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HMD and the Beauty Queen Factory with @teresitassen and @ayabesamis #hitmandan #hmd #athlenenutrition #trainactive

The kitchen used to be cluttered up with all kinds of supplements but now... this is all I need. Just Protein, Creatine and BCAA. These are your basic essentials to help you develop quality muscles, get stronger, produce more power and allow you to do longer and larger volumes. @athlenenutrition is reasonably priced for quality that sets the standard. #hitmandan #hmd #athlenenutrition

Got featured in @la ‘s vlog. Try to check it out in his channel. If you’re not yet subscribed in his channel then you are missing half your life. #hmd #hitmandan #athlenenutrition

Really hate legday... 💥😭 #hmd #hitmandan #athlenenutrition

I will be giving away 1 I eat what I want shirt, 1 Forging Elite Fitness Cap, and 1 HMD jacket .
Just follow the rules below
• Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfmWAa1u9my1DObPfmRjgGw Link in Bio
• Follow my account

Winners will be announced on September 21 so stay tuned!!

GMA’s Tunay na buhay shoot with @inah #hmd #hitmandan #trainactive #athlenenutrition

There’s always time for training no matter how busy you are. #hmd #hitmandan #trainactive #athlenenutrition

@train.active always delivers the best functional fitness training equipments. . From slamballs, perfect for slamming and doing explosive movements and absorbing all impacts. . To kettlebells with exercises that force you use more stabilizer muscles through larger range of motion. . Multi-sided plyoboxes has all heights incorporated in one box so its easier to store but very sturdy and stable for doing box jumps. . And Wallballs with numerous exercise variations and not to mention you can do the highly functional classic weight lifting movements brought togetherat light loads and extended duration. Please do check them out guys as they offer more equipments at a very reasonable price. Homegyms are also possible with their quality equipments. Start moving Today! #hmd #trainactive #hitmandan #athlenenutrition

Wake up, Grind and Pose! #hmd #hitmandan #athlenenutrition #trainactive

Getting there... it’s all possible, just do the work and quit your whining. Hardwork will pay off eventually. There’s no magic pill for overnight transformation. Its important that you know how to work your body for the results you want. Not every program and diet produce the same results. There are multiple paths to take for different outcomes. #hmd #hitmandan #athlenenutrition #superherobody

“You will never always be motivated, Discipline is doing what needs to be done even if you don’t want to” .... I am tired as heck but I just gotta do it. Dedication! Focus! Results! #hmd #hitmandan #athlenenutrition

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