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Tessa  🚺/Cosplayer/PDX/25/Pan🌙 ~Use code "hisoneko"@spreepicky @cospicky @sanrense_store and "hiso.neko" @ttd_eye ✨NEXT CON: Kumoricon



No filter today✨thinking about doing a little birthday livestream here tomorrow sometime in the late afternoon if anyone's interested! I'll probably just be chillin' listening to music and answering questions.😸🖤

Neferpitou- Hunter❌Hunter
Lenses: @momokolens

When Gon rips ur head off

-distant nyaruhodo-

Another week, another @ttd_eye review!👀💜 Name: Mystery Purple
Price: $36.99
Prescription: Yes

Color: 10/10
The vibrancy of these lens are incredible! Even in dimmer lighting you can still see the purple. I especially like the pinkish orange ring towards the pupil! It adds a unique touch.

Comfort: 10/10
These contacts are very comfortable, they don't feel dry and because they're prescription they fit my eyes well and don't move around!

Enlargement: 10/10
As you can see in the bottom picture, compared to my natural eye on the right they definitely make your eyes big and anime-like!

Overall I love these lenses and plan on trying them out next time I do Maki for something a little different! They'd look beautiful for any purple eyed character though. If you want a pair of your own, please use the discount code "hiso.neko" as well as the link in my bio! Thank you for reading as always.💜✨

⚜️R e n a i s s a n c e⚜️

One of the looks from my shoot with @amanekopw this weekend!💜✨More to come~

Here's the full body shot of my Will Graham genderbend! (Or as I like to call him, Sir William Graham cracker)🦌

I totally forgot to post this here! I redid my genderbend of Will Graham from Hannibal and it looks 100 times better than before now that I can use my real hair! Sadly my blue contacts were all dried up so I bought new ones that haven't arrived yet so please pretend I have blue eyes lmao. I'll be wearing this to RCCC in September!🦌🖤

I got an Ita bag!! Seriously a brilliant concept. Now I can display my charms/buttons without worrying about losing them! Time to collect a billion enamel pins 🖤

Sumire has returned!💙💜

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