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Phoenixville Historical Soc.  Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area 204 Church St, Phoenixville, PA Hours: Weds & Fri, 9a-3p; First Fridays, 6-9pm


Now for this week's Where is it Wednesday! We promised an easier one this week, and we think most of you will know the location of this corner right away. Give us your best guesses and we'll reveal the answer next week!
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It's time to reveal the answer to last week's Where is it Wednesday! We didn't have any correct guesses this week, but we'll admit that this one was a toughie, and even we had to do a little digging to verify the location. The two buildings in the photos are 249 and 247 Bridge Street, currently home to @vecchia_phoenixville and @cpfloraldesign. The third image (swipe to see) shows what it looks like today. The 4th shows the Sanborn Map for 1913 identifying the produce shop and grocery shown in our photos around the same time period. The last image is a newspaper ad from the Daily Republican which connects the name on the grocery in the 2nd photo to the street address. Pretty tricky since the buildings don't much look like what they did over 100 years ago! But, it gives you a little peek into how we connect up all the bits of historical data to solve a mystery. This week's edition is going up shortly, and we'll make it an easy one this time!
#phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixville #phoenixvillepa #chescopa #chestercountypa

Many thanks to @conroysconvoy for leading a great tour through Morris Cemetery today! These are just a few of the points of interest in the cemetery, but there are so many more great stories to tell. Join as a member of the Historical Society to make sure you don't miss the next one!
#phoenixville #phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixvillepa #chestercountypa #chescopa

Tomorrow, @conroysconvoy is running a members only walking tour of the Morris Cemetery in Phoenixville! Not a member? No problem! You can purchase a membership at the tour that'll give you access to more tours and events throughout the year.
We're starting at 2pm sharp at the chapel in the center of the cemetery. Hope to see you there!
#phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixville #phoenixvillepa

Time for another Where is it Wednesday! We're going to admit that this one might be a tough one since the street view has changed quite a bit, so we have two photos of the same location, probably taken within about 20 years of each other. Give us your best guesses and we'll give you the answer next week!
#whereisitwednesdaypxv #whereisitwednesday #phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixville #phoenixvillepa #chestercountypa #chescopa

It's @sallylou615 for the win in our Where is it Wednesday from last week for the first correct guess of the @greatamericanpub_phx, also known as the Hotel Columbia. Swipe for a photo of what the bar looks like today which isn't much different than the first photo, taken in the 1930s. The last image is from the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map in 1921 showing what the block looked like back then. A new image will be going up shortly, stay tuned!
#phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixville #phoenixvillepa #greatamericanpubphx #chestercountypa #chescopa

Support the Historical Society tonight at @stable12 while @conroysconvoy pours beers as guest beertender. 10% of the sales tonight go to benefit the Historical Society, so stop by, have some beer and food, and chat about Phoenixville history!
#phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixville #phoenixvillepa #chestercountypa #chescopa

We're out at First Friday tonight with a table in front of Browns Cow. We also have a board with snippets from the local news on this day in 1918! (Technically it's yesterday in 1918 since there was no Sunday paper in 1918). Stop by the table, and don't forget to visit the museum tonight for the grand opening of our new exhibit!
#phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixvillefirstfriday #phoenixville #phoenixvillepa #chestercountypa #chescopa

TONIGHT! Join us from 6pm to 9pm during First Friday for the grand opening of our new exhibit featuring artwork from @microbarbi as well as a collection of rare, local, antique toys. All exhibit attendees will receive an exclusive pass to an after party at @thecolonialtheatre. The exhibit is free to the public, so we hope to see you there!
Photo provided by @alysania
#phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixvillefirstfriday #phoenixville #phoenixvillepa #chestercountypa #chescopa #phoenixvilleart

We're headed in a little bit different of a direction for Where is it Wednesday this week! We swear that we're not trying to trick you with this one, and we think it might be pretty easy since it still looks roughly the same. This is a photo of an interior of a building in Phoenixville, so give us your best guesses and we'll reveal the answer next week!
#whereisitwednesdaypxv #whereisitwednesday #phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixville #phoenixvillepa #chestercountypa #chescopa

Sorry for the two week gap, but we're back and can announce that @bearddington won bragging rights for our last Where is it Wednesday with a correct answer of Washington Mill Lofts. Honorable mention goes to @paulgurcules for correctly identifying the building as the former Perseverance Knitting Mill. The photo was taken in 1915, and the building still looks much the same from the outside. This week's edition coming up shortly, stay tuned!
#phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixville #phoenixvillepa #history #chescopa #chestercountypa

Are you ready for another edition of Where is it Wednesday? Give us your best guesses as to where this photo was taken in Phoenixville, and we'll give you the answer on Sunday!
#whereisitwednesdaypxv #whereisitwednesday #phoenixvillepa #phoenixvillehistoricalsociety #phoenixville #chescopa #chestercountypa

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