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Phoenixville Historical Soc.  Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area 204 Church St, Phoenixville, PA Hours: Weds & Fri, 9a-3p; First Fridays, 6-9pm

It's another Where is it Wednesday! Do you know where in Phoenixville this photo was taken? Give us your answers in the comments. We'll reveal the answer next week as well as award the commenter with first correct answer bragging rights!
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Bragging rights for being the first correct answer on last week's Where is it Wednesday go to @jessitis1 for knowing that our photo was taken on Church Street near the intersection of Bridge! Taken in roughly the 1880s, the location is now home to Tony's Auto Glass, though the original building from last week's photo no longer exists. Our second image (swipe to see) shows an overlay of today's map and the Sanborn map from 1886 with the building colored in green. Great work last week! This week's edition will be online later this evening!
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We're back for another Where is it Wednesday! Do you know where this was taken in Phoenixville? As always, bragging rights will be awarded to the first correct answer when we reveal the location next week. Leave us a comment with your answer!
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Bragging rights for the first correct answer to last week's Where is it Wednesday go to @okie6062 for identifying that this photo was taken at the corner of Gay St, Nutt Rd, and 5th Ave. You can see the original monument had an extra structure on top that isn't there today. Historical Society volunteers remember that a car accident damaged the top part which was later removed, but we don't have a record of what was on the plaque. If anyone happens to remember details about the accident or if you have a closer photo of the original monument, please get in touch! It's been a bit of a mystery that we'd love to solve!
This week's edition will be online later this evening.
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It's another new edition of Where is it Wednesday! Do you know where this photo was taken in Phoenixville? Let us know in the comments, and we'll award the person with the first correct answer exclusive bragging rights next week!
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Bragging rights go to @nate_n_bailey for the first correct answer of Hall and Main streets, and we'll give extra credit points to @guba5982 for knowing the theatre was the old Rialto Theatre, torn down to make way for a new and improved YMCA building. The building on the left was home to the B'nai Jacob Synagogue before being occupied by the YMCA. Both buildings were torn down to make way for a larger @phoenixvilleymca which was also later demolished and turned into a bank. Great work last week! This week's edition will be online shortly.
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It's our very first First Saturday and we invite everyone to stop by from Noon to 2pm to see the museum or work on genealogy research! Hope to see you today!
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We're back with another Where is it Wednesday! As usual, leave is a comment as to where you think this photo was taken and we'll reveal the answer next week!
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It's @mattybbike for the win for last week's Where is it Wednesday for the correct answer of @rootdownbrewing or the former Superior Bottling company. It was also once the home to the Savoy Theatre, and you can still see the wooden roofline on the side of the building just as it looked here in about 1950 when the brick facade was being laid. Great work last week! This week's edition will be online shortly.
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We're back with a good one this week for Where is it Wednesday! Do you know what building this is in Phoenixville? Let us know what you think in the comments and we'll reveal the answer next week!
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Join us for our Quarterly Meeting on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 7:30pm at the Phoenixville Bank and Trust Company, 564 Nutt Rd in Phoenixville
Aaron Heckler, historian and author, will present, "The Schuylkill Navigation (Canal): A Picture Postcard Journey Downriver."
The Schuylkill River is well known in southeastern Pennsylvania. Perhaps less widely known is the massive amount of construction which was done in the 19th century to make it commercially navigable.
This is a fully illustrated presentation about the Schuylkill Navigation, often also called the Schuylkill Canal. Utilizing photographic picture postcards, mostly dating from 1905-1920, attendees will see and learn about the numerous locks, canal sections, dams and other features constructed along the Schuylkill River for the primary purpose of shipping coal from Schuylkill County to Philadelphia.
Beginning in the vicinity of Port Clinton, you will visually journey downriver through Berks County, then between and through portions of Chester and Montgomery County, before ending in Fairmount Park.
When commercial usage waned in later years, the usually calm waters provided popular spots for boating and relaxation. However, sometimes the power of the river caused unexpected results, and some of these events will be included in the presentation as well. Much of the land development created for the navigation system has since been removed or greatly altered, but mention will be made of some of the sites which still exist today.
Light refreshments will be served following the presentation.
The meeting is free and is open to Society members and the general public.
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Snow day tomorrow which means the Historical Society will be closed and the quarterly meeting planned for Wednesday evening is cancelled. We'll let you know if we're able to reschedule the meeting, but for tonight and tomorrow, stay safe and warm!
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