#flashesofdelight #livethelittlethings #thoughtso

If there's something I've learned from our vacation, it's the importance of going offline.
That's when magic happens.
You discover small things - designs in cobblestone paths, the sparkle of the water, the indescribable smell of Skopelos fried cheese - that you would've otherwise missed.
You recharge. You connect with others. And you take a break from the constant consumption that defines the 21st century life.
I've been trying to spend the first few hours of my morning offline to maintain the same feelings of peace and calm.
It's not exploring Santorini. But it's almost as amazing. 📸: @flytographer
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I've been trying to find the words to adequately describe how I feel about #Charlottesville.
There's unspeakable sadness. There is anger. There is fear.
And in the darkness, there is hope. Hope delivered through the actions of so many people in Charlottesville acting against the hate. Hope from leaders on both sides of the aisle calling it what it is - white nationalism and neo-Nazis - and requesting legal action.
We will fight. We will overcome.
And we will win.
Hug your loved ones, take a break from the news and social media, and just take care of yourself.
This fight is going to be a tough one. But it's the most important one we'll face yet.

I bought this @michaelkors dress 3 years ago. Tonight was the first time I wore it.
I have no idea why I waited so long. This is a 🦄 of a dress - as stylish as it is comfortable, and bold enough to wear minimal jewelry and makeup.
Formal night on our @seabourncruise was the perfect first outing for this dress. Now I just need another event (or another cruise!) to wear it again to.
#whathithawore #ootd #hithagoesto

There are many things I loved about Malta...
- its incredibly rich history - which I honestly knew little about
- the Maltese language, a fascinating mix of Arabic, Italian, and Latin
- the juxtaposition of old fortresses and buildings, new towers, and restoration of older homes
- the food. Ohhh, the food. - the fact that season 1 of Game Of Thrones was filmed here. - our incredible guide Ronnie, who spent the day showing us the island. - this green, which is painted on doors, balconies, and shutters. It's bright, its bold, and it makes me happy.
It was my first time in Malta - but certainly not my last.
#hithagoesto #malta 🇲🇹

Fact - if there is a statue or monument of a badass ancient goddess, I will track it down.
And proceed to take a bunch of pictures.
We spent the day exploring Ortigya, a gem of an island in Syracuse. We walked. We learned.
And we ate lots of pizza and gelato.
One day in Sicily is far too short. I could spend a month here and not be bored.
Plus, I still have all The Godfather landmarks to visit.
#hithagoesto #sicily

🌊 days mean 3 things:
- spending all day in a swimsuit and this @lemlemnyc caftan
- 🥂
- finally starting Caro's legendary LBJ series
@seabourncruise, you are spoiling us. And I'm loving every minute.
#hithagoesto #greece #seabourncruise

Enjoying another perfect day planned by @gojourny.
A.M - exploring Delos (the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo)
P.M Pt 1 - renting a car in Mykonos because there are only 30 taxis on the island and impossible to hail.
P.M Pt 2 - chilling at @buddhabarbeachmykonos - incredible sushi, great drinks, and the best beach on the island 🤗
#hithagoesto #greece #gojourny

#HowToPack for a summer trip in Greece?
(lots of) sunscreen, linen clothing, a solid pair of sneakers if you're planning on visiting some ruins. The Acropolis of Athens was amazing, and it warms my feminist heart to visit such a shrine to a goddess.
Even if women in Ancient Greece were basically property 🙅🏽
#hithagoesto #greece #gojourny

Avli is as legit as it comes. A quiet taverna tucked in a mm alleyway, it served up one of the best meals I've ever had. Be sure to order the fried zucchini, fried peppers, meatballs, and spicy cheese.
And the wine. Duh.
Thank you @gojourny for adding this to our itinerary!
#hithagoesto #greece #gojourney

We landed in the birthplace of democracy today, to the news that democracy was upheld back at home.
It felt good. Damn good.
So good that I feel like I can finally relax and enjoy this vacation.
And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to explore all the amazing things that @gojourny planned for us in Athens - food, historic sites, and more food.
#hithagoesto #greece #gojourny

This is what I wear to exercise, naturally. But it’s also what I wear when I drop my son off at camp, when I run errands, and when I’m holed up in my office working. And it’s sometimes what I wear to a casual dinner with friends - dressed up with a leather jacket and a red lip. It’s life wear. And these pieces from @finishlinewomen keep me cool, comfortable, and looking pulled together for everything life throws at me.These days, it’s throwing a lot. But I can handle it.
📸: @stevilou

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